Little Blue Guy: An Encounter

Greetings ~ and welcome.  I’m noticing quite a bit of traffic coming through here and thought I’d mention, it feels nice that you find this little cyber cache of my adventures  in an emerging world “click worthy.”

I have a new little vignette to share with you.  This happened the other day, but it wasn’t until a story-swapping session with a visiting friend last night (over Thai food, mm)  that what took place actually crystalized for me.  The topic came up when she shared an experience she had during a healing session (she has a healing practice in Montana, working out of a rustic mountain cabin — a setting which strikes me as achingly perfect).  Her experience was, she was in a session with a woman on her table, when she noticed a beautiful large-winged insect come to the window.  She continued her work with her client, when it dawned on her — wait, it’s winter, snow is everywhere, there’s no way an insect could be out in this climate.  This is when she realized it was a fairy!  She mentioned it to her client, who said she had some kind of rapport with fairies!  And, the healing session flowed in especially high amperage from that point on.

Her sharing triggered recall of an experience I had just the other day; I’m so glad she reminded me of it because I hadn’t ‘documented’ it yet, and I really do like to keep a record of all these curious goings-on in “jump time” here!  So, this is what happened:

I was, as I call it, “zoning” one afternoon earlier this week.  It was one of those brief in-between moments when my mind emptied of whatever was in my immediate surroundings.  These experiences can (and do) happen in the space of a breath (as Einstein would attest), so my MO is to notice them, honor them, write them up, etc., because they are all pixels (or in this case… pixies?! lol) of a much bigger picture of existence that is finally starting to come together NOW after a lifetime of “odd” experiences.  And, btw, honoring them keeps the doors of expanded perception open.

Anyway, in this state, I suddenly found myself looking up at a very large black insect, on a very slim tree branch just over my head!  (Physically I was in the house, nowhere near an actual branch.)  I was startled by the SIZE of this thing… which looked like an ant, though my viewpoint was foreshortened, ie, looking at it from a sort of straight-on (front) yet awkwardly “below” perspective.  My startled mind yelped, “giant ant!?”  It looked to be something like 4 or 5 inches long; quite substantial.  Was I suddenly in a tropical rain forest or something??  

In the next moment, recovering from my ‘start’ at seeing a huge bug overhead at close range, the next thing I saw was a little blue guy sitting on the branch directly next to mine (I was obviously in a tree), with a head full of curly hair, and “sweeps” of darker, bluish-charcoal areas around his body (which I later realized was downy hair), and there was something about his dangling feet– they were either cloven (my first thought), or possibly something like three big toes? or even claws??  (He resembled a cherubic, mini, blue PAN; I noticed no horns on his head, tho they could have been obscured by the dark curly hair, and also… PAN is green, right??)  His unusual feet got little attention, however, because the real focal point of this scene was — he was holding a tiny BABY in his arms — clearly a delighted, beaming new father embracing his teensie offspring! 

That’s what I saw.  I was, in the next moment, in full beta consciousness, reflecting with amazement on my sudden venture into whatever that was.  So, I told my friend about this after she shared her “faerie tale.”  We giggled about what’s going on around us, when we ‘have the eyes to see’ it.  Or at least, snippits of it…

It was later, back at home, that I put it together re: “giant ant” and “little blue guy with baby.”  A thread of my consciousness had, in a flash, clicked over to another location–another node in the matrix–which in this case was a neighboring vibrational realm, inhabited by a particular type of elemental that looked a lot like a blue PAN.  Moreover, since the little blue guy seemed to be “peer” to me (in my perceptual vantage point), and the ant looked HUGE, I realized I had briefly visited a “moment” in this elemental’s world, and moreover, I seem to have SEEN him through the eyes of his MATE — the female who had produced that baby being he was delighting in!  I sort of peeked in on a significant moment in their other-worldly family lives … through her eyes.  Wow. 

So there you have it:  two “tales over Thai food” of inter-dimensional encounters with beings that are right here in our midst, merely on another frequency.  Sort of like the film, “My Dinner with Andre,” except in this case we were two female Andres, both experiencing the extraordinary.

While I’m at it, I’ll also share the first time something similar happened to me.  This was decades ago… and it came in the context of an OBE.  I “suddenly found myself” (I use this phrase a lot, because so much happens spontaneously) out at the edge of a meadow, about a yard from a little guy sitting on a log who was clearly a living, breathing elf.  All the “elf” depictions we’ve seen look the way they do because somewhere along the line, people did see REAL BEINGS with that appearance — right down to the little hats and knickers.  I kid you not. ELVES: REAL.

So there I was, on this guy’s turf, a highly curious girl besotted to be in the presence of an elf!  I brazenly walked toward it (or him), wanting to touch him, and this guy emanated a strong vibe (and facial expression) of irritation at my intrusion and… lack of respect, I guess, to be bugging him like this.  What was I, after all, but a dense, plodding human (a species not generally appreciated among elementals, because of our thoughtless exploitations of nature–their domain) coming into his space, and having the audacity to actually be reaching for him on top of it!  What came next was, I touched him, and received a strong current of uncomfortable energy, as tho I had stuck my hand into electrically-charged water.  Not painful, but very clearly not a “vibrational match” to his frequency, even in my energy (OBE) state.  His energy was different, and I was not meant to interact with it beyond just discovering the existence of the elemental dimension, which is truly a gift of awareness in itself.  Anyway, I backed off and was “home” in a flash. 

All these beings have their definite place and purpose in the great puzzle of life on earth.  I’m happy — privileged, even — to pay homage to them here today.  Perhaps paying respect now will void out my earlier transgression with the elf ;-)

elementalsI’ll mention too, as another reminder before closing, that in this hologram of a system in which all exists, it is quite possible to, as I put it, “click around” to other points in our interdimensional matrix. Very similar to clicking around to various sites online!  Remote viewers do this via myriad disciplines and techniques.  I tend to do this in “kairos” … ie, spontaneous opportune moments not of my conscious choosing, but rather, orchestrated by certain “resonances” in the flowing, undulating  pulsations of the electromagnetic grid.  I’ll be writing more on kairos soon; it’s a juicy subject.

Love all :::: Whitehawk   


2 comments on “Little Blue Guy: An Encounter

  1. I was taking a course on lucid dreams a few years back and one of the students in the course was this retired army infantry officer. He was kind of rough and scruffy. But oddly enough he claimed to be in continuos contact w/ elves. They were so much a part of his life that he actually dressed and looked like an elf. On occasion when he spoke of his contacts, he would get so emotionally immersed that he would begin to cry. This told me “his” encounter w/ these beings was so overwhelming that words were not enough for “him” to describe the encounter.

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  2. raf0,

    How touching to read your comment. Yes, such encounters are encounters with true purity, innocence, and integrity — virtues we humans crave deeply and experience scarcely in our ego-driven human programming & interactions.

    I want to mention to anyone interested, there is a wonderful (wonder-full!) book about elves written by a woman I hold in high regard. I’ve devoured all her books, beginning with her first one about her incredible kundalini awakening. Her name is Penny Kelly; her book is about a village of elves that live on her Michigan farmland, and taught her all about honoring nature & working in collaboration with it to produce food without chemicals! This book is called “The Elves of Lily Hill Farm.” I found it riveting. Her kundalini cleansing opened her up to their plane of existence to very fertile ends!

    Her first book, The Evolving Human, is the kundalini book, and she has others. I love her work; check it out if you get the chance. BTW, her website is … a very special farm indeed! ~ Whitehawk


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