The Secret Life of Energy

I found the following two videos evocative. The first one, called Magnetic Movie, shows “the secret life of invisible magnetic fields.” As I watched it, I couldn’t help but jet off into the unimaginably vast universe of interweaving, boinging, crashing, and also dance-like energetic currents that surround (and penetrate) us at every conceivable level — from inter-galactic interplay all the way down to the small wire transporting juice to the bedside clock. Check it out and let your mind roam (not hard to do!); you’ll embark on quite a ride.  For instance, I imagined all the energetic commotion among frequencies & dimensions in the earth grids, all the planets and suns in the galactic grids… all the WAYS that electromagnetic waves live and move in our world(s).  Life IS electromagnetic energy!  The key to life is in how consciousness is applied to it, to create and manifest.

Zooming in to a more personal focus, this video brought to mind the question, what kinds of energies & events do I magnetize into my experience with my overall ‘energetic signals’?  Also, what kind of energetic interplay goes on between people?  We’ve all had “highly charged” encounters–or entire relationships… as well as “flatline” rapport in others.  I imagine happy connections as interweaving ribbons of dancing energies; a celebration of life. Anywhere we direct attention we direct streams of energy.  The more attention we focus on someone, for example, the greater the energetic bond, for better or worse!  Physicist Dean Radin wrote a whole book on this called Quantum Entanglement

Magnetic Movie demonstrates just a small portion of energetic activity taking place in mundane settings (NASA labs).  If we humanize it, it becomes easy to connect dots to the law of attraction; we can see how energy might respond to various influences, to create further influences, of increasing consequence.  In my view, it demonstrates how powerful all the “invisible forces” are, and considering  the inherent control over energies we have with our consciousness (whether consciously working with them or not), this footage inspires me to become far more aware of my involvement with/influence over the energies of life!  

Here’s the blurb for the video:  The remarkable secret life of invisible interplanetary magnetic fields, revealed as chaotic ever-changing geometries in man’s visible environment. All action takes place around the NASA Space Sciences Laboratories, set to recordings of space scientists excitedly describing their discoveries.”

Below Magnetic Movie is one called Time Out of Place. How could I not post this one, after my recent missives about time (Pools of –)? This video brings to mind the energetic emanations and imprints we leave where-ever we go. Energy isn’t the subject of this video, it’s my personal trip with it.  Reminds me to practice energetic or auric detox — not to mention shielding!  You’ll see what I mean if you check out the Time video.  I also considered that this is what our plane can appear like when viewed a step up the vibrational dial, where time ceases to hold meaning.  So I invite you to imagine and e x p a n d into potential ramifications of displaced time.

BTW, the above blurb as well as the narration mention “interplanetary fields,” but this is not what we see. The viewer has to zoom out and envision in that direction. The Time video came with no intro at all.



If you’re hungry for more re: invisible energy after these… seek out the vids showing cell phones popping CORN. If those don’t encourage you to carefully consider your use of cell phones (taking every possible precaution), nothing will. Ciao for now… W


Earth Changes Manufactured

This is a follow-up to my 4/4/08 post about my “lucid dream” in which I witnessed the planning of an oceanic earth quake (see Earth Changes Strategic Council?). Some of you have already seen this video by Ben Fulford on youtube. Fulford, I vaguely recall, had a job that gave him considerable access to priviledged information about and from high levels of Asian governments and industry. I admit to hazy recall of his story, but the gist is, he found himself “waking up in the matrix” of some huge operations and coverups, and has since become quite the whistle-blower. This video includes striking allegations that the US, via its ungodly HAARP program (as in Angels Don’t Play THIS Haarp), orchestrated recent weather and earthquake catastrophes through atmospheric and geological manipulation. HAARP has also been blamed for various mass whale and dolphin beachings because they’ve been blasting HAARP waves through oceans. So maybe my “fly on the wall observation” of an earthquake-planning session was that of a HAARP initiative.

Between HAARP in the US, CERN in Switzerland, and various and sundry other hot spots on the planet, we have some (literally) earth-shattering technology in our midst. I post this for your discernment. I DO prefer to keep my voice here more upbeat regarding the insanity in the world. Please join me in transmitting antidotal intention in high volume as often as possible to these situations. I’ve decided not to have the video reside on this blog (link above). It breaks my heart that America has become the “evil empire” of the world (including to much of its own citizenry)… we must be strong and vigilante with our Light.

I’m not suggesting that ALL earth changes are man made; there are many variables in play at this time. But it’s evident that man is orchestrating some of them. If you haven’t watched the hefty documentary Zeitgeist (available on you tube in sections), you might consider giving it a look… just as a step toward extricating your precious mind from the mass-marketed (and mass-controlling) illusion of what’s going on at high levels of power. I’m not suggesting you buy into it ALL as ‘gospel’ … but I believe it is important for as many of us as possible to ENVISION LIFE DIFFERENTLY than the party line we’ve been hypnotized by for decades. By this I mean to realize our own intimate connection with Source and make THAT our defining factor instead of “them” (government, corporation, or any entity we perceive as “more” than ourselves). Breaking the mass trance (ie, projecting all “blame” as well as all “hope” to some form of “other” outside ourselves) is important in order for us to direct our personal power toward turning things around and healing the mess we have here. I believe that change is available in an instant, when the right energies are aligned. It’s getting to that critical energetic mass that is the issue.

(Sidebar ~ While I tend to think and speak in terms of ‘waking up in the matrix of illusion,’ and I use the term ‘matrix’ as often as I do ‘grid,’ and… it may surprise you to hear… I haven’t even seen the Matrix movies, or most popular sci-fi movies and TV shows for that matter. So I’m not throwing sci-fi parlance around to appear hip to that crowd. Possibly because my life has been as it has, it’s all real enough to me; I don’t seek out fictional versions.)

Re: perception and perspective… I thought it might be worth sharing this thought with you. In our tendancy to see ourselves as “small” in the midst of things, and, if we pray at all it tends to be in the form of wailing about our “big problems” to God, as in, “God!! Look at my Big Problem here! Can you please fix it for me???” My suggestion is that we flip this. Meaning, GOD, and the fact that we ARE ONE IN and WITH GOD–we are ‘outlets’ of Infinite Source–IS THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE in existence. Our “big problems” are miniscule by comparison to this reality. So instead of focusing on our ‘big problems,’ we’d be far more effective focusing on our GREAT, ALL-ENCOMPASSING GOD, of whom we are intrinsically a portion, and work from THAT angle. Ye are Gods; NOW is the time to stop playing SMALL. Time is short (in so many ways)… transmit the infinite benevolent juice of the cosmos (those fabulous photons) through the healing prism of your spirit and the focused lens of your mind… and we will do well by doing good. ox Whitehawk

PS If you choose to watch the Fulford video, stay with it long enough to watch the “PR” footage about HAARP he has in there. There are also other videos adjacent to this one on YouTube that further explore this subject as well.

Pools of Time

Pools of Time, Points of Perception

Time is one of the Big Mysteries to us earthlings.  If we were to journey out into space, our experience of time would be altogether different than it is here.  We may not age a day outside the earth’s time grids — which could be a huge selling point for extended space travel for boomers, should Richard Branson care to launch an industry in that direction.

Also, time can be traveled.  I don’t know how it works, but I know it is possible — physically and energetically.  I’ve experienced time travel in OBE states.  For instance, I once worked on an extensive program for an entrepreneurial awards bash in Boulder CO; I conceived the theme, worked out the script, and put together a fine multimedia program, as the thunderous response to it attested.  :)  While working on that project, I researched the history of the town and the area, which revolved around mining — lots of mining in the “rush” days of the late 1800’s. Anyway, while working on that project, I had two spontaneous ‘trips’ back to frontier days in Boulder!

One was quite a detailed vignette in which I was in the body of a woman riding in a very basic horse-drawn wagon. “I” was alone in this wagon, driving it, and we (horse & I) came upon a flooded area in the road. The wagon turned over in the deep water, and “my” wedding ring slipped off of my finger as I dredged around with much difficulty,  dragging the tonnage of soaking wet, long, full “skirts” I wore in that murky water, all made even more problematic by the sucking mud at the bottom. So the rest of that scene involved trying to find the ring in that wet, muddy mess. By the time I was ‘back home,’ the ring had yet to be found.

Was I that woman in an earlier life? Or did I just time-jump and “piggyback” on this woman’s consciousness for that harrowing slice-of-life experience she had that day?  I tend to think the latter; I had no cognizance of her life beyond that immediate situation, for one thing.  It was an interesting little experience, and not one I could have spontaneously dreamed up!

The second OBE was altogether different: I was just a rocket of conscious energy that zoomed (flew) through a tavern — in through the back door and out through the front. I saw all these utterly slimey-looking spittoons that were situated every few bar stools for the customers, plus towels that hung off the bar to presumably mop stinky black juice off their facial hair, all for the delightful activity of tobacco chewing. Ech. Anyway, the bartender had quite a start as “something” blasted through his bar! He picked up on my presence, though just what he saw, I have no idea. I suspect something along the line of a streaking energy flash.

Last year I read a book that really amazed me, for reasons I can’t even begin to get into now.  The book is titled A Gathering of Selves, by the man (now quite elderly if even still alive) who for decades wrote and illustrated all the Superman and Batman comics for DC Comics.  This man, Alvin Schwartz, had amazing parallel-self (among other) experiences!  He wrote two books about them… of which this was the second.  Anyway, he talks about how on some level, events sort of “group together” beyond time, closely related (ie, are all about the same thing), even though the events themselves are playing out hundreds or thousands of years apart in 3D on our timeline.  In the “no time” realm of — what — the ethers?  The 4th dimension?  At some location in our grids… the events are clustered together, all reflecting or involving the same issue, theme, or what have you.

For instance, I wouldn’t be surprised if THIS time we’re in right now is actually “clustered” at the same intersection of reality that holds the shakedown days of Atlantis, which is ALSO clustered with the Lemurian continent and their issues, beliefs, and ways of doing things.  Lemuria was more about doing things as masters of the energies directly, or organically, I think, whereas Atlantis took their big shot at “energy manipulation” that went far more into technology, which ended badly when the technology got bigger than they knew what to do with. I’ve always thought there was quite a strong parallel between America’s story &  trajectory, and Atlantis’. This culture seems to crave power via mechanics and technology, where the power lies with an elite few. So I’m thinking, somewhere in our earthly grids, these three cultures are clustered together in a “pool of time” that very closely resemble one another, though we are all playing with the components that we found and developed in our respective linear timelines.  And there are probably numerous other “historic” (or future) cultures in that “coagulation” as well.

On a more personal level, my pressing (and oh-so-tiresome at this point) issues have been grappled with in numerous other lifetimes, if various past-life readings are to be believed.  So does this mean that while I am dealing with them in the context of 2008, in a dimension of time a breath away from my “here/now” I’m dealing with the same themes in another context?  I suspect so.

I *do* twist my mind up into pretzels pondering things like this.  Time and the multidimensional, holographic universe are just too fascinating!

Right now, time is feeling rather tight. The clock graphic up top seems a fitting representation of our NOW, for, as the ancient Mayans foresaw and mapped out with their calendars, time and its contents are getting exponentially fleeting and intense with each ‘octave’ we pass (a whole other story; perhaps research on your own).  At this point (as of 11/07)  we are entering the end zone of tightening, quickening time. Still “linear,” but careening toward “zero point,” the point at which we pop through to a new system altogether — one of far lower density and a higher energetic frequency or vibration.  According to (interpretations of) the Mayan calendar, 2008 puts us smack in the midst of great mayhem.  Our crazy economic and changing earth situations make me wonder ever more about time and our holographic experience(s) of it.  Is there somewhere in time where all this has already shaken out, and, what were the results?  Are there millions of versions of results, spun by millions of souls who are focusing on myriad options, creating many of those options, that split “reality” off into endless versions?  The CD ROM with many many end-game scenarios programmed into it.  Do they all actualize… somewhere in the vast, multidimensional grids?  What would your ideal future outcome look like?

Ok; now my signal about time is–it’s time to STOP!  But one more thing.  Very mundane.  The other day I was browsing around one of those “lots” stores, that are full of all kinds of closeout crap.  This song came on over their sound system that had me literally dancing and singing in the aisle.  This was between dark scary tornado warnings and property-pummeling wind and rain, so I had a moment of playful release apparently!  The song is “Time Has Come Today.”  It’s a rockin’ great song.  I thought for sure it was by some “British invasion” band in the 60’s, picturing in my mind Beatles haircuts and dark suits and shades, but to my surprise it’s the Chambers Brothers! Who’da thunk? I got such a kick out of hearing it, I’m popping a video of it in here for your listening pleasure. :-}  I chose this particular video out of numerous ones on YouTube because it was the exact version they played on the radio in the 60’s — the “45” version.  The video is merely a 45 spinning on a turntable.  Which was even kind of a hoot to see, actually.  Other vids show the band on Ed Sullivan and other live venues.  One is just last year in Golden Gate Park at a Summer of Love revival — a TIME warp! But listen up, and I defy you to remain seated when you do.  I’m also posting the lyrics, because some of them seem very apropos for today, if you check it out.  The lyrics are on the ‘read more’ post extension after the video.  Cheers ~ Whitehawk — whose soul has been galacticized (Hey! ;)


UPDATE: Original video was removed; here’s the long version!

Lyrics here (click)

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