Ascension 101: Accepting Your Power—or Not

Greetings, all ~ and welcome to the FINAL “DAY” of the Mayan calendar! (According to Calleman)  There is NO 7th NIGHT; the calendar ends once the 7th day is done — October 28, 2011 (Calleman).  WHAT experience will we have “under our belts” once this day is over? Will we awaken into a world of two suns, no moon, interdimensional perception (because we’re now passing through the 4th-density level), populated by ascended beings, galactics, and nature devas?

Any prophetic visions you’d care to share here?  

Meanwhile, this woman’s message (below) seems to drive home an important point, being the question: HAVE you committed to transforming, transmuting into higher realms when the portal flings fully open? You don’t have to, you know; you can ask and intend to remain in 3rd density . . . in which case, “grok” is, you would be shifted into another 3D environment so much like this one, you might never notice anything even happened. Memories may be vibrationally stilled; no more ripples in the pond of our histories to confuse where we are now. And now. And now.

In the quantum universe we’re awakening to, it may really merely be a matter of what you BELIEVE; where you BELIEVE you belong. And then some tier or realm of the universe will configure itself around you and your belief. One little detail, though, seems to be: this realm we occupy now is going to ultimately implode. Cease to exist, while Gaia, on 3D, takes a lonnngg rest from the ravages of humanity—and who could blame her?  So for anyone wanting to stay in this dimension, where manifestation takes time and effort, and karma isn’t usually instantaneously upon you so you can catch your breath before “the other shoe drops” so to speak . . . then a “fresh” 3D environment will receive you (and your “context,” possibly), to continue your journey much as it has been.

If you are surfing the ascension wave, then you are about to enter a world where you are sovereign, which also means you are RESPONSIBLE for every little thought and emotion that blips through you, because it will spontaneously affect what unfolds in the very next nanosecond before you.

Food for thought?  At any rate, the following is from Brenda Hoffman, who is channeling an unnamed source… what I interpret to be a higher level of herSelf. She’s quite direct and her words resonate. Are you ready?  Love all… oxo ~W


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Final Month of Last Wave … NESARA’s Window Opening?

I don’t think I’ve mentioned NESARA on this blog before… but today I’m posting this morning chat with Ron (“Paradox Man” on youtube), who manages to be up, lucid, and posting videos most mornings at 5 AM. Here he shares his belief that NESARA’s day has finally come, and I must say it does seem so to me as well. So much is happening the world over (the “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations are fanning out like wildfire; the people are finally standing for themselves!) that indicates the corrupt system that has held us all in a stranglehold for a very long time is being dismantled NOW.

If NESARA is a new term for you… it basically refers to a new monetary system — an interim system backed by precious metals, while we evolve beyond our need for “money” altogether. As we move into lighter densities, money will be meaningless and all activity will work in fully-functioning FLOW. Synchronicity. As you emanate, you attract and experience in kairos—the ever-unfolding NOW. And in higher realms, it is essential to BE BASED IN LOVE. Not ‘conditional’ love; not love for your family and friends at the exclusion of others of a particular appearance or race, etc… but LOVE. PERIOD. No exceptions. Love is the very energy of existence that we are moving into. It will be glorious.

In the interim, there is this NESARA plan. It was devised years ago, and was scheduled to be announced on 9/11/2001, when the Bush administration—the Bush clan being core kingpins of the dark matrix—destroyed this country’s center of financial operations, the World Trade Center in NYC… the twin towers… murdering thousands in the process… and blaming others in a godless move to create major war for their personal profit. Another subject I don’t get into in this blog, but most readers steeped in ‘ascension’ matters are well aware of the context, the ashes (literally, in the case of the towers) from which we are rising.

The video suffers from a bit of ‘internet audio’ syndrome but it’s a pretty straightforward transmission, if you choose to engage… as always, with discernment.

Love all, Whitehawk

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Q & A Followup — Anthabantian Report

Here’s a new message from the Andromedan ship Anthabantian. I *do* believe we are entering a period of extraordinary and accelerated activity in our planetary shift. I intend to post my own synopsis of what I feel we might be heading into, but it takes time and focus to do so, neither of which I seem to have in much supply currently. I’d also like to remind you of the latest Hathor message, which is helpful and well worth another read, if you’ve seen it before. That message is here.  oxo ~W


Greetings to our brothers and sisters of Earth from those if us aboard the starship Athabantian. It is in our love for and our Oneness with you that we take this opportunity to share more of our observations with you. We are most pleased when you make time to read our communications. Today we return with more responses to your questions. Some of these may seem repetitive with our earlier messages, but these questions continue to be asked, so we are responding, also events are coming to a tipping point so we may be communicating more frequently.

In your prior posting you spoke of the pole shift. How severe will the earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic action be as a result of these shifts?

We do not anticipate that these events will be nearly as severe as being forecast by some. Earth is continuing with her regular episodes of earthquakes, etc.; these are alleviating the built-up stresses. Nonetheless, the pole shifts as initiated by Earth will be noticed by all.

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Delightful Living Lightships!

On a couple of occasions while traveling oob (out of body), I’ve been in the presence of great lightships. I don’t think I’ve written about this before on the blog, but I’ve just had a related follow-up experience so will share all of it now.

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Infinite, Effervescent Potential! -repost

On this Easter Sunday I’ve opted to ‘resurrect’ three posts that were written within close range of one another in 2008. I enjoy their energy and am bringing them to the forefront, to put before newer audiences.

People surf into the WwW blog seeking a wide array of subject matter, from what I’ll call 101 ascension or kundalini information, to information too far afield from my range of experience to attempt to address. I’m flying by the seat of my soul here, basically sharing what comes up for me along the way . . . as well as what resonates for me, or what I sense might be of interest to readers, from other sources. These three essays, it seemed to me when I came upon them this morning,  form kind of a nice little tripod of  basic ascension concepts as grokked by this particular bird, who’s been riding the first wave of the process for quite some time now.

This post discusses the new energy that is now here, triggering deep change at every level of existence on earth. The one following this one discusses the grid — which we might envision as a facilitating infrastructure for the New Energy flow and the opening of new realms. The third and last repost shares a visionary experience/meeting I had with the soul formerly known as my mother :) . . . which provides a glimpse of what the new energies and reconfigured grid are facilitating; the building of the new world!  I hope you enjoy these revisits, as I do. They have nice energy. And it’s all about energy now, isn’t it!  oxo W

Frothy, Crystalline, NEW Energy Incoming

In a previous post I talked about the morphing of the ‘reality behind the reality,’ which is allowing for accelerated shifts in … yep… reality. YOUR reality, MY reality, and (best of all) our collective emerging vision/version of life on earth. It’s time to get conscious re: what is and is not the case now, and work with what IS. Because it’s far too easy to keep burrowing into the old trenches of limited habits (rerun thoughts and their static results) than to embrace something really DIFFERENT, even if it’s a miraculous difference that can change everything for the better, or best!

We are creatures of habit; our neural pathways can become virtually as concretized as the highway if we don’t wake up and change course. Time to exit this mass-transit highway (or low way) and begin creating a higher path, your path, the path facilitating the ignition of the dreams you’ve held forever (stop holding; start releasing them into living expression), the path shimmering with support for your soul’s manifest potential.

Decide and determine to release the fear of the New and cease repeating the drudging bondage of the worn. To continue pouring energy into the old stuff that drains rather than feeds your spirit is like dragging around a truckload of corpses chained to your every limb. Consider this: WHO (what) ARE these dead forms? Even if what leaps to mind are things like, “My dead relationship (job, residence, etc. etc.) that I’m afraid to leave or change,” underneath that first obvious response is the deep truth that all these dead bodies are aspects of YOU that you haven’t released back into the universal flow to recycle into vibrant new (or at least evolved) expressions.

I’m not suggesting that you instantly bail on everything in your life in this moment… I’m not looking to push you off a cliff (though you might discover your wings this way)! I may sound a tad dramatic sometimes in my communication. I AM hoping to jostle the “Lazarus” in you (ok, us all) to wake up and COME FORTH out of the trance of a stagnant, encaved existence and start creating anew, in that beautiful gift of yourimagination FIRST. CREATE living thoughtform scenarios of what would thrill you (or heal, or somehow energize you positively) and work with these numerous times daily because they WILL start forming scaffolding around you upon which your visionsWILL build. (Assuming you are not attempting to manipulate someone else in the process, which is overt misalignment and highly unadvisable.)

Also important for clear and enduring manifestation: the heart needs to be on board with the idea; your heart needs to resonate with your goals. The heart is the ultimate determiner of our reality… which is how so many of us have lost our way, individually and collectively: we’ve given more credence to the mind/ego (often not even our own) than the real wisdom we hold, which streams 24/7 from Source (Creator, Godmind…) through the human heart/soul. The ‘heart channel’ can be accessed via meditation. Meditate, meditate, meditate. And by this I’m refering to listening to the heart/soul/Source within… as opposed to “creative visualization,” which is also important, but not the same thing. To meditate (in the way it’s presented in this blog) is to settle yourself into intentioned, sacred space; go into silence, and listen for higher wisdom to come through. A standing ‘appointment’ to do this at or near the same time daily most effectively sets the stage for establishing contact and communication with your inner adviser.

When we imagine our cherished thoughtforms fed by pristine energies of creation (see below), flowing through our real ‘power center’ — an aligned heart — those ‘charged’ visions will begin manifesting like lush, lovely, fruit-laden vines on the trellises of life. The matrix, or grid (lattice is another good word) I’ve discussed here has been transfigured (see “Reconfigured Grid” post in Feb ’08) to better stream this new energy into the earth plane, saturating all that’s here with manna from heaven in the form of a blessed, pristine, karmically free and clear photon flow into which our local universe is gliding now, and where it will remain for millennia. This flow is the ‘effervescence’ of my current conversation, and it’s so exciting, it’s challenging to slow down and present verbiage in bloggable form here!

I’m singing the praises of what is now occuring at levels beyond ordinary human awareness — zooming out to vast galactic phenomena; zooming in as deeply personal as it gets, into the very essence of our makeup, physically and psycho-spiritually — and encouraging all to start creating differently in this lovely, mega-mutable energetic *froth* filtering in to us now. This new energy (literally NEW, not the same “ethers” that I’m just calling “new” as a ploy) is coming in with growing gusto, like a great cleansing wave. Something is happening that can (will) shift everything. Why not at least entertain this idea and try living “as if” it were true (which is not to suggest it actually isn’t… because I am convinced of what I’m relaying in these posts by virtue of personal experiences I’ve had, and the time I’ve invested researching what these experiences signify). You may find some of my imagery hokey, but I hope the essence of my missives are perceived as sincere, because they are.

I love this picture. I’ve had it on file for years and have used it for my own workshops. I wish I knew where it came from because I’d love to credit the artist, and also see what else s/he has created. It’s wonderfully interdimensional and shamanic: warrior guardians shown here in shadow forms; a white hawk (;-) overhead; a “totem” interdimensional white hawk (ok, perhaps it’s an eagle) over by the bushes; “the road ahead,” and how about that bubbly white FROTH spiraling forth from a portal in the air there?? This is IT! This is the new energy pouring into the earth plane “from heaven” (or, the Source Portal of this universe – the Galactic Center) that is key to a transformed future.

It’s quite amazing, this new energy being perceived as bubbles. Its primary property (or gift) is fresh, unsullied expansiveness. We’ve been pondering light as particles, and waves, and infinitessimally minute, vibratingstrings … and now we have iridescent crystaline bubbles to consider as a foundational, conscious, and way-showing energetic form. I love this, because bubbles are sheer and open SPACES, aren’t they! I can easily imagine parallels between this new bubbly energy and the morphing (opening) matrix, together allowing for more OPEN creational opportunities here on the physical plane. Who knows, maybe these bubbles are particles turned inside out. Maybe we are about to turn our misguided systems inside out. Be done with the crusty, cracking chaff; harvest the seeds of truth and light emerging from the opening interiors.

Try not to snap shut on this (open, open!). Envision bubbling, shimmering ethereal units of light pouring into our universe — and ourselves… FREE of anything “ego tainted.” Completely free of any karmic histories or intentions, and not seeking our future indebtedness in any way. This new energy isn’t associated with personalities or deities or archetypes or gate-keeping middle-beings of any kind. It’s literally NEW, FREE, quantumly up-the-vibrational-ladder ENERGY. It is new life. We do not have to beseech to find favor with it; it is beyond personality, expectation, or religious limitations and gives of itself freely, abundantly, and without strings. Our place is to imagine, invite, and allow. The froth is comprised of luminous, interdimensional particles of the highest order, and accepting them into our visualizations, into our health, into our personal space, and into our primary, most intimate, tender-yet-powerful “opening chamber” — our heart– will have a transmutational effect.

Wild, eh? I know it can sound just crazy to a human’s habit-laden mind. But this is the photon energy pouring in currently; why not work with it in optimistic anticipation and see where it leads? Consider it in contrast to the fixed ideas that perpetuate all the closed “cells” of the old garde, the old matrix, the hardship. I for one (and I’m not alone) am loving this new froth. “Scrubbing creational bubbles,” clearing the way for new beginnings, and then manifesting them according to highly aligned, intentioned consciousness. Clearing blocks to rarified (or so we perceive currently) dimensions of existence. This wave of energy relates to the whole 2012 picture because THIS is the energy that will be pouring in through galactic channels of direct alignment between us and the galactic center around the year 2012 (tho I do not adhere to a specific date… I believe in the ballpark). So we are in early stages now, and this energy will be amplifying as it approaches direct flow by 2012. (I say “it’s approaching,” but galactically it is actually our local universe that’s gradually moving INTO this cosmic current…. and will remain in it for around 2000 years. Quite a big deal!)

I began this blog because I’ve undergone immense experiences over the last several years, for which there was no support available early on. There’s much more now, as we who have been attempting to remain afloat on the breaking edge of this wave are stabilizing and turning to support those who follow. I had to bushwhack the new terrain largely on my own. I will share about some of this here in time; but first I thought I’d lay a little foundational backdrop by way of these early posts. I’ve had a long, long experience (years) of kundalini purging my multi-dimensional self — physical body, lightbody, and who knows how many lifetimes and lineages, as it is ALL connected and involved in the holographic universe. It was often quite harrowing. But it OPENED me to the “miraculous” … which nothing is, really… “miracles” are merely a level of perception. As are concepts like “impossibility” or “reality,” for that matter. The cosmos are full of natural wonders our human minds have yet to grok. We’ve been investing only in the realm of 5 physical (and highly locally-focused, ie ME-ME-ME-ME) senses, which are the basest of perceptual/navigational/ computational tools. We can expand far beyond this, which will be becoming abundantly clear in the near future, if it’s not already.

There’s so much more coming online for human consciousness and earthly life… and in this blog I will be sharing experiences, ideas and information in attempt to connect a broad expanse of dots. Humanity is beginning to run entirely new software, and for mature adults it can be a challenging upgrade for our existing hardware! This energetic shift tends to be more easily born into (as has been happening en masse for years now via indigos and crystal kids) than retrofitted in “existing systems.” We will talk about this.

Something new is coming in. True grace. Let’s invite it into our lives, what is there to lose?! Limitations? Bondage? Pain? Grief? Great; let’s go forth and lose it… and make room for magnificent, new, higher-bandwidth creations.

Hail the great frothy light! It is the blessed future.

oxo Whitehawk

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What is Oneness?

Everywhere we turn these days, we encounter this concept of “Oneness.” But what does it mean, really? I know what it means to me, having experienced it viscerally after a long period of risen kundalini. Describing it in words, I could not do the state (of oneness) justice. Below, Daniel Jacob’s Reconnections offer this overview.   ox ~W

You are not one of many. You are really MANY of ONE.

  1. All of life is a dream that is being experienced by the ONESELF.
  2. As is usually the case in dream interpretations—every person, object, or situation that appears in the dream is an aspect of YOU, the Cosmic Dreamer, and your entire universe is your mirror.
  3. You have chosen to incarnate into a physical universe. There is really only ONE PERSON here—one person who has divided him/herself into as many fragments of the ONESELF as are needed to portray a truth, feel a feeling, or learn more about the infinite Being which we all are.
  4. Just as there are many fragments seen within a universe (uni=one), so are there an infinite number of universes contained within the MULTIVERSE, which is a “wherehouse” for the storage and keeping of All That Is.
  5. Every person, object, situation, or location represents a VIEWPOINT for the Oneself to enjoy and observe the All That Is. You do not merely reside within a single physical body, though it may sometimes appear to be so. You are everywhere and you are everything.
  6. Truth is also everywhere, and in everything. In the Multiverse, there is a universe that literally honors and embodies every single belief or system of belief imaginable (and then some). There is no such thing as disagreement within a multidimensional reality. There are only variations upon a common theme. At the heart of each theme is always YOU.
  7. What separates each individual universe is the VEIL OF FORGETFULNESS, a semi-permeable membrane that surrounds each viewpoint and temporarily blocks remembrance of Self at all the other levels at which you exist. Like blinders on a horse, the Veil allows each separated viewpoint the freedom to experience its universe without being distracted by the other possibilities which are also available.
  8. Time and Space exist as punctuation marks in a limitless composition that is being written by the Oneself. They are notations, regulating the beat and measure for a concerto which has played and which will be played throughout all eternity. All time is now. All space is here.
  9. There is really only ONE Multiversal moment, divided into an infinite number of fragments, which are apportioned to as many universes as is required to embody everyone and accomplish everything imaginable (while always adding just a little bit more).
  10. All of the above applies to YOU, the ONESELF Cosmic Dreamer, unless you say otherwise.

Sacred Circuitry & Synchronicity

I’m thinking you’ll appreciate this clip as I do. During this session, Bashar — the off-planet being who teaches regularly through Darryl Anka — introduces a “guest speaker” — another galactic entity — to talk for a few minutes. The message is about synchronicity & flow, the way ALL time & events will be experienced before long, I strongly feel. Beyond the words is the intriguing manner of delivery here, and also of interest is the idea that soon we can all simply tune in to the information we are ready for at any moment and it will waft in, telepathically. Take a gander and let me know how it lands on you!

oxo ~W

Return to Oneness

Hi all; it’s been a while since I’ve shared personally on this blog. Have been challenged to stop and put ideas down for about 3 months; interesting. Back in the saddle today to relate a beautiful experience I had last night, in the dreamtime. I invite you to check this out and filter it through your own sense of The Possible. For me, the experience was inspiring. Could it be the shape of things to come? Please read through to the end commentary and just… consider :)

So: first thing I recall is, I’m in a kind of camping environment—in nature, doing various “camp maintenance” activities around my home base. Even tho I have my own space, there’s a social vibe to this place… people meandering about, visiting each other’s camps. Sort of tribe-like. Friendly. Purpose-sharing.

What was so particularly delightful was, everything happened in absolute cooperative concert. This was an ongoing experience of meticulous, perfect FLOW. Maybe you’ll appreciate how this played out. Imagine:

I’m puttering around my camp. I notice a bunch of brown leaves from last season sort of “cluttering” the place… and have the thought, “Maybe I’ll sweep those up.” No sooner did that thought pass through my mind … those leaves levitated en masse and deposited themselves in a nearby bin — in a large bag too, no less, so they wouldn’t blow out again!

The consciousness in those leaves cooperated with the consciousness I apparently emanated, and transported themselves to a place that helped clear my space.

Also while sprucing my lovely campsite, a small white mechanical device of some sort—not sure if it was a small appliance or maybe a mechanical toy—came to my attention. Again the thought blipped through my mind to go over and put it up on a shelf, when the gadget “activated” (its mechanical parts started moving and clacking as though it “woke up”) and put itself up on the shelf, where it then settled back down into silence.

Then, pure delight: I’m suddenly aware of a blur of phosphorescent color buzzing at eye level, about 10″ from my head. A hummingbird! I put up my hand as an invitation for it to perch on my finger, which it did. After a sweet little encounter of a few seconds, it was off again. A smiling man came by right after this, and I shared my enchantment re: the hummingbird actually perching on my finger. He and I proceeded to have an interesting conversation about writing that I won’t belabor here.

Next, I realize I’m beside a large body of water; an ocean (or huge lake) with high swells rolling in to the shore. Not breaking into waves… just very high, rolling swells washing in. It was also getting dark at this point. I thought: hm, I bet that water is cold! And in the next moment I was IN that deliciously warm water, floating buoyantly with each passing swell. This experience was perfection, like being rocked lovingly in the rhythmic waters of the Mother. Heaven.

In the last scene, I am walking in through the back entrance of a large event space (a large tent? lodge?). It is full of people seated in rows, facing a stage at the front. I walk up the center aisle, singing the Native American chant that was in the 90’s song, Return to Innocence. I did this without any accompaniment; beautifully too, I might add! If I had looked down to see what I wore for this appearance, I imagine myself in full, white-feathered regalia (I’m Whitehawk after all ;), as that is how I felt in that moment, chanting a cappella like that, walking up toward the front of this place. My attitude was all-honoring; my voice unwavering.  As I approached the front I saw on stage a celebrity friend who’s worked with me in numerous events, waiting for me to finish my entrance so he could, presumably, begin the program, or service of some sort. Also up front were other friends from years past who did (still do) substantial community work. It felt great to have us all reunited for this special event — whatever it was!

This is where I “woke up” — approaching the front of this venue, chanting. (Again I’m awakened from an experience with meaningful music! Common occurrence—remember Saved by Zero [Point]?)

[Post continues below the video… ]

Sidebar: after writing the above line, I searched to see if there might be a video for this song online. Found it; posted it below. I haven’t thought of this song in probably over 10 years and have never seen this video before. I was struck by the “magical” nature of it, esp at the beginning (things levitating as video runs in reverse) — also found one vignette disturbing; wish they hadn’t included that! At any rate, if interested, here’s the song; it has a good message, and it was significant in the context of my nocturnal adventure; more on this in the commentary below!

OK: what am I getting at here?

Firstly — when I “awoke” from this experience, I was in a full-body “fizz,” signaling my return from an out-of-body adventure. (If you have OBEs you know the buzzy sensation I mean.) By all indications, I was in a higher-frequency location; fully engaged in the unified field, aka Oneness.

In Oneness, it is clear that all things have (or are) a form of consciousness; all things are alive and participating, in their way, in the Field. And all things enjoy supporting one another; cooperating. No power struggles, no manipulation. The most striking element of this journey was in how my consciousness merged with everything around me, and everything in its way said “yes,” or even “yes and more.” Organic—the leaves cooperated with my quiet thought to clean up their “clutter”; inorganic—the mechanic gadget put itself up on the shelf; elemental—the substantial swells of the ocean were neither cold nor frightening (it was nightfall; I wouldn’t typically immerse myself in unknown waters after dark)… it was actually stunningly blissful to be in that warm, moving water! And the water enjoyed my pleasure in it.

We share everything. We are part of the collective. In my kundalini “crescendo” I entered a field of living light; spent an entire night in that light, in fact. The next day was my first of about 45 consecutive days of living in this field, this Oneness. It was buoyant.  Life supports everyone and everything that dwells in this vibration. There is zero antagonism; zero “threat.” Judgment of another simply doesn’t cross the mind in this frequency; all is well. I’m ok, you’re ok. All is ok. Nothing needs to be difficult because all cooperates in this field, because there is nothing negative seeking to steal energy. No egoic distortions mucking things up.

Consciousness is an infinite, interdimensional tapestry that supports all its threads, and each strand of consciousness knows its nature is to support the Whole. The ALL. All IS ONE; who in their right mind would hurt another, when they are you? Obviously, mankind has not been in “right mind” for eons.

Did you notice in my tale, above, I did not say I “willed” things to happen. I did not make things move around like Samantha Stevens. Things picked up on my emanations and chose to cooperate with me, because that’s the way it all works higher up the bandwidth. No friction, no static, just co-creative support.

There’s nothing to lose by giving of oneself to another’s flow, if your “flows” are aligned to one another.  If they are not mutually aligned, then they simply have no intercourse in that moment; no interaction with each other. Maybe they will align at some other “moment,” or maybe not. Meanwhile there are countless others to align with in purpose and process. In kairos, flow is the norm. Harmonious vibe = collaborative flow. Out of sync = out of one another’s orbits at that time.  It’s so elegantly simple. So divinely ordered.

So 5D (and up).

Notice in the song it’s all about RETURNING, as supported by the visual device of running scenes backwards. We are returning to Source, where we ARE innocent. We’ve been in this “expanding universe” so long, under dark influences… and we’ve been away from Home long enough. We are returning to higher realms, to Oneness, to support/buoyancy … field of eternal love and light.

Hold that in consciousness and practice detachment from the outrageous dramas bringing down the program on this planet currently. That program’s EXPIRED. Let it go. Unplug your precious power from it; it’s by giving our juice to it (including our attention if not deeper interaction) that it perpetuates. Earth is pristine in another frequency field; it’s time to get on board for that excursion, and love what’s ahead—it will help bring it into our experience all the faster :) .

Oh, by the way, wanted to mention my “state” today, in the wake of all that night activity. The entire center channel of my head felt like jello for hours: from the middle of my brow in front all the way through the center of the brain to the base of my skull. I had obviously been through something that had impacted that whole area, involving the pineal (3rd eye) and pituitary glands, and the newly activated chakra at the base of the skull — the telepathic reception center. This whole area was pronouncedly affected for hours earlier today, presumably because these centers were so intensely engaged during this ongoing adventure.

How’s the shift treating you? How are you treating you while all the stuff hits the fan in the external world? If you notice fear raising its energy in your mental/emotional bodies… maybe try a physical gesture such as craning your neck for a second or two… as a reminder to reach for higher vibrational space in that moment. The big shifts can process through us more smoothly when we consciously work in a daily maintenance kind of way — like sweeping leaves out of one’s camp — on anything that happens to ruffle our peace. Think of it as feng shui for the soul.

From my heart,


The Mystery of Resurrection

It is Easter Sunday; my favorite holiday. Besides the inspiring message of one luminous messenger’s ability to negotiate heaven and earth regardless of expectations re: the state of his physicality… it tends to be a time of year for my personal resurrection after long cold months of darkness, often within myself as well as my locale on the planet. Days are longer, birds are singing, flowers are blooming everywhere… what’s not to like?  The brain makes more serotonin when sunlight comes in more abundance. Optimism is easier to align with, organically.

I was reading Jean Houston’s piece on the resurrection that is currently in HuffPost. When I came to this sentence, I instantly decided to feature it here and link you to her article.  This line profoundly resonated with me as a kundalini experiencer (my “stimulus” for an irreversible transformation of being); maybe it will speak to others as well:

Often when the body-brain-mind-psyche system has been given a profound stimulus or shock, it becomes capable of releasing many of its old patterns and allowing itself to be pulsed to a different frequency, allowing the emergence of a different human being.

I feel this is what’s happening globally, and the ramifications are beyond mind-bending.

Jean’s complete essay is here.

Meanwhile, may you enjoy your own glorious resurrection, ascension, and eternal life. All are invited to rise.

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TimeShift: Which Here, Which Now, Which Me?

As time – and this shift we’re all the way into now – continues, I have been having some curious experiences. Maybe you too? Let’s be honest – it’s getting strange around here! Today I’d like to share something that happened last night, as a “sub-event” of an ongoing situation I’ve discussed here before, being, the triad sleep cycle.

This has been going on for years for me personally and for many, many others as well: we go to sleep, then three or four hours later we awaken, and remain awake for three or four hours, and then sleep again. In my case, what I call my “second sleep” of the night tends to be more of a skimming state of consciousness… I’m in and out of very shallow sleep (kind of like a light doze/ awake/ doze…), which is conducive to accessing some interesting experiences.  Last night’s was a surprise~

I’d been up for hours, starting around 2AM. Watched some video online, read a bit… then started to doze. I seemed half awake, half zoned out (theta?); it’s an odd state that is becoming more common; not really asleep. Anyway, suddenly I’m aware that I am “sleeping” in the bedroom I grew up in, and was “awakened” there, in the darkness, by someone’s footsteps in the hall. This was absolutely real. I was waking up “decades ago” in the house I grew up in.

Except part of meknew that the bed I’m supposed to be in, in “this reality,” is the one I sleep in here in this lifestream. So I did something rather odd… don’t know where this came from… but I started trying to relate to/connect with my here/now body by shaking my leg! So from a neighboring dimension, my light body made a concerted effort to jump from there/then to here/now by “engaging” my here/now leg… which went from effort to sudden success (I suddenly had my left leg kicking!) and at that point, was fully integrated here.

which frame of reference?

This intrigued me in regard to the “infinite selves” in “infinite time/space dimensions” we apparently occupy simultaneously in this quantum hologram in which we live in so many parallel existences! Including many versions of us in THIS life, living in all kinds of situations based on the many choices we’ve made along the way.

Apparently, as I’ve heard many times now, our lives split off into various versions of ourselves when we make major decisions, like marry/not marry someone, or move/not move somewhere, or attend/not attend some school, etc. Some part actually DOES have these experiences… it is just in a simultaneous parallel sub-plane of this one (or perhaps this is a sub-plane of that! … or maybe all are equal :). Add to this the “simultaneity of all time,” and all our other incarnations, and all their parallel sub-plane existences, and – well! – it gets very very wild to try to imagine!

I remember once as an adolescent standing in the upstairs bathroom of the family home, brushing my hair, when a woman in white walked right past the open bathroom door, in utter silence. I mention the sound factor because this house had wood floors that always squeaked and rumbled when walked upon. There was no such thing as silent passage there. But this female form just glided by the doorway and frankly startled the life out of my young self. Moreover: I had the notion at the time that that woman was MY FUTURE SELF passing through! How my 11-year-old mind came up with that, I have no idea. And also – I have no conscious awareness of myself experiencing the other side of that scene (as a grown woman walking through that hallway while my kid self was preening in the mirror). But this came to mind today as I pondered my “waking up” in that bedroom last night, with footsteps in that hallway, and my knowing that I needed to time-shift myself back to this time-stream and place.

This experience also brought to mind the idea of the assemblage point, which is known mostly in the Toltec tradition, but now energy healers are working with it for healing purposes as well. Carlos Castaneda wrote about the AP as a small energy ball that exists in the human energy field, right behind the center of the ribcage, suspended behind the spine back there. My understanding of the assemblage point is, it is a ‘connector’ or ‘tracking mechanism’  that keeps us plugged in to (or assembled in) a particular time/space within the hologram. Presumably, then (and I’m just groping here!), other aspects or versions of ourselves have slightly different assemblage points associated with them, to keep them fixed in their respective placements.  I did a tiny bit of googling re: assemblage points earlier today, but didn’t find this particular aspect of them discussed, and didn’t pursue it further before posting this. But – assemblage points – an interesting piece to this puzzle?

Looking back at this post, I see that once again it is Whitehawk sharing a curious and unusual experience, and processing it in public. :)  Thank you for your kind attention :)

~W (here, there, and everywhere…)

PS Up for an interesting listen? Check out Astarius’ Spirit Rap CD. It just occurred to me because in one cut he chants, “Every place is here, every time is now, every one is me…”  I really like this Cd. Interesting artist. There’s a free cut to listen to, if you choose, here:

Riding the Wave of Your Self

Riding the Wave of Your Self in an Infinite Sea of Frequencies

I’m pleased to bring your attention to some good material from Bashar (channeled)
re: the shift we are currently negotiating!
Listen all the way through (with discernment intact as always)…
Enjoy, blessings, and … let go & let flow!

Love all ~ W

Breaking through to the Other Side

I am on quite an adventure here of releasing vast quantities of “old consciousness,” by which I mean old buy-in of expiring consensus perspectives. And I say this as one who has always been inclined to explore the edge. It is an accelerated time, as Stuart Wilde put it so many years ago, of  “weight loss for the mind.”  I am feeling relieved of a bad diet of empty calories lacking any real value (or virtue): the American BS Diet. All the stuff we’ve been ‘fed’ with the assumption that we’d just keep swallowing it til the end of our days. But we are waking up in the matrix! Truly and literally. And the difference of Being that this brings is profound.

2009 has been a breakthrough for me in ways I did not see coming… which is not to say I have it all together, but I have dismantled so much illusory clutter from my field that I feel primed for a very new level of participation in the Great Hologram. Please join me and the blue moon as we wave bon voyage to the shores of the past decade/world and glide into exhilarating new frequencies of progressive creativity, boundless liberation, and a luminous love of life.

Maybe this video will get your engine running, if you could use a boost:

Instant Karma (Shine On!)

I’ve been experiencing some incredibly instantaneous responses to thoughts and feelings in recent weeks; I mean, do I belong in Eastwick? :-}.  How have you been faring in the energetic seas?

In ever-increasing ways I sense the shifting of the ‘structure’ we call time. I’ve been noticing/remarking for years that kronos (chronological time; linear time) is loosening its hold on how things work on this planet. We are heading into kairos, the unfolding moment as ‘called in’ by prevailing consciousness. Kairos is essentially an ongoing experience of synchronistic flow — or as Deepak Chopra has called it — synchro-destiny.  John Lennon called it instant karma.

Generally, synchronicity is used to refer to something desirable, whereas karma tends to refer to the boomerang of negative thoughts or behaviors upon their source. Potaytoes, potahtoes. Moral: we must watch our thoughts because they can – maybe sooner than later now – create events in the physical world. The field is thick with greased-lightning plasma; we are the directors of its currents and consequences with our consciousness.

These burglars received the gift of this lesson
~ in just 17 seconds!

A Shift in Time

I’ve been enjoying Lauren C. Gorgo’s writing for some time now. In her own voice, she addresses the many bizarrities that we’re going through as they impact us — body, psyche & soul — with great humor. I feel kindred connection; helps to feel a little less the isolated mutant when you’re in good-humored company! When she channels various entities, the messages are always worth reading and mulching (with discernment ;). This one was posted on her new blog last week. (Note to self: Put up a blog roll here!) If you haven’t seen this already, perhaps now is the time!  If you have, well, there’s always more to glean the 2nd time around. Lauren’s blog is: (Cartoon: my addition.)

Love all~


The Sixth Night & A New Cycle of Time

Lauren C. Gorgo

A Shift in Time

For several days now and into the new time matrix you will be experiencing shifts on all levels of your being-ness.  You may be noticing that the time in your mind and body do not necessarily correlate with the time on earth…you may be experiencing intermitten portals of eternity, moments by which time seems to extend into infinity, coupled with a drop back into 3d dimensional perceptions of polarization and time that is rapidly speeding up.

out of timeThis fluctuation is normal and to be expected for the actual time of the planet is shifting into greater awareness of universal time.  All who participate on the new universal timeline will be consciously affected by this transition while anchoring more permanently into infinity time, or neutral scalar wave patterning.

Most of these changes are being prompted by the entrance into the galactic 6th night, as documented in the sacred Mayan calendar, however the portal of 11:11:11 is precipitating the shift required to align with the new frequencies of the 9th level of the galactic underworld and time-coded experience.

The most important thing to realize from this recent shift is that the amount of time that you work with presently is only a fraction of the real time encodement that you will be working with in the future. This is why you are seemingly able to accomplish great tasks in short periods of recorded time on clear days of alignment with the new timeline, and on days of wading thru 3d dimensional polarity consciousness, time escapes you.

What is happening on a higher level is profound.  Let us explain.

The earth and sun are rotating at rates that are unfamiliar to earth scientists at present.  There is a shift in the rotation from the solar sun to the great central sun which will change the course of history and time as it is presently understood.

This time shift precipitates the shift in consciousness that will begin to transmit new frequencies to the planet and her people and will cause for a great stir in the global community.  This information is such that most scientists will have already disregarded their theories of time and space which will consequently open the doorway to more expanded concepts than the present linear understandings.

In this transition, there is a centrifuge of energy that will begin to disrupt the earths electromagnetic field.  This magnetic field is one of great importance to the human populace for it holds the realm of information in place that connects individual human thought to the central mainframe of global consciousness.

The ramifications of this galactic shift will be heralded as miraculous, however, there will be some confusion as to why the earths magnetic field is changing.  There will of course be talk of pole shifts, by which this is not the case, however there IS a field of energy dynamics that will alter the magnitude of the poles temporarily.  As the earth comes to rely upon the full radiance of the great central sun, this shift will eventually end the earths reliance upon the solar sun as we know it, while simultaneously precipitating a dimensional parting of holographic reality matrices.

The Separation of Realities

The prophesied time for the separation of realities has been talked about in various spiritual circles and communities of new thought, however, is mostly misunderstood.  The separation of worlds as you will come to experience, is not a physical separation, but a separation in consciousness.  This will however lead to a seeming segregation of sorts, in that the communities of like mind will begin to come together, rather they will gravitate toward one another.  As this happens, those who are operating on the new timeline, that of the emanations from the great central sun, will begin to step fully into their ascended or Christed consciousness.

Earth is shifting in this manner so it can effectively spin out the proper vibrational outputs and filter levels of consciousness in groups for the purposes of coming together and creating a new earth.  In the interim, there will be a period of transition and it will be for the new galactic-centered wayshowers, those of ascended consciousness and activated divine blueprints who will lead the next level brigades, or groups of awakening souls, into their proper vibrational vortices.

This means gatherings of many kinds… the gathering of awakened heart-centered souls who will come together for the purposes of reuniting in the physical, but also for the purposes of easing the transition for the next wave of awakening souls.  It will also be a time of gathering for the new wave of warrior souls here to dismantle the next level of outworn systems, as well as the reuniting of many twin souls, either thru existing relationships or new relationships.  In either case, these relationships will feel well worn and it will be clear that you have come together to create a cosmic wave of love of and source connectivity to ripple out into the universe thru the purified vibrations of bliss.

Birthing the New Children

Through the 11:11:11 gateway portal, and the merging of masculine and feminine energy codes within the high heart, the time will arrive for many twin souls to activate the sacred triad of evolving consciousness thru unification, procreation and the birth of highly evolved souls to enter the new galactic time zone.  This act of procreation will be the result of a much higher level of love and those with new earth contracts to serve through child rearing will now begin to fully align with this knowing on all levels and as the awareness is activated with great desire in the coming days.

Keep in mind that those who have contracted to serve humanity in this way will come in all forms, not just in the traditional sense.  If you are one who has been called to participate in birthing or raising the new children, know that many miracles will align to make the impossible, possible.

For those who are more likely to procreate in the traditional sense, there will be support available thru non-traditional, or alternative modalities that will be coming into your awareness to provide a source of comfort and guidance on conscious parenting and how to support and nurture these highly evolved souls both thru pregnancy and child rearing.  For some, this will be a well understood and natural process, but for many, assistance will be needed, and therefore available.

We would also like to make it known that the first wave of wayshowers will be entering into a much needed time of respite and will therefore require some downtime to bask and nurture themselves and each other prior to the consideration of extending their immediate family.  Please realize that if you are being called to parent, the timing for each evolved soul to enter the world is unique and based on the firm foundation of new earth supports in and around the hosts’ sphere.

This is not to say that you will be experiencing a lag time, quite contrarily, you will be experiencing time to play in the new earth energies, to master the manifestation of your full potential as fully embodied souls and to nourish the richness of your new life and  new beginnings.  On this we say…keep abreast of your desires, those things that feel good to you in each moment, and you will know well your every next step.

Building the New Earth

We would now like to quickly touch upon the roles of those of you here to begin building the new earth communities and structures and to inform each of you that the time for gathering is nigh.

The next several months and into the new Gregorian calendar year will be for those of you on the new galactic time line to begin meeting with and preparing to implement your gifts of expertise.

For those who have a role to play in bridging the new earth reality structures with the old paradigm structures, you will be nudged to begin the preparations and groundwork for the new systems of light… from the planning stages to the implementation and building stages.  Those of you with activated contracts are here to provide those ideas and revolutionary concepts that you have been nurturing to those who are ready to step outside of linear thinking and into the new ways of quantum creation.

As the old systems begin to crumble more rapidly, you will be called upon, thru seemingly serendipitous meetings and events, to share your ideas and radiance with those who will be supporting you in your endeavors.

The first of which will be the construction of physical way stations, intermediate plans for existing structures and systems to weave into the integrated systems of interconnectivity and based on the concept of wholism.  This time period will be confusing at best and many will require your spiritual mastery along with your masterful skill to implement these new systems of dependence as the earth shifts from polar to non-polarized living.

Interconnectivity and unity consciousness will be the way of the new earth and the path that all those who wish to rise to the occasion must follow.  There are strong advocates for many systems of sustainable living that are ripe and ready for the implementation phase, for those of you who have been waiting for the green light, your plans are soon to be welcomed with open arms.

It is also noteworthy to mention that the ways of sustainability will be vast and varied, and each system design will depend wholly on the creators who envision them.  It is not a future of homogenization and sameness at the fore, but a future of infinite possibility based solely on human imagination.  In this way, earth will eventually become a magical sphere of pure potentiality and creative expression.  Fear not for the inaccessibility of your hearts desire…. where there is a will, there will be a way.

Beloved members of the new earth society, we are delighted to be working with you in this capacity and we are enormously proud of your steadfast determination to greet us in this dimension of pure possibility.  We know that working with you in these endeavors will be one of the most rewarding ventures of many lifetimes, and together we will create harmony where once there was none, we will build bridges where one their were damns, and together we will create the outer expression of love everywhere it is welcomed!

We are the Pleiadian High Council and we look forward to traversing this new cycle of time with you, our brothers and sisters of eternity.

Telepathic Transmission thru Lauren C. Gorgo