The last couple of days have been rough.  Intense head pain, dizziness, nausea… punctuated by occasional stabs to the abdomen. During the entire first day of this (Mon) I assumed I was heading into a migraine, likely due to a barometric shift in the atmosphere or some such.  But… the pain did everything but settle into a migraine pattern. It was during Day 2 that I realized I was picking up on the chaos in the environment: the quake in China, the devastation in Myanmar, tornadoes pummeling the US heartland, and the fires in Florida.  So much despair.  To a sensitive, just existing while such things go on is like struggling with extreme sea-sickness with a simultaneous concussion.  So violent can storms in the energetic ocean become.

I don’t know why this awareness hasn’t become obvious to me by now; it is a recurring event, my getting hit physically when something big rocks ‘the matrix.’  I don’t know if whatever it is reverbing in my personal field has more to do with violence unleashing in nature, or the human suffering triggered as a result.  I suspect a measure of both.  Obviously my issues pale in comparison to what millions are enduring, planet-wide, as I sit in my office writing. But I just thought I’d mention this for others who might happen along here, possibly newcomers to the ‘high strangeness’ I talk about in this blog, who’ve been dreadfully ill lately — suddenly, and seemingly for “no apparent reason.”  You, too, might be environmentally empathic.

Again I will refer to Tom Kenyon and the Hathor material he brings through — not that there that isn’t a wealth of other wonderful assistance out there, but I’ve already posted about the Hathors here, and since I’m octohedronstill quite “hung over,” it’s easiest for me to point that way again: specifically, this time, I’m referring to the “Holon of Balance” exercise.  You create a double-pyramid energetic structure (base to base) to stablize within, where the two bases connect.  It seems to deflect or neutralize tidal waves of rampant energy.  The Holon is explained here: http://tomkenyon.com/managing-subtle-energy-during-earth-changes/.  Best to work with it regularly, so it comes naturally if and when you really need it.  (Obviously I should heed my own advice ;)  

Also, there’s a comprehensive program online for empaths that helps many; it is called DreamTongue, and you can find it here, if you are a suffering empath desiring support and guidance: www.mysilentecho.com/dreamtongue.html

More later…   W

One comment on “EnviroEmpathy

  1. I share your rough days. I also had intense dizziness and nausea last night. It has been going on for a couple of days but seems to have peaked recently, and continues to remain at that peaking stage. I feel I have gotten the ‘mal ojo’, (the evil eye) from someone. I was blaming other issues until I read your blog. I need to be more aware that my body has become sensitive and reacts to to these (energy) disturbances. Also, the ringing in my ears (both) is of a higher intensification. This has always been a keen indicator for me of some sort of disturbance.


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