The Mystical Life ~ Respite with Rumi

The throes of my kundalini ‘takeover’ swept me into a long, unfathomable (and unstoppable) ride of perpetual swings between ecstatic bliss, tormented agony, and a very full spectrum of the Previously Unimaginable in between.  I realize many are seeking to “launch” their kundalini, possibly thinking that by so doing, instant enlightenment, mind-blowing sex, and/or psychic gifts will be spontaneously bestowed.  I have a lot to say on this whole kundalini issue; so much, in fact, it’s like a logjam cramming my channel, and a nap or a lightweight movie suddenly becomes much more appealing.

All this as a little prelude to a Rumi poem I’d like to share with you.  During my kundalini days (which went on for years… not a ‘thrill’ to be pursued casually) I became besotted with Rumi.  Rumi’s poetry was beyond intoxicating to my expanded, highly sensitized mystical soul; I felt as though the only beings who understood the state I was experiencing lived long ago in the forms of Rumi and his twin soul (a huge topic, twin souls, and another ‘logjam’) ~ the brilliant mystic nomad, Shams.  Their story was one I related to, profoundly.   Previously, I had been only vaguely aware of Rumi.  Then — “K” strikes, and whomp! — Rumi is IT.  Rumi’s poetry became my BREATH; so exquisite, so essential

Recently, I’ve been challenged to retain a sense of optimism (I know – join the crowd).  My despair motivated me to revisit Rumi (ahhhh, respite!) in search of one poem in particular — my reasoning being, if I could bathe myself in those words (I’m Very Big on the energy of words), I’d be able to pull up some of the extraordinary, expansive, illumined LOVE and sense of Grace that saturated my soul at the time, and revive my enthusiasm for the Great Unveiling we are now experiencing.

I combed the books, but this one piece eluded me.  I knew I’d typed it up at the time as well, but it was not to be found in my computer files.  Finally this morning I scoured a box full of writings (mine), and there it was! 

I realize the intense & exalted experience I had with Rumi may mean little if anything to others.  Still — I reproduce it here because it simply feels good to me to do so. It speaks so well to the mega-mystery we are experiencing now; perhaps ‘ascending souls’ will see the correlation between these ancient words, and the Now.

All this buildup for a few lines of Rumi!  At any rate… may your soul be quenched.  I still swoon when I reach the part beginning with ‘tree limbs’ …


The universe is a form of divine law,
Your reasonable father.
When you feel ungrateful to him,
The shapes of the world seem mean and ugly.

Make peace with that father, the elegant patterning,
And every experience will fill with immediacy.
Because I love this, I am never bored.
Beauty constantly wells up, a noise of springwater
In my ears and in my inner being.

Tree limbs rise and fall like the ecstatic arms
of those who have submitted to the mystical life.
Leaf-sounds talk together like poets
making fresh metaphors.  The green felt cover slips,
and we get a flash of the mirror underneath.
Think how it will be when the whole thing
is pulled away!  I tell only one-thousandth
of what I see, because there’s so much doubt everywhere.

The conventional opinion of this poetry is,
it shows great optimism for the future.
But Father Reason says,
No need to announce the future!
The Now is It.  THIS.  Your deepest need and desire
is satisfied by the moment’s energy
here in your hand.

4 comments on “The Mystical Life ~ Respite with Rumi

  1. I’ve know of ‘course’ (acim) students who are of the opinion that Rumi had a similar thought process / concepts of acim. I tend to agree, although he was way before acim (linear time). His poems seem to be profound and seem to touch / penetrate upon ‘truth’. I say “seem”, only because I am not a poet type person. My renegade (and recently suspicious) ways need a more candid and straightforward approach of communication. I do not want to think to hard I just want that ‘knowing’.


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