2012, Kundalini, and Spontaneous Evolution: Intro

I considered calling this post “Fear of Exposure,” because what I want to discuss may strike some as heretical. I haven’t even included it in the blog’s “About” page (yet), out of concerns re: outing myself on this matter — even though it has evolved, over recent years, into a front-burner theme of my life’s journey. Moreover, I see it as a matter of increasing relevance to a swelling, rising tide of souls who are realizing something big (and highly unusual) is happening, within their own body/mind/spirits as well as in the world at large (because outside and inside are One). And they may have no idea what this phenom is… yet. Perhaps you are one who’s beginning to tune into it, and wondering.  Wondering. Or maybe you’ve been “in it” long enough to have connected some dots and are now seeking community with others on the same wavelength.

So I’m gearing up to tell my story, posting it in bits and pieces, starting here on this blog and — the intention is — to be continued soon on a website dedicated to stories, community, media, resources, and events that explore this theme in depth. My hope is that by stepping up in this way, others may become aware of what might be happening with them, and how it all ties in to a much bigger — galactic, in fact — evolutionary story.  I feel that to a large degree, who I am and what I’m here for involves being of service and support in this very particular form of spiritual emergence and Earthly evolution.

My part of this amazing tale began several years ago, although the epic itself has been scripted for centuries, even millennia. It’s about a quantum leap in the evolution of a planet, and all who live upon it, that is said to be reaching its climax around the year 2012.  As ancient prophecies predict — and as events currently unfolding seem to be verifying — the time of this quantum shift is upon us.  Its mind-bending “delivery system” is a vast intergalactic river of a previously unknown (to us) form of energy that our solar system (indeed, our galaxy) is now encountering, as it wends its spiraling path through the cosmos. This energy seems to be penetrating the sun (whose properties have been changing), then radiating to and through the earth (and the rest of our solar system) to its core, and finally emanating back out to the surface, initiating ripples of changes the likes of which we’ve never seen before.  Not even remotely.

What’s more, when this energy comes in contact with us, our energy bodies (or light bodies) are being “set off” and amped up in ways that profoundly affect us — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. People’s kundalini, an ultra-potent form of life force also known as the energy of transformation, is on the rise in huge numbers; and I believe these numbers are increasing exponentially by the day. And kundalini — if one isn’t already a yogic adept when this begins (as few westerners are) — manifests a daunting, often overwhelming array of symptoms swinging between  luminous/ miraculous revelations one day, to physical and/or emotional agony the next, and a thousand unimaginably weird variations of episodes in between, often over a course of years as kundalini wends its way through a life, burning out lifetimes of karma that has been embedded in every level (physical and energetic) over eons.

You see, the purpose of kundalini is to bring us to a state of clarity, in every sense of the word.  Clarity about who we really are in the soular sense  (as opposed to merely what we see through the personality’s lens, here at “street level”), and clarity also in the physical vehicle we are embodying in this incarnation.  In other words, clear, radiant, love-flowing life and health, personally and transpersonally, clearing all the petty muck that has accumulated on all levels.  Kundalini’s role is to get us there, and the “cleansing” can be formidable, depending on how much one’s entire, wholistic being  has been encumbered by the weight of karmic debris and bondage.  This debris is anything and everything that’s not “of light” (consider every negative thought or feeling, spanning all of one’s incarnations over time, as well as all results of those states in the physical world — and you might begin to grok the scope of kundalini’s “project” of reconciling it all to help one “ascend” to a higher more refined spiritual state). This process, which is integral to this big evolutionary leap I’m talking about, is so vast, so profound… words fail.  Maybe you can appreciate why this is so challenging to even begin to talk about — it’s like trying to create encyclopedias, road maps, user’s guides, and flow charts of infinity itself, including all its infinitessimally particulate parts!

This is a massive, life-altering experience, and in the west a kundalini activation — also known as spiritual emergence (or emergency) — can easily be mistaken for psychoses, hypochondria, and/or myriad mysterious illnesses. I have notebooks full of accounts of my years of negotiating the formidable energies of kundalini, culminating in an unprecedented experience of blissful, buoyant Oneness (or realization of the unity of all) that lasted several weeks. This was a state of consciousness light years beyond anything I’ve ever approximated or imagined as even existing before; literally an immersion experience of heaven on earth.

Then — I plummeted back “here,” to ordinary awareness, which was truly harsh after I’d been living in such an exalted state.  The gift of this experience, I believe, is that I’ve been given a sense of the goal, or destination, or point of what is unfolding now.  I have new perspective.  I’ve had a glimpse, and now believe the purpose of all I’ve been through since the millennium turned is to be able to offer support to others, and also assurance (for myself as well during times of doubt) that there is More Than This, and it’s worth the trials and travails we encounter here to return There, the Source from where we originated in the Beginning.

Still, to take this first step to blog on the subject has been a long time coming, and I can’t help but feel some trepidation. But here I am, beginning. I do hope it serves a few souls who pass this way.  I’ll be very interested to hear from any who relate to this blog.

These energies that are pouring forth via this “gush” from the galactic center, which is now thought to be the “birth canal” through which our solar system was born (and btw — this mysterious galactic river of light, known as the photon belt, has been under observation by NASA for decades), will be triggering kundalini far and wide in individuals who may have never even heard the term before, or even may have had little interest in spirituality in general.  Empathic people are experiencing “activation” long before hardcore empiricists.  They’ll likely feel they are losing control of their lives, as kundalini takes over at the wheel. They’ll find themselves seeing, perceiving, and experiencing life (and themselves) in ways totally alien to anything they’ve known.  They will be frightened — which is to be expected when reality morphs.  This entire event is nothing less than a massive reality shift.

In my view, the more info made available by those of us who have been already through this — or at least a few stages of it — the greater the chances that coming “waves” can find resources that will serve them in this era of the quantum leap — of spontaneous evolution.   This leap is happening not only “out there in the world” in a still predominantly perceived theoretical (or to some, heretical) sense, but IN HERE, in these very “bodies we wear,” while we’re wearing them.  Amazing revelations — great revealings — are percolating up through the cellular depths of our very being.

There is so much to share with you about all of this and more.  It’s tragic that religious dogmas have so alienated humans from the big picture… which in turn keeps us “caged” as little egos to be controlled instead of infinite Souls expressing Infinite Light.  The world cries for the LIGHT.

The rabbit hole goes deep and wends far. This is the first post of a series; more to come.


15 comments on “2012, Kundalini, and Spontaneous Evolution: Intro

  1. This is very important information for anyone who is on the spiritual path. I thank you for your kindness in sharing this with all.



  2. This is so true. I’m glad we are living in the age of huge advances for mankind, both spiritually and scientifically. I can’t agree with you more on this, because I myself have been touched and shaken by the extreme power of Kundalini energy for 15 years. The crushing of ego and releasing of years, or better said, ages of karmic debris, which is by the way so frightening and painful, is an overwhelming experience. YOU are your worst enemy of yourself! When one realizes that there is no “me” as we’ve always known and taken for granted because of our ego, a huge change happens. The moment of bliss reminds us of a unity, oneness, nothingness, eternal calm, and blessing that compares to nothing. The yearning for that moment leaves you in a state of sweet depression for long until the ego takes over again, but the sheer reminder of that wonderful feeling steers your ship in this worldly life towards possibilities never expected before.
    It’s happening and I’m glad that we have the Internet to share it with others, learn from the collective knowledge of humanity, gurus, sages, philosophers, and enlightened people, and put it in context without loosing our minds. Our essence is LOVE and it radiates around us, through us, and beyond us. We just have to tame our ego and reach for the sky.

    God bless you and all others on the path of enlightenment. Kundalini energy doesn’t care if you’re religious or not, spiritual or not. When awakened it will destroy all your deep-held ego-based personality, reality, and world view. Just surrender to this force of God and let it take you back to the source that we have so forgotten. Don’t be afraid of it, be friend with it and TRUST it.




  3. Its sad that some people dont get whats happening, thats when they start dishing out advice about what they think it is, i had somebody tell me iv chosen to be ill when i was going through..i stil dont know what exactly.lol. I think the world needs more new compasionate understanding, open minded healers. Knowing that the cleansing we going through is most times from events that we are not aware of, and that being in that state we shouldnt feel guilty or incapable. It does pass, till the next wave. We cant be perfect and keep everything going smoothly all the time. Iv had dificulty with that i guess, people reflecting my belief that me being this way can be shaken off and that i should just push on through. When theres a part of me that doesnt want to push or force anymore.


  4. What if I said you guys are targeting vulnerable people into thinking something crazy is about to happen, when in reality nothing will? Everything will just stay the same and these people will fall deeper into there depressive states because they realize there are no answers like this. I mean I feel these incredible feelings, but some of this stuff is so outrageous, you would be a fool not to doubt these claims.


  5. It’s all ‘outrageous,’ Kyle, in the sense that it is extraordinary. In this blog I share my experiences, and other’s ‘messages’ that may well give context to those experiences. I’m not “targeting” anyone in some kind of scheme, and over and over and over throughout these posts I remind readers to use discernment, filter it through your own truth, etc. I personally sense something extraordinary is happening. I give it space here. It’s up to you to do with it what you will; I’m not selling anything and don’t try to sway anyone. I am impelled to share a certain wavelength of extraordinary views and visions because ‘experiencers’ need to speak, and I’ll live my extraordinary life because I’m in this incredible time on Earth having unique experiences. Doubt all you want; enjoy your “incredible feelings” to your heart’s content. The heart holds far more wisdom than a quibbling mind. How it all plays out we shall see! ~Whitehawk


  6. I mean, your asking people to drop all aspects of their reality, and to succumb to extraterrestrial phenomenon’s. I have classes to attend, I have work to do so I can pay off my debts to reality, and I have different aspects in my life I need to work on that depend on our actual reality. Sure I have looked into the illuminati and felt that its possible other worldly dark forces were trying to inflict control over the masses, but I also feel that these teaching are going after the minds of the weak and Ill informed. On the opposite side I have felt true love and the security by trying to break through and exploring new thoughts, with crazy detailed, vivid dreams and revelations as if someone where reading a book to me hyper speed, tapping into a universal consciousness, But Am I just crazy? Are all of these people just crazy? Are they trying to find answers, leaving them susceptible to crazy allegations? These puzzle pieces that are being put together could all be chaotic thoughts of people thinking they’re putting them together. It’s like I cannot deny the truth behind these doors, but if i cannot find balance between my thoughts and what the outside world tells me, meaning the people around me in real life, besides a small community on a website. I doubt everything because I feel like this could be people trying to push buttons and Fuck with inferior peoples heads, or simply people that are ill informed and creating something that has no truth.
    But still, my dorm mate tells me of a kid that was preaching in the middle of campus of a soon to be day of judgement, and that we cleanse ourselves before it happens. Of course he was shouting out scriptures talking bad about things i see no problems with, but this could all be connected. He most definitely could have tapped in to something but interpreted it into his own means, but he could also be just as crazy as all you people are. I hold no opinions, I am not saying any of you are crazy, I just ask, Why have you not questioned anything?
    I do hold one truth, that i cannot ever dismantle, Love is everything. How crazy I am, I know that no matter what, I will never express hate towards anything. I find comfort In that, and I know that as many things I do wrong, I will do it with the intent of love, so it cannot be wrong.
    If I get a response maybe it will say something that will further enlighten me, maybe it will be something that strikes something, or speaks to me in ways that will lead me to future truths. But until then, I stand critical and extremely skeptical to any conclusions, set forth by unknown sources, as I feel all should. Peace to all. Love All


  7. Again, I am not asking anything of anyone nor do I debate. And, I’ve spent my entire life questioning. And open. There’s a tremendous wave of intense ‘story lines’ in play now. It can get very disturbing at times, as there is so much still unknown. I feel answers coming closer and closer however, and my faith is with the divinities of Light. Peace out, W


  8. Whitehawk: I cannot tell you how invaluable your posts have been for me. I am in the early stages of kundalini process and flip flop between trust, acceptance and surrender and full out terror. It is extremely disorienting and difficult for my psyche to integrate at times. Thank you thank you thank you for your posts :)


  9. I can absolutely relate with this blog. Ever since i was a sophomore in highschool, which was around 2006, i somehow intuited, and paid very close attention to ever since, that something profound would happen with me and with the world in 2012. This intuition emerged in the form of “2012” back in 2006, but that intuition back then came from an intuition inside of me that’s been with me my entire life, that this life of mine was going to go through something “huge”. At a certain point along the path, 2012 was like a light bulb that went on inside of me.

    Now that we are here, i would say that i have absolutely gotten what i’ve asked for. Actually, i have gotten WAY more than i have ever asked for or imagined. And i can absolutely tell that there’s a LOT more to come.

    Basically, every single aspect of my existence, inner and outer, is direct proof for me about 2012’s massive shifts.

    Kundalini is not fun, it is for warriors of the spirit. The only reason that i can even handle any of it is because i have intuited its emergeance long before it really dawned, though the signs have been there for my whole life.


  10. Thank you for your site…I have received much valuable info. A few months back i had a spontaneous kundalini awakening. Which of coarse I was lost. Apparently since there are so many going through this we need more on the web.


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