Night Vibes

What’s the Buzz?

I mentioned in an earlier post how sleep has been so ‘different’ over the last several years.  I’m expanding on this theme here, now focusing on vibrations, or pronounced energetic buzzing, that I (and many others) have been experiencing increasingly over the past year or so while resting. Before, I described my “new sleep” routine as sleeping for 3-4 hours, then being awake throughout the deep night hours, and then (hopefully) getting a little nap in the morning, ie, somewhere within the 6-7:30AM window.  I also ventured that the possible ‘higher purpose’ behind these night cycles may be to gain access to (and greater awareness of) various in-between stages or planes of consciousness, as opposed to just clicking on and off (awake/asleep) like a binary switch.  Or, I’ll add now as an afterthought… maybe we’re just in some kind of training to require less sleep?  Perhaps one affect of this river of new energy is, it feeds us such a pure Source of energy (capitalized to imply “God Source”), we won’t need so much ‘unconscious’ time.

That ‘awake half of the night’ business is actually my routine during half of the month; specifically, the half during which the moon wanes.  Then, as soon as the new moon phase slips into a waxing moon phase (becoming fuller), I start sleeping like a log until after the next full moon.  Sure, I’ll awaken during the night, but I won’t stay awake half the night as I do during the waning half of the lunar cycle. Rationally, this seems backwards.  “Everyone knows” that when the moon grows full, energies tend to become more agitated.  Crime rates spike during full moons; sleep often gives way to tossing and turning throughout the night.

If your sleep hasn’t changed in recent years, you may assume it’s a personal thing, to me.  But even if it is somewhat unique to me now (and actually, this is being experienced by quite a few at this point; I’ve got my ear to the rail on this phenom), it will be something more people will know soon.   I tend to experience unusual things a few years ahead of the curve, in these transformational times.  So, if I have an ongoing experience and talk about it openly as I do here, then someday others can hopefully be comforted by those of us who are processing, deciphering, and bushwhacking the trail “up ahead a bit.”  I know I absolutely depended on the voices of experiencers ahead of me re: all this weirdness!!  I’ve got a vast library of books here; luckily for the relative “newcomers,” much info is now online for free.

So, here’s what I suspect is happening during the really deep sleep I’m getting during the waxing moon cycle of every month, around which I’m bombarded by really pronounced energies.  Actually, I have two primary hypotheses:

  1. During these deep sleeps, I receive energetic infusions from my “team” or family or soul group (take your pick) higher up the vibrational food chain; making adjustments that allow me to better adapt to all the changes happening in the ethers, in the grids, in the earth, and ultimately in US.  I suspect this is happening for everyone during sleep at this point; it’s just not in mass awareness yet.  Or maybe a person needs to be within a specific “frequency range” to receive these energetic influxes, or broadcasts from the galactic center.  This will be happening as humanity’s Light quotient increases over the coming years as this “program” continues.

  2. Number 2 is still about the new energies… but does not involve receiving “energetic transmissions” from my “team.”  In this alternate possibility, I am simply noticing, through my body, the new energies doing their galactic thing here on/through earth.  I am within a particular  vibrational bandwidth, or harmonic, so to speak, even more directly during waning lunar cycles, and so I feel them pulsing or flowing through here, through myself.  Perhaps I am someone who is anchoring these energies here, by virtue of my prevailing “vibe” — I’m a resonant match, and as such I’m providing them a “body” to help them filter into the earth plane more and more.  I find this option quite possible, if not probable; ie, I’m among an increasing number of receivers/’distribution channels’.  There’s an entire population of souls providing various services to the planetary process, just by virtue of walking around here and “hosting” the incoming light, as living transformers.  Yep! Some day I’ll delve into the concept of “batch karmic processing” (my self-created term for it when I realized what was going on years ago),  more widely known now as pathcutting.

The energies of this planet (and solar system… and galaxy… ) are indeed shifting in a massive upgrade NOW; of this I have no doubt at this point.  A substantial degree of acceleration has already occured, and more is certainly on the way as galactic alignments shift and this new ‘Light, frothy’ and highly accelerated energy assumes a greater presence in our transdimensional atmosphere. (This is all on a quantum level; this river of light is not in the form of the huge bubbles graphically depicted in the “Effervescent” post in March [or was it Feb]… but the energy is bubbly, clean, fresh, lucent, and highly expansive and evocative of higher frequencies, nonetheless.)

The energetic night work feels like various vibrations pulsing through my body before and after sleep, during nocturnal awakenings, or sometimes when simply relaxing.  So I FEEL this, while not seeing the mechanics of it interdimensionally, as some do, during personal upgrades as opposed to universal.  You’d think, with my OBE and phasing background, this would be a cinch to tune into.  But no.  I just feel the vibrations as clear as can be.  Maybe you do also?  I know some are quite distressed by this activity.  I gently suggest… don’t fly into fear about this; just let it flow and know that everything eventually passes… this isn’t about being in danger; it’s about your biology evolving in a quantum leap!

Sometimes these energies feel similar to what one would feel if riding in a truck, for instance.  This actually approximates how it felt to me last night.  I might have said it felt like riding in a car, but these vibrations were more pronounced, with variations in smoothness, which I equate as more a ‘truck ride’ sensation than an automobile ride would feel.  On other occasions the vibrations have felt more like the “glug-glugging” of etheric liquid pouring through my being, or sometimes it’s more like one of those slow-motion wave desk toys — the glass frames with some colored liquid between the panes that glides in impossibly slow-motion waves back and forth once you give the frame an initial tip to activate.  Sometimes the vibes are just a strong and steady buzz, with no sensation of variance at all.  More like just being … well … “microwaved” comes to mind.  This in IN my body, not around me.  Every cell is DEFINITELY and distinctly being treated or even altered by some form(s) of energy that I understand to be “stepping up” my own frequencies somehow.  These are, generally speaking, the energies of transformation (or transmutation!) at work while the physical body is at rest — stimulating my DNA into further evolutionary activation.  And while this is happening, my body goes into really deep periods of rest, during half the month!

So half the month is about exploring various states of consciousness, and the other half of the month is about energetic upgrades of the body.  That’s the basics of the “program” I currently seem to be on.

A Story About “Requesting”

Along related lines, perhaps this little story will interest you.  It’s about a time that I made a specific request a few years ago, and what happened in response.  I asked my guides/guardians/team — I have no “names” for these beings (perhaps it’s my own Soular level of Being ~ my monad) — to give me a tune-up that would enable me to embody more of my SOUL. I wanted to embody more of the Light of my soul, my higher self, and all that would entail (wisdom, love, vision, maybe even health, etc...).  Our souls are vast & eternal; our body/minds are but a small, temporal, highly localized aspect of the soul, and I was seeking to bring more of my soular self ‘online’ in the physical plane.

What happened next was quite amazing.   Continue reading

Mudras for Healing

This video inspired me to share it with you.  It demonstrates a technique combining mudras (Hindu hand postures) with lightbody portals for crown-to-ground energy alignment.  This technique was developed by chiropractor Dale Schusterman, who is apparently a student of the Kabbalah.  His book, Sign Language of the Soul, further explains his process for what in my language would be called lightbody activation — or lightbody balancing laying groundwork for further energizing down the road.  I found this refreshing and quite a complete little teaching in under 10 minutes.  The method is relatively new for me too, so I share it in the spirit of exploration rather than tried-and-true endorsement. 

More and more we are understanding that healing comes from the energetic into the physical… just as challenges to wellness originate energetically (ie, as in blockages to flow, ie, by emotional or psychological stuckness) before filtering into the physical and settling there. Energy first; form follows energy.  Energy is directed by consciousness.  Conscious energy management is the skill of the age to master!  … which the ideas in this video support.  Responses from The Field welcome, as always :)

“Planned Quake” Follow-up

Just a quick followup to my ‘earth changes strategic council’ post from April 4:  I just heard a rumor about China planning to “create” a tsunami off the west coast (USA) within the next year, by causing an earthquake in the floor of the Pacific ocean.  I have no position, opinion, or substantiation to this rumor one way or the other… but I found it interesting to hear about a planned earthquake in the ocean after dreaming that very thing a couple weeks back.  Now I’m wondering if I possibly picked up on a human plot rather than divine intervention or a galactic initiative?? Or did it signify anything at all??? Agh.  Time will tell…

Galactic Telepathic Expansion

Zooming out, now, from the tiny scene on the tree branch (last post)…

From time to time I post (and eventually subsequently remove) videos I consider worth sharing… here’s the newest one to “experience” if you choose.  I believe this message is Pleiadian.  It’s quite a ‘mouthful’ for the narrator!  But if you give it a go, you’ll find at least parts of it will register, and — if you’ve read some of my missives regarding kundalini and galactic energies “setting off” our lightbodies, etc, you will pick up on some familiar resonance here.   Our ‘wiring’ is expanding, in response to energetic alignments calling it forth.  It’s a massive electromagnetic interplay… the call, the response, the next evocative level emerging, spiraling forth… quite a dance.

Little Blue Guy: An Encounter

Greetings ~ and welcome.  I’m noticing quite a bit of traffic coming through here and thought I’d mention, it feels nice that you find this little cyber cache of my adventures  in an emerging world “click worthy.”

I have a new little vignette to share with you.  This happened the other day, but it wasn’t until a story-swapping session with a visiting friend last night (over Thai food, mm)  that what took place actually crystalized for me.  The topic came up when she shared an experience she had during a healing session (she has a healing practice in Montana, working out of a rustic mountain cabin — a setting which strikes me as achingly perfect).  Her experience was, she was in a session with a woman on her table, when she noticed a beautiful large-winged insect come to the window.  She continued her work with her client, when it dawned on her — wait, it’s winter, snow is everywhere, there’s no way an insect could be out in this climate.  This is when she realized it was a fairy!  She mentioned it to her client, who said she had some kind of rapport with fairies!  And, the healing session flowed in especially high amperage from that point on.

Her sharing triggered recall of an experience I had just the other day; I’m so glad she reminded me of it because I hadn’t ‘documented’ it yet, and I really do like to keep a record of all these curious goings-on in “jump time” here!  So, this is what happened:

I was, as I call it, “zoning” one afternoon earlier this week.  It was one of those brief in-between moments when my mind emptied of whatever was in my immediate surroundings.  These experiences can (and do) happen in the space of a breath (as Einstein would attest), so my MO is to notice them, honor them, write them up, etc., because they are all pixels (or in this case… pixies?! lol) of a much bigger picture of existence that is finally starting to come together NOW after a lifetime of “odd” experiences.  And, btw, honoring them keeps the doors of expanded perception open.

Anyway, in this state, I suddenly found myself looking up at a very large black insect, on a very slim tree branch just over my head!  (Physically I was in the house, nowhere near an actual branch.)  I was startled by the SIZE of this thing… which looked like an ant, though my viewpoint was foreshortened, ie, looking at it from a sort of straight-on (front) yet awkwardly “below” perspective.  My startled mind yelped, “giant ant!?”  It looked to be something like 4 or 5 inches long; quite substantial.  Was I suddenly in a tropical rain forest or something??  

In the next moment, recovering from my ‘start’ at seeing a huge bug overhead at close range, the next thing I saw was a little blue guy sitting on the branch directly next to mine Continue reading

Afterlife Serenade

I recently attended the memorial service of a man who lived a full life and died at the age of 91.  He was a Naval pilot in WW2, and enjoyed flying his whole life.  I’d never attended a military service like this before; much respect was paid by a group of Navy officers in their dress blues, performing the ceremony with the American flag, folding it up carefully, presenting it to the widow with some very touching words of appreciation re: Bob’s service to our country.  What I didn’t see coming was the sudden firing of seven rifles right outside the open doors of the funeral home — I almost launched from my body right there in the chapel!

The most interesting and unexpected moment in the proceedings came when the deceased’s daughter stepped up to deliver her part of the eulogy.  She told us how, very early that morning, she couldn’t sleep, and so went into her home office to write up what she would share about her dad during the service.  She brought a CD of Native American flute music with her to play while writing.  (She had the CD with her and held it up for us to see: a professionally published CD with a lovely Native American painting on its cover.  I include this detail to clarify that it wasn’t a home-made recording. )

She then proceeded to tell us that, when she put the CD in to play, the flute music she expected to hear was gone, replaced by “The Spirit of St. Louis” — a song from the album, The High and Mighty: A Century of Flight, which was the sound track for the same-named 1957 movie about flyingPT-AP362_BRLede_G_20100723192015 The Spirit of St. Louis piece is about Charles Lindbergh’s ground-breaking 1927 flight across the Atlantic, an event which no doubt inspired the “guest of honor” in his youth to become a pilot when he grew up.  So Gloria (daughter) kept getting a 29-second recording of Spirit coming from her player instead of the flute CD she had in the drive.  The CD was now BLANK other than the SPIRIT music on there!

Touche’ Bob :)

Gloria’s dad, known to be a fun-lovin’ prankster, really seems to have had some impressive afterlife skills going for him immediately after his passing, and used them to play with his daughter while she wrote his eulogy… which turned out to be largely about this phenomenon!  The elders in the chapel were a-buzz with Gloria’s story.  The man sitting in front of me leaned over to the woman next to him asking, “Is she serious??”  The woman nodded.  I was on the edge of my seat smiling broadly at Gloria.  It was quite something to take in, at a “straight, military” memorial service!  — which ended with the music, Anchors Away. Gotta love it. Continue reading

More Vibros

This is funny.  Dream vignette, which happened at the end of a longer scene I won’t get into.  I’m leaving a house (in dream), being walked to the car by a man who’s telling me that there will be 7 more VIBROS this Thursday than there are today!  

Never heard of VIBROS?  Me neither till now ;-)  But he was refering to “vibrational units,” as tho they are measurable, attainable, and spendable, a la “Euros”!  ~And they come to us via nature somehow. 

Woke up with a grin after this one.  Happy dream — which came during the first night of real sleep in a long time!  Looking forward to seeing if Thursday is indeed a day of good vibros.  And if so, maybe find a casino…


Hooo… after-the-fact here!  I just googled ‘vibros’ to see what might turn up, and apparently it’s slang for vibrator!   Is that why I woke up smiling???   I kid.  There was no such VIBE in this dream.

Earth Changes Strategic Council?

Sleep has been in scarce supply lately.  I’ve been swept up in what some refer to as “the new sleep” for years now.  The New Sleep refers to the tendency to sleep a few hours, then be awake a few hours, then sleep again.  It’s a 3-part ordeal.  For me it tends to go like this:  3 or 4ish hours of sleep; 3 or 4ish hours awake, and a briefer ‘nap’ in the morning, if I’m lucky.  I’m not loving this routine, and it certainly isn’t conducive to a typical work day schedule. However, I suspect the purpose of it is that it provides consciousness easier access to its own varying octaves (ie, alpha, theta, delta, etc).  It’s almost a blending of sleep/awake into a fluid spectrum of awareness.  Maybe this is happening to so many people these days is because the triune sleep cycle provides easier access to higher awareness.

Now that I’ve indulged in that momentary spurt  ;) …

What I really want to share pertains to an experience I had a couple nights back, when it seemed for all the world that I was privy to witnessing a strategic planning session of some council or committee (tho I have no impressions of WHO this might be… as all my attention was on the plan, not the planners).  I’ll endeavor to explain.

So: during a night of light and little sleep, I had this experience which may have just been a product of my own dreaming imagination, but the energetic impact of it felt far more substantial when it occured.  I’m open to it being either way; I just wanted to get it down here, ‘on the record,’ in case something like this actually happens in the near future!

What happened was, I found myself looking down at what I can best describe as a huge, “living” map of some ocean on Earth.   Unfortunately I didn’t grasp what ocean this might be.  This map gave the impression of being similar to what we see in spy or sci-fi films, i.e., a table-like “board” on which strategic planners (ie, military, or special op factions) work out details re: various maneuvers.  My vantage point was directly above this animated map of an ocean.  I saw a huge “bowl” opening up in the midst of it, displacing what I can only assume was a massive amount of water.  Whether the displaced water was suddenly ejected or spun out and away from this deep, concave area, or perhaps dumped or drained into some kind of hole that opened up under it (ocean floor) I couldn’t say.  But I watched this ‘movie’ of this ocean event raptly. It ‘played’ like a loop: a bowl or vortex would open in the ocean, and ‘lines’ similar to topographical map lines would emanate out from it, representing the trajectory of the water currents in the wake of this activation.  Then it would start again from the beginning.  So I saw it “loop” like this a few times.

Then, after watching that “configuration” of this event, I saw what seemed like huge sheets of transparent, or tissue-y, film being overlaid on this “living map.”  These overlays were much less detailed than the primary map; they seemed to superimpose “possible geographical edits” over the original plan.  These overlays just floated on and off of the original map, as though being tried on for size — should the impact  be more in this direction, or that? The overlays seemed to offer various schematics “under consideration” for this event.

This whole thing seemed to be nothing less than a substantial earthquake being planned for an ocean location by some council my consciousness could not perceive directly.  I could only see the plans, in other words; not the planners.  (Unless I was a planner, which would really be mind bending.  I certainly didn’t seem to have control over anything…!)

Again — I’m not claiming I witnessed an actual “earthquake” being strategized from a higher plane.  But frankly, it felt as though I did.

I remember reading once about some quake near Japan being planned by whomever.  This channeled info (sorry, source long forgotten) explained how, further up the “galactic food chain,” decisions like this are made.  And they are made with quite a bit of deliberation, with “highest good” outcomes absolutely intended.  So, while we might read about (or in my case, possibly witness) something like this… from our human vantage point of course it sounds terrible and threatening. Why would anyone plan to annihilate land masses and thousands of people?   Continue reading

Overwhelmed by the Beauty

Just a quickie to mention something I’ve been experiencing the past few days… which seems to have been kicked off by my viewing August Rush last weekend (previous post).  I’ve been finding myself in a state of near-tears exaltation on a few occasions. 

Yesterday evening, for instance, really caught me by surprise.

After many long days of cold, damp, bleak gray weather here (which has a very draining effect on me) … I was in my west-facing living room when suddenly golden rays of sunlight burst through the windows and saturated the space, in time to impart about 30 minutes of lucious, streaming sunset.  This was a sudden and unexpected gift, and I just happened to be watching a video about the luminous Mary Magdelene at the time.*  Coincidence?  So the room flooded with light, and ~ just as suddenly and unexpectedly ~ I was flooded with overwhelm by the beauty of it all, to the point of near tears. 

It was a sublime experience of being transformed in the moment.

I’m feeling graced by the opening I’m feeling lately… ahhhhhhhhh!


* The Anointing of the Dove, by William Henry