Rush to August Rush

Hi All,

I saw a film over the weekend on DVD that I can’t get out of my mind (or, heart).  It’s called August Rush, and it would never have even blipped across my radar had someone not alerted me to it, for which I am so grateful!  Because it is rare to find a story, cast, overall cinematic ambience, etc. etc., that is as touching, moving, and inspiring as is this art-on-disc.  It’s a gift for the whole family, about a musical prodigy who ‘escapes’ the home for boys he grew up in, and enters into a magnificent, victorious hero’s journey adventure in New York.  

When it ended, I played the last scene several more times (moved to tears each time, I kid you not), and then went back to the beginning to revisit some of the early scenes (which held more meaning after “receiving” the whole story) and jumped ahead to review other key scenes as well.  I don’t remember ever having done this before with a film rental.  I’m reluctant to return it! 

This sweet film is about trusting and flowing your GIFT and your LOVE and the universe responding with a glorious crescendo of synchronicity after synchronicity.  The payoff almost makes me swoon to replay in my mind.  (Man I have it bad!!)  I had to share it with you :)  Cinematic feast for the soul.



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