Quantum of Light

by Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

For many years the Omniversal Family Tree of Krystal Star known as the Guardians, have been relaying a wide array of information about the Ascension process that our planet and human bodies undergo at the end of an Astrological Age. We are moving into another interval of the higher octave through the bifurcation of time fields, which results in the phenomena of timeline collapse. For many, this manifests as a bookend to delineate the ending of the past, such as ancestral patterns and forces many of us to undergo a resetting of our inner foundation and way of life. These phases of timeline collapse generally bring with them many levels of exit points, resetting, ego dismantling in order to extract the false and reinstate a more accurate and progressive direction for the Soul. We must progress towards group consciousness and being of service to the whole. For those unaware of Ascension, the uninitiated or uninformed; this time can be confusing and painful to navigate.

Currently, little is understood about the consciousness evolution process nor allowed in the mainstream to bring this topic into greater credibility, thus visibility to the masses.

At the end of the Precession of Equinoxes, we align to the galactic core; Stargate portals open, and we are eligible to proceed with an Ascension timeline, the beginning of the next grand cycle. Continue reading

The Shamanic View of Mental Illness

One major difficulty someone in the West has when seeking his or her way through a journey with awakened kundalini is the knowing that any Western “health” agency or agent would diagnose it as a state of illness instead of an organic, psycho-spiritual correction/expansion/healing endeavoring to process out to completion.  It is my prayer that wisdom along these lines will be available to all in the very near future.

And, totally unrelated to this post, I’m sharing this photo of an “anomaly” near the sun captured by satellite cameras yesterday. Like looking in the mirror – haha!ufo+angle+sun+anomalies

Love to you,


What Shamans See in a Mental Hospital

In the shamanic view, mental illness signals “the birth of a healer,” explains Malidoma Patrice Somé. Thus, mental disorders are spiritual emergencies, spiritual crises, and need to be regarded as such to aid the healer in being born.

What those in the West view as mental illness, the Dagara people regard as “good news from the other world.” The person going through the crisis has been chosen as a medium for a message to the community that needs to be communicated from the spirit realm. “Mental disorder, behavioral disorder of all kinds, signal the fact that two obviously incompatible energies have merged into the same field,” says Dr. Somé. These disturbances result when the person does not get assistance in dealing with the presence of the energy from the spirit realm.

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Fast Ride with Sacha Stone & Dan Winter

Wow. I can’t even begin to introduce or describe what goes down in this fast-moving, far-reaching and graphically endowed cosmic conversation between Sacha Stone and upbeat physicist/shaman/kundalini experiencer Dan Winter. Just tune in and see what can happen in 29 minutes. Maybe a few times :-}

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Life & Death & that Single Separating Breath

I’ve been conflicted about sharing a recent experience with you. It’s a bit intense, and some might interpret the overall atmosphere of this post as morose; a downer,  because it deals with death. But my intention is to share something I found quite illuminating, once it became apparent my life in this world would continue! I believe by the time you reach the end of this post, you’ll feel uplifted.

Actually Inelia Benz’s new message provided the nudge I needed to go ahead and speak up re: this. She mentions being “down with a massive headache since the equinox.” Her message is the one immediately prior to (below) this one on the blog. I initially intended to included it at the end of mine in the same post, but mine grew too long.

So, on with my experience.stock-footage

Oh. My. God. The massive headache. I mean, obviously I’m not glad to hear that Inelia’s been suffering, but in honesty I was somewhat relieved as well because what happened to me in the wake of the equinox was incredibly intense. Alarming. To the extent I was genuinely concerned I might be on the brink of crossing over. Now I feel less alone, which makes this whole thing less about me and more about all of us in this energetic shakeup.

More about that in a moment… but as a lead-in, the confession that I’ve been acutely aware of death in recent weeks. Months, actually. Front-burner theme, coming from many directions, including sudden deaths of people in my orbit. Young(ish) people.

Two of these crossings – both women – were caused by brain hemorrhages. Spontaneous “brain bleeds” … sudden death. Continue reading

The Constant Companions

In this post, Aisha North offers a perfect description of an aspect or manifestation of awakened kundalini: it can at times feel as though you’re being discombobbled beyond your tolerance limit.

Ascension and kundalini demonstrate that what’s going on now is about transmuting lower energies from not only this life, but other incarnations too; and not only yours, but also your bio-lineages (unresolved family issues) are bundled in with this vast process as well.

Ascension is in many ways a mass shamanic dis-memberment (as is kundalini on an individual level), integral to the journey toward re-membering and returning to our soul’s divinity and ultimate oneness with all.   ox Whitehawk

The Constant Companions

via Aisha North
A Short Update on the Energies – February 20, 2014

Aisha North Manuscript of SurvivalAs many of you may have noticed, this ongoing intensifying of energetic upgrading is barely taking a pause these days, and so, you may be apt to think that this time, it will be too much for your hapless body. That is certainly not the case here, for if you manage to dive below that churning surface of energetic chaos, you will find that you are actually growing more resilient and balanced by the day.

We know this may be cause for disbelief for many of you, for we are well aware that this round of energetic combustion will have lit a fire under the feet of many an issue that still lingers somewhere in your system. And yes, we do mean that as in issues stemming from earlier lives as well. For this is indeed the most thorough “housecleaning” you will ever have, and as such, this rattling of the cage will have the last few remnants of anything previously undiscovered rolling out from its hiding place.

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Adrenaline Rush/Kundalini Initiation

Following is the first message I’m posting from astrologer Mark Borax (link at the end). It’s about Uranus going direct after a long retrograde. Considering this is one of my ruling planets (the other being Saturn)… I’m hoping its going direct does in fact move me along a bit!  This is not only about me, though, of course; it’s a universal influence. So… hang in there til the 17th of the month if you’re looking for an acceleration in your world.  If you’re already flying… you might want to put some breaks in place so you don’t fling right out of orbit when this release kicks in. :)   ox Whitehawk

December, 2013
Putney Mountain, Vermont   from A Different Kind of Art

On December 17 at 12:40 PM Eastern U.S. time, the ice giant Uranus goes direct in 9 Aries, an event destined to send hot and cold chills up and down your spine.

If you’ve experienced trapped energies and stalled momentums since the summer (when Uranus went retrograde in mid-July) it’s likely that those stuck forces will get undammed as the river of life force surges its banks in the coming Uranian turnaround.

Uranus presides over the highest vantage point we possess. It takes the most accelerated parts of you and accelerates them, so get ready for a release of energies that may pop circuit breakers left and right, and spin you around into some new state of being.

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What is Kundalini?

From the blog, Waking the Infinite (linked at end):

37629_1490543017120_1040322401_1366466_8191901_nThere are plenty of descriptions out there to help with what kundalini is, much of it quite old.  Texts, scrolls, things like that.  This is a very human thing, so you’d think we could each come up with something that helps to clarify things a little.  What I am going to tell you is directly from my own experience and it reflects seven years living with this force in my life through a number of colors, twists, and turns in my life and in perspective, too.

There is a LOT that kundalini or awakening can be presumed to be, and then there is what settles out and clarifies over time.  Which is what my experience has been.  You would think an experience would be an experience, but our perceptions do indeed change as our biases clear and change.  The writer Anais Nin said we see the world not as it is, but as we are.  SO true.

When kundalini rose, it felt like a force coming into my body… Continue reading

Re-perceiving Life with Awakened Kundalini

I just watched this video of Lilou Mace interviewing Dr. Manjit Samanta-Laughton (author of Punk Science and The Genius Groove) and recommend it. This woman’s kundalini awakened at age 18 when she was practicing kundalini yoga, and her awakened awareness has been beautifully integrated into her life and career, which I find so inspiring. (Makes me wonder how my trajectory might have gone, had my K activated much earlier in life!) I think you will find her of interest! She is a paradigm shifter extraordinaire, living a magical life. Following copy is from her website (linked at end of this post):

We are in the middle of a Paradigm Revolution. All of our societal systems are undergoing tremendous upheaval as we transition from a mechanistic, disconnected way of life to a new world which places consciousness at the heart of the universe and is open to the multidimensions. The changes can be felt in all areas of life – from our economy to our educational systems to religion to healthcare to science. As we move from the old ideas to the new, our lives are starting to open up to a new reality. Continue reading

Deep Light Ebook, Kundalini, Earth Empathy

Quick miscellaneous post:

images-1I’m noticing searches on my dashboard for “Deep Light and the Great Retruthing,” which is the name of my contribution to the Kundalini Rising anthology, and also the title of my forthcoming ebook. This begins with the original essay, which is significantly expanded to include details of just what occurred during and after my astounding “Deep Light” experience. I had to keep the essay brief for the book, at the expense of important information.

Moreover, I had blocked out highly significant specifics of my experience “in the light.” It was mind-bending to find them in a (long stashed away) detailed writeup Continue reading

The Illuminated Human

Here’s an article I wrote for a magazine  that I decided to post here, as most readers of this blog are not likely to see the (local) 531754_380275865405095_1370125295_n‘zine.
As Christians celebrate the risen Christ, I celebrate the risen kundalini (divine feminine) in tandem… its sacred presence is in every one of us.

Love all ~ Whitehawk

Don’t be satisfied with poems and
stories of how things
have gone with others.
Unfold your own myth
without complicated explanation,
so everyone will understand
the passage,

W E   H A V E   O P E N E D   Y O U

Excerpted from The Illuminated Rumi
Interpreter of the original poem: Coleman Barks

When I first discovered Rumi’s mystical poetry (a few lines quoted above), I was deeply involved in a dance with the Divine in the form of awakened Kundalini. Rumi’s missives reflected an octave of love far beyond my personal experience until this energetic presence took over my life for several years, leading me through profound experiences and opening me to a perceptual range I’d never before fathomed.

Legend goes, some 800 years ago in Turkey, a theologian named Rumi encountered a mystic named Shams. This meeting spontaneously unleashed a force so powerful in Rumi, he was knocked right off his mule. If this story approximates true events, my sense is that Rumi’s Kundalini was spontaneously set off by Shams, with visceral oomph! The two then entered into deep communion with the Divine, which – as Rumi’s subsequent outpouring of poetry claims – they beheld in one another. They had met God in man, which is not a metaphor for seeing goodness in the other, but rather more like entering the aura of a glowing Christ and realizing you and He are actually One.

We’re talking major revelation here.

What IS this Mysterious Force?

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Blitzkrieg of Kundalini Symptoms – El Collie


This blog already has a dedicated page of kundalini/ascension symptoms, but I have a special place in my heart for an extraordinarily generous woman named El Collie, who was one of the first people to share openly about her severe kundalini experiences online.

She experienced a ‘blitzkrieg’ of K symptoms, documented them in detail, shared what she knew in forums that supported so many…  and then, in 2001, she died. Whether of ‘natural causes,’ or a ‘natural’ Kundalini event that went beyond where her body could follow, or by her own hand… has never been made public.

Once, when my experience became so unbearable [as it did periodically] I wondered if I’d survive it – or if I wanted to – I emailed her husband asking what had happened to El. Continue reading

The Agony and the Ecstacy


I haven’t given a whole lot of credence to specific dates when it comes to our timeline zooming in to the zero point of the Great Spiral – the long-awaited (since “time” began) click-over moment where we irreversibly shift from vulnerable victims of a formidable dark power (and their descension timeline) to powerful creators in a context of benevolence and Light!

Today, 12/12/12, as you are likely aware, has been touted as the =peak= moment of cosmic energetic influx thus far. Yesterday, the 11th, seemed to mark a shift in my personal experience – I feel markedly clearer than I have in a long time!

Human Lightning Rods Grounding the Waves

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What is Kundalini?

This share returns to one of the primary purposes for which this blog was born: to nurture awareness – and perhaps even a small bit of understanding – of the beyond-the-beyond experience more and more humans are having with the energies of transformation… transmutation… known by the mysterious name, Kundalini.   

This link will (hopefully) transport you to a nice deep conversation between Tami Simon (guiding light of Sounds True) and Lawrence Edwards, one of this country’s few experts on kundalini. Dr. Edwards is one of the sources I turned to during my daunting awakening a dozen years or so ago. He is decidedly eastern in his context – a devotee of the late Muktananda, bestower of ‘shaktipat’ (a way of activating the energies in others). Lawrence was featured in the book in which my story is also featured, Kundalini Rising. He and Sounds True have released a new audio program on the subject as well – at long last!  Available at the Sounds True website, linked below.

Try this link for the podcast, and if it doesn’t work (it’s possible you may need to enter an email address to access; not sure), go to soundstrue.com and navigate to their ‘Weekly Wisdom’ series to find this interview.  ox ~W

Weekly WIsdom with Lawrence Edwards

Do Less, Be More

Today I’d like to bring to your attention an interview between ‘Reconnection’ healer Eric Pearl and an enthusiastic young host with an online program called Energy Talk Radio. (His title could use an upgrade because it’s actually a video. :)  My reasons for sharing this particular clip are twofold.

First: if you have had no exposure to Eric Pearl before—or haven’t recently—I believe you’d do well by listening to him here. He’s got his ‘rap down,’ so to speak; he knows his material, being, he knows how to command profound healing in an instant and how to discuss it. He’s a colorful character so I find him rather entertaining as well… even while knowing that what he says here he’s said a million times before.


Hearing it now was a good reminder for me—the notion of just plugging into the Field, so to speak, and just being in that connection with something so much vaster than yourself that nothing sub-standard can perpetuate itself in that high energy awareness, or “allowance,” if you will. Eric Pearl was graced by this realization during his chiropractic career, and it launched him into a revised reality about 20 years ago that the world is accelerating into now: consciously integrating with and navigating through the quantum.

(Richard Bartlett of Matrix Energetics has a similar background: was a chiropractor whose perception blew open and – whew – he is a force!)

So anyway, since I’d been up half the night here, I started cruising around online and circuitously came to this interview. Listened to Eric explain how relying on ‘props’ for healing creates more distance between you and the actual field that surrounds and penetrates your very self, ready and poised to accept your intentions for not only physical healing, but mastering life in general. This is all part of the first reason I wanted to pass this on to you.

The second reason, interestingly (to me at least) involves my cat! During this interview, she came and curled up in my lap. By the end of the interview, she started vibrating! Continue reading