More Vibros

This is funny.  Dream vignette, which happened at the end of a longer scene I won’t get into.  I’m leaving a house (in dream), being walked to the car by a man who’s telling me that there will be 7 more VIBROS this Thursday than there are today!  

Never heard of VIBROS?  Me neither till now ;-)  But he was refering to “vibrational units,” as tho they are measurable, attainable, and spendable, a la “Euros”!  ~And they come to us via nature somehow. 

Woke up with a grin after this one.  Happy dream — which came during the first night of real sleep in a long time!  Looking forward to seeing if Thursday is indeed a day of good vibros.  And if so, maybe find a casino…


Hooo… after-the-fact here!  I just googled ‘vibros’ to see what might turn up, and apparently it’s slang for vibrator!   Is that why I woke up smiling???   I kid.  There was no such VIBE in this dream.


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