Earth Changes Manufactured

This is a follow-up to my 4/4/08 post about my “lucid dream” in which I witnessed the planning of an oceanic earth quake (see Earth Changes Strategic Council?). Some of you have already seen this video by Ben Fulford on youtube. Fulford, I vaguely recall, had a job that gave him considerable access to priviledged information about and from high levels of Asian governments and industry. I admit to hazy recall of his story, but the gist is, he found himself “waking up in the matrix” of some huge operations and coverups, and has since become quite the whistle-blower. This video includes striking allegations that the US, via its ungodly HAARP program (as in Angels Don’t Play THIS Haarp), orchestrated recent weather and earthquake catastrophes through atmospheric and geological manipulation. HAARP has also been blamed for various mass whale and dolphin beachings because they’ve been blasting HAARP waves through oceans. So maybe my “fly on the wall observation” of an earthquake-planning session was that of a HAARP initiative.

Between HAARP in the US, CERN in Switzerland, and various and sundry other hot spots on the planet, we have some (literally) earth-shattering technology in our midst. I post this for your discernment. I DO prefer to keep my voice here more upbeat regarding the insanity in the world. Please join me in transmitting antidotal intention in high volume as often as possible to these situations. I’ve decided not to have the video reside on this blog (link above). It breaks my heart that America has become the “evil empire” of the world (including to much of its own citizenry)… we must be strong and vigilante with our Light.

I’m not suggesting that ALL earth changes are man made; there are many variables in play at this time. But it’s evident that man is orchestrating some of them. If you haven’t watched the hefty documentary Zeitgeist (available on you tube in sections), you might consider giving it a look… just as a step toward extricating your precious mind from the mass-marketed (and mass-controlling) illusion of what’s going on at high levels of power. I’m not suggesting you buy into it ALL as ‘gospel’ … but I believe it is important for as many of us as possible to ENVISION LIFE DIFFERENTLY than the party line we’ve been hypnotized by for decades. By this I mean to realize our own intimate connection with Source and make THAT our defining factor instead of “them” (government, corporation, or any entity we perceive as “more” than ourselves). Breaking the mass trance (ie, projecting all “blame” as well as all “hope” to some form of “other” outside ourselves) is important in order for us to direct our personal power toward turning things around and healing the mess we have here. I believe that change is available in an instant, when the right energies are aligned. It’s getting to that critical energetic mass that is the issue.

(Sidebar ~ While I tend to think and speak in terms of ‘waking up in the matrix of illusion,’ and I use the term ‘matrix’ as often as I do ‘grid,’ and… it may surprise you to hear… I haven’t even seen the Matrix movies, or most popular sci-fi movies and TV shows for that matter. So I’m not throwing sci-fi parlance around to appear hip to that crowd. Possibly because my life has been as it has, it’s all real enough to me; I don’t seek out fictional versions.)

Re: perception and perspective… I thought it might be worth sharing this thought with you. In our tendancy to see ourselves as “small” in the midst of things, and, if we pray at all it tends to be in the form of wailing about our “big problems” to God, as in, “God!! Look at my Big Problem here! Can you please fix it for me???” My suggestion is that we flip this. Meaning, GOD, and the fact that we ARE ONE IN and WITH GOD–we are ‘outlets’ of Infinite Source–IS THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE in existence. Our “big problems” are miniscule by comparison to this reality. So instead of focusing on our ‘big problems,’ we’d be far more effective focusing on our GREAT, ALL-ENCOMPASSING GOD, of whom we are intrinsically a portion, and work from THAT angle. Ye are Gods; NOW is the time to stop playing SMALL. Time is short (in so many ways)… transmit the infinite benevolent juice of the cosmos (those fabulous photons) through the healing prism of your spirit and the focused lens of your mind… and we will do well by doing good. ox Whitehawk

PS If you choose to watch the Fulford video, stay with it long enough to watch the “PR” footage about HAARP he has in there. There are also other videos adjacent to this one on YouTube that further explore this subject as well.


One comment on “Earth Changes Manufactured

  1. Your Re at the end of this article is everything ! My take on the common denominator of this article and the 4/4/08 commentary referenced at the beginning, is the remembrance of our Divinity. To remember the ‘The Big Picture’ and not to get caught up on our perception of what we think we know. To accept and surrender to our Divine Oneness. To realize that our ‘big problems’ and ‘time’ are mere illusions.


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