Heath Ledger and the Long Hallway

“Whitehawk’s Afterlife Escort Service”

On Sunday, January 27, 2008, I met Heath Ledger. This may seem impossible (if not worse) for me to claim, considering Health had died the previous Tuesday.

Elsewhere are missives about my lifelong tendency to have OBEs, and my “night job” of escorting souls when they are ready to cross over. This article is about my surprising experience of escorting Heath Ledger after his death. I have no idea how I came to be on this particular ‘assignment.’ My experience in general re: such astral-girl.jpgthings is — I seem to be on a kind of auto-pilot. I’m just minding my own business when suddenly, I’m jetted off and plopped beside someone who’s ready to go, or needs to become ready to go (ie, they’re clueless and typically stuck in a perceptual loop of their last moments alive). I believe another level of myself (my Self) initiates this work, but consciously I just seem spontaneously impulsed to “arrive” and do something.

So — re: Heath — this happened on the morning of Sunday, Jan 27th. Heath had slipped into a ‘permanent dream state’ (died accidentally) on Tues Jan 22, which happened to be my birthday. My familiarity with him was pretty limited; I had seen two of his films, and he’s quite a bit younger than I, so did not loom large in my awareness (until his death hit the media of course).  As it happened, I was up ALL NIGHT the night before. Sleepless… sleepless… which in hindsight seems significant; ie, it helped that I was in border-zone  consciousness to be available in his timing, when ordinarily I’d be up and about, unlikely able to respond to this kind of ‘call.’  Anyway, I was just zoning at 9:00 that morning, which is when this happened, and it happened really fast. I can’t even say how it started; I can only share what I retained for sure when I returned to my ‘humming’ body.

My first lucid memory was of zooming along with Heath at my side… we had an ‘appointment’ to keep with a third party (this was an unusual element). Heath and I rocketed to a location that looked like a studio film lot!  When we saw the door to a particular “sound stage” on the left, we knew we had reached our destination, and there was an air of great joy and excitement in our arrival (between Heath and I, I mean).  (Interesting, this idea of a ‘stage,’ and ‘staging’ for an event such as this… Did you realize that when we pass, we enter an etheric ‘transition’  experience that’s tailor-made for us… probably by our own higher selves?  When I saw this scenario, I just thought, oo-hoo, how Hollywood!)

At the door of this building, a “guard” stood waiting; he was the connection we were there to make. This guard looked just like a security guard one would find at a bank, or place of business… or a film lot full of celebrities and deal-makers. (I later wondered if the guard motif was a representational pun of a guardian of Heath’s, ie, a guardian angel or ancestor or some such… “outfitted” in keeping with the whole studio theme playing out.) When Heath and I reached the guard, there were no words or politenesses exchanged; the guard was all business as he spun on his heel, ascended a few exterior steps, and opened the door to this building.

I knew this was the end of my role in this astral event. The guard went through the door; Heath glanced at me for a signal, and I gestured him toward/through the door with an affirming nod. He walked through after the guard. I stepped inside momentarily and saw that the guard had already sailed all the way down this long, long hallway, and Heath took off running to catch up with him! His shirttails were literally flying out behind him. (Yeah, he was clothed even tho he died naked.) He managed to glance over his shoulder to send me a wave with a beaming smile, which was nice to receive. I waved back and came ‘home.’  It was all quite exhilarating.

I thought about this a lot that day, and offer this bit of commentary. I had the sense that Heath was an old soul who came here for a brief but full experience on earth before the Stuff really hits the fan here. His death wasn’t intentional on the “Heath level,” but once it happened he ‘got it’ and was really moved (and validated) by all the love that poured out to him after the fact. He stuck around for a few days of that, but I suspect he was getting spun around in a gooey vortex of emotional energy, as the whole world was focused on him and obsessing about ‘how terrible’ it was for him to die. (Mourners can impede a soul’s afterlife progress.)

From what I gathered in my brief encounter, he was complete when he left, and he was one beaming, happy, liberated soul when I was with him. He was ready to go to his next ‘stage,’ even though the family funeral in Perth was still upcoming. (I’m sure he could tune into all of that from where he landed! But the energy of all the sad [and exploitative, media-wise] attention was too intense to remain engulfed in for long.)  Heath was conscious of what went on; he was ready and eager for the next thing.

I’ve shared this with some close friends…  and wondered if it would serve to share it in a more public way, with the intention to alleviate some grief, and let people know that from a higher perspective, Heath’s a radiant soul on his way to a beautiful afterlife by all indications.

3 comments on “Heath Ledger and the Long Hallway

  1. I saw this post a while ago and thought about sharing my somewhat similar experience then, but didn’t. Now I will, though. :-) I, too, “met” Heath shortly after his death. I think it was the night after he died. Basically I dreamed that I was walking down a street somewhere in downtown Manhattan and saw Heath looking lost and confused. I went over to him to help him out. He was dressed much as he was as his character in “Brokeback Mountain,” with a plaid shirt and jeans. We didn’t really speak, rather we communicated telepathically. I understood that he was confused, wandering around, and needed help. I felt I was supposed to reassure him and guide him somehow. After reading your experience, I wonder if others made similar contact with Heath (or if his spirit gravitated toward those he knew could help him), perhaps because so many knew him from his movies, as a cultural icon of sorts. Anyway, it was one of those dreams that felt “real,” and I awoke feeling as if I had been of some help to Heath in his transition.
    Evidence of the multiple dimensions in which our spirits commune and operate, perhaps?

    Love the snowflakes! Thanks for keeping this blog going.


  2. I really enjoyed this story. I’ve been holding a story of my own back for the past year…

    I had a Heath experience that felt so real I woke up crying. I went to sleep sad one night, and “woke up” hearing his voice comforting me. As I awoke, I had the white bed sheet over my face, and I knew right away that it was him by the sound of his voice. I turned to my side and saw him in full Joker makeup, lying next to me. The room looked like a really nice hotel room or something – everything was a pure and crisp white – the bed sheets/covers, the walls, even the gauzy window curtains. There was an open window allowing a nice breeze in. Then we got out of the bed, and he transformed into his real Heath Ledger self – he was tall, with his messy blonde “surfer” hair, wearing a tan cable knit sweater and dark indigo jeans. A woman I’ve never seen before entered the room, she had round black glasses, short black hair, red lipstick, and business attire. She started talking to him, but I don’t know what she said to him. I then continued talking to Heath, who seemed so loving and caring, like a brother to me that I’ve known my whole life. I gave him a big hug from behind, my arms around his waist and it was the most comforting hug ever, we were both so very happy. I told him he was my favorite. He asked me “was?” and I said “You were my favorite, but you can’t be anymore.” I turned around and the mystery woman told me that I made Heath cry. I looked back and he was sobbing and cried out “But I’m not dead” and faded away. I then woke up for real, feeling happy, sad, confused, and as if I spent the whole night in a hotel room with Heath.

    I’ve never met Heath, and was never any sort of “obsessive fan girl” or anything like that, so this vivid dream has yet to make sense to me. Everyday I find myself thinking about the dream, trying to figure it out because I know it really truly holds some sort of significance. The one thing I do know, is I remember exactly where I was when I found out about his death: As soon as it was announced, my friend (I don’t know why) text me that Heath Ledger was dead. I text her back that she was playing a really sick joke on me, because I was at Half Price Books (store) about to purchase a used copy of “10 Things I Hate About You.” She said she wasn’t kidding, and I immediately felt like throwing up, wondering how that could be a coincidence.


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