A Flood of Spirit Rising

“We are not striving to rebuild external structures that no longer work.  Rather, we are striving to be something new, to replace internal energies that no longer work. As Jesus said, we cannot put new wine into old bottles.  The new wine is the energy of the mystical renaissance sweeping across the planet, a psychic upheaval more profound than any political or social revolution.  Efforts to strike deals with old paradigms will not meet with success.  Those efforts will meet with resistance from new forces as well as old, for they are insincere.  It is too late to run back into the burning house and try to save it.  It is time to build anew.

We can gain confidence in our efforts from the recognition that this renaissance is massive.  It’s already here.  Just because people don’t understand it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.  There is a flood of spirit rising up from our ankles, permeating every cell as it goes, and in its translucent glow we are being transmuted and transported to a higher realm. 

Let whoever wants to laugh, laugh.  No one will be laughing for too much longer.  The drama is too real and the facts incontrovertible.  The world is turning over.  The end has come.  The beginning is here.”  ~ Marianne Williamson


One comment on “A Flood of Spirit Rising

  1. I seem to get the same underlying message here as in your *5D* article. Although, this is obviously shorter and rather ‘to the point’. The *5D* article, on the other hand, is extremely pleasant and I resonate more rhythmically (in my inner being) at what I am reading. If you get my point.


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