Sovereignty & Discernment

I’m feeling moved to mention a few things today before adding more posts to this blog.

First: I am a traveler on this Earth Tour just like you and all the rest of us.  My reflections here come about because I’ve had an array of experiences over the course of this life that have not quite jibed with the expected contents of an “ordinary middle-class American girl” file.  I’ve had my own X Files all along;  have been a closet “experiencer,” and the experiences have evolved all along… but the past 10-15 or so years have brought on things that are quantum leaps from what I was used to — being, primarily, OBEs.  For ages I kept these experiences to myself, save one particular confidante (my poor mother, who’d listen and just sort of sigh in response ;-).  (I must add though… eventually she offered to pop for me to go to The Monroe Institute to really explore this “gift” in a big way. I declined her gracious offer, eventually getting to Monroe via my own resources.  I know that, from whatever plane she is observing current events and my trajectory, she “gets” me much more now than she did on earth!)

Now, OBEs have taken my energetic self (or soul, astral body, energy body… I use these terms interchangeably)  into scenes and situations my physical form simply would never “normally” experience.  So, these experiences sent me searching for information re: what they meant.  I’ve sought to understand a greater context for my experiences; this is a great galactic puzzle full of interdimensional holographic pieces to grapple with; no one I’m aware of has received the Big Book of Answers to Everything.  Anyway, what began as simple OBEs opened up into much more, although there is an OBE-related theme being:  explorations of the beyond-mundane.  At this point I believe I have a rudimentary understanding of a very very vast, multi-dimensional, multi-phasic, multiversal orchestration now playing out on our planet, in our solar system, and far beyond.  The vastness of it makes it difficult to express in ‘bytes’ here, as I’ve mentioned before.

I’m clear that millions of “mere humans” are waking up from a profound trance of limitation — such as having been “encouraged” to engage only 8 or 9% of our brain’s capacity, and the same for our “mysterious” DNA, which of course has no JUNK at all, just highly maleable, magnificent elements coming online at intermittent points determined by the greater context (ie, how The Program is assimilating into mass human reality) combined with a more personal level of evolutionary awareness and readiness to inch (or leap) forward another step.


What I share here is *not* intended to be interpreted as gospel, or that I KNOW everything; rather, my missives are based on my subjective experiences combined with many years of sleuthing for clues re: the whys and wherefores re: this rabbit hole.  If you are way ahead of me (or at least believe you are), then what I say here may seem flawed or lacking.  If you are on a parallel trail, or a step or two behind me, then what I say here may help you open up a bit to get a sense of how this Big Picture is playing out through all us Human Cameras — which depends so much on how we are focusing our lenses and developing our findings!

The bottom line being — use your discernment re: anything I or anyone else imparts.  “Question authority, including your own” and all that.  There IS a great story unfolding in our midst, in the very air we breathe and earth we walk upon and grids we pulse along… and, everyone is unique.  So while in some ways we are sharing commonalities, in other ways we have our own cocktails of ingredients to deal with — our own histories of lifetimes and their consequences on and off this planet; our own ‘human’ lineage of physical and psycho-emotional karmas that influence our trajectory (ie, ancestral stuff passed down through the physical plane), and our own dreams and desires about the future.  (And all of this in a system in which time and physicality are actually illusions for our 3D educational benefit; another whole kettle of fish!)  We are each staggeringly unique.

This is exciting and affirming and also a little scary, depending on how comfortable you are with sovereignty.  Having support during this great passage is wonderful (and why I’m stepping up here, to the extent I can given the medium, which I envision expanding considerably), but ultimately self-sovereignty is an important quality to cultivate.  We are each ultimately responsible for our own experience, and how we manage it.  If it helps you to embrace the idea, maybe look at it this way:  the world does not need another cookie-cutter copy of someone else glomming up the grids; it needs an authentic version of YOU and your own personal, radiant, essential contribution.

One more thing before hitting “publish” here — given the conflicting neurotic issues I have about putting anything out for anyone else’s consumption before it’s PERFECT (being a writer/editor), combined with the nagging sense of having a logjam of things to impart that I just can’t get out fast enough considering the first ‘challenge’ mentioned above, what I’m going for is this:  I’m working on swallowing my desire for perfection in favor of speaking my truth (ha, see right there– I typo’d “turht”). What I’m saying is, I will try to post more often, less perfectly, with the caveat being that I will be revisiting my posts and editing them, adding to them, etc, as I am so moved.  So if you read something of interest, you  might consider revisiting it later because it probably has morphed/expanded a bit (or even considerably) in the interim.

Onward ho,



One comment on “Sovereignty & Discernment

  1. I began following your blog shortly after you discovered mine–From My Reading.

    I began perusing your older entries and noticed this one referring to the Monroe Institute. My wife and I lived at the New Land on Rainbow Ridge Road at the Monroe Institute for about 4 years. My best friend is Frank DeMarco, co-founder of Hampton Roads Publishing Company, who speaks to the Monroe Institute participants monthly. Although I did not participate in any sessions I am quite familiar with the institute and have several of the CDs.

    I’m enjoying your posts. Thank you!

    Charles Sides


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