Knock. Knock. Knock.

Visitors, Procedures, and Lineage Healing

I’ve had a round of “symptoms” recently, which come in a wide variety, many of which readers involved in kundalini or ascension activations are familiar. (I consider kundalini and ascension intimately connected at this point… ie, I see kundalini as a vehicle for awakening, and ascension–or expansion–as the awakening.) What “awakening” means to me now also involves much more than it did in years past, because now my perception of What Is is exponentially expanded, and to awaken and weave the inner and outer worlds (and everyone and everything in them!) into one unified field is a far more convoluted adventure than I ever imagined!

(I may sound blazingly “new age,” but when you go through a lifetime of ‘experiences,’ the language that describes them sounds like this!)

Recently I’ve been experiencing a replay of some physical symptoms that initially appeared about nine years ago (when my kundalini began coming on strong), and continue to return every now and then. I’m supposing the recurrences are the results of the amping-up of energies within me (kundalini), which happens in response to energies that are amping-up universally, or galactically.

This is what has been going on. Maybe my experiences will help you open your perception a bit, or help you to feel less “the freak” if you are experiencing such things yourself. First: intense pain flared up in my right hand. I’ve had this mysterious pain before. It’s not in the bones, nor is it muscular. It feels like it’s either an inflammation of connecting tissue throughout the entire hand (excluding fingers), or inflamation of all the nerves. The pain is extreme, impairing my ability to do the simplest things like operate the mouse, or hold a toothbrush, pen, or coffee cup, or — natch — type. But the typing isn’t as bad as trying to gripsomething, however lightly. I may as well have a dozen blades impaling the hand; very very strange. Moreover, at the height of the hand business, my right foot had a little flair-up of the same thing. At one point I nearly fell over, just by putting weight on my foot, and feeling as though every bone in it was shattered. This foot piece lasted only about 48 hours, whereas the hand was out of commission for about 5 days.

I’ll come back with my hypothesis to the hand thing in a moment (along with another issue — involving the skull). First, an interesting experience came in the midst of this, involving “visitors” in my bedroom.

So: I was in bed at the height of the hand problem, awake, once again noticing pronounced waves of energy flowing through my entire body. (See Night Vibes, posted in May.) A frequent experience, these waves coursing through my body while reclining. Several months ago, these energies were happening almost daily (or, nightly). Not unpleasant. Not “blissy” or anything either. Rather like being a hybrid vehicle in the garage for the night, plugged into the juice. So in that sense, this phenom was neutral. I merely assumed it was my energy body (or DNA) receiving an influx, and also assumed it was all good that this be happening. Others might find this attitude naive. But I feel protected enough to be trusting about this. Anyway, the waves were back that night (among others lately), and I was simply observing them, and “willing” them to be clearing whatever was causing this pain in my right hand and foot.


Suddenly I shifted into transdimensional awareness, in which I clearly heard three loud, deliberately paced knocks on the bedroom door, which was closed as a measure of cat management. Next I “saw” the door open (this was not the physical door now, but an interdimensional door), at which point bright light poured in… and three beings walked through the door into the room. I saw only their 3 silhouettes...silhouettes, as they were inside the door and the light was behind them. They were of varying heights, very slim, and my mind grokked male merely due to the lack of hair I could discern from their silhouettes.

(“Did they have big heads?” asked a friend, thinking they might be greys. No, they didn’t. The only thing that registered to me as veering from ordinary humanness was how long and slim they seemed.)

This encounter got me somewhat excited, and I lost the “state” I was in that enabled me to perceive at that frequency (which is, relaxed and receptive). However, I talked (telepathed) to them anyway, saying that IF they are of the Light, would they please help me heal this crippling pain that’s hijacked my hand and foot? Also, while at it, I asked for any assistance possible to help me take on this energetic influx with grace and ease, and with the intention to bring more of my “spiritual gifts” online at the physical level. I added profuse words of gratitude for their help and healing. Thankyouthankyouthankyou. Eventually I fell asleep.

The next day was a Perfect Day. My personal energy was strong and clear; I felt substantial release of pain in the hand, and I felt more “plugged in” or aligned with the full-spectrum world than I had in a long time.

But there was to be more. As that perfect day flowed into evening, another energy-related (as I understand it) symptom started coming on. Another “old friend” from kundalini days, and also something I know many others are experiencing currently… some perhaps for the first time: intense pain at the base of the skull, gradually emanating through the whole head from here. I had this recurring symptom years ago, and it was explained to me that this is caused by excess electrical energy blasting up the spine into the skull, causing a temporary (and painful) overload, basically. This pain amplified and amplified over a 3-day period, and then “broke” as a fever might, releasing suddenly in a matter of moments.

The eventual outcome of this activity in the brain-stem area is to activate this area in humans, which has been pretty much dormant for millennia. This portion of the brain will “once again” function much like a “microwave dish antenna” that receives signals from higher realms; could be from beings here in our local universe, or could be transmissions from the cosmos. In the holographic field, it’s all the same “distance” ~ it’s the “bandwidth” capability for reception that matters. So this part of the brain is the receiving center for telepathic communications. I first heard this area referred to as the “Well of Dreams” (Ramtha) because it is our receptive channel for Visions, “dreams,” or telepathic communications. More recently it’s being referred to as the Mouth of God, as it drinks from fonts of higher intelligence. This center is apparently directly wired to the pineal gland (3rd eye) in the center of the skull, and also the thymus gland (high heart center) all of which are being activated to a great degree, to merge our heart with our intention and expression, at a higher level. These three centers are being rehabbed back to their original power and purpose, so humans may again be luminous universal citizens.

For your convenience (and mine, so I won’t have to explain so much myself!), I found the following online re: this area of the brain (the medulla oblongata):

Called in Chinese the “Jade Pillow” (Yu Chen), and referred to by Mantak Chiaas the Small Brain (Cerebellum) Centre, this chakra lies at the opening of the base of the skull, above the first cervical (neck) vertebra. It is part of a pump that draws spinal fluid and chi energy upwards, as well as promoting yin energy and helping to balance the yang energy of the Large Brain (Cerebrum).

This very important centre connects with the Crown Chakra at the top of the head. Ann Ree Colton calls this the “Mouth of God” or “Bindu” Center, and identifies it with the Medulla oblongata at the base of of the skull, in the proximity of the brain stem. This is the centre where one connects with the cosmic mantra or “logos”. It also controls the in-and out-breath, hence the association of breathing, sound, and mantra.

Now back to the hand thing.

When I first experienced this particular phenom about 9 years ago as I said above, I had a visitation experience then as well; interesting. That time I was pulled from my body and etherically attended to, regarding the hand. This is often done, btw — we receive healings or medical attentions via the energy (or etheric) body, which is then reintegrated with the physical, for healing. In that procedure (sorry this gets graphic)… my arm was opened up and the interior was “scraped,” i.e., some form of virus was really active in there, and they were trying to extract it. I remember seeing what resembled spores lined up inside the lower arm and hand, and they were scraping them out like you might try scraping seeds out of certain fruits or vegies. And I remember glancing down to the floor (I was lying on a table), and seeing some of the “spores” (???) squirming around down there, that had dropped during the procedure! Pretty gross. But the message was clear: I had something parasitic living in there, and it’s apparently never been completely removed from my system. Maybe I’m not vibing highly enough yet–I still have things like this happening!

The Atomic Root Center

Revisiting some info I received a few years ago re: this… I was reminded of being told that our energy bodies come into this life loaded with “karma” from other lifetimes, and much of it is stashed in the base of the spine (as is dormant kundalini). Sounds kind of like the base chakra is a primary storage unit of earthly experience (tho it is also distributed everywhere in our DNA). This karma (ie viruses and bacteria from other timestreams such as TB, pleurisy, and other “plague” diseases) can “activate” at any time (as can kundalini), emerging from the spine, traveling up, and manifesting in the physical temporarily as it transmutates up and out for good. Usually it manifests more as an echo than a full-out, lay-you-out illness.

The ultimate point here is, we are PROCESSING much old (ancient, even) low-vibe energies through these current bodies we wear, because we can’t take it with us into higher vibrations. But it must be “brought forth” and healed for good, before we go forward. Sooo, we are having all kinds of wild things happen within our very bods, the likes of which make no sense in the “consensus” 3D universe, but which we are working with (and through), regardless. Some of this is family karma, that we in this timeframe are clearing for the whole lineage. Some is about our own past lives. And even other stuff, if you are a “full-service pathcutter,” as I seem to be (an agreement I made for this life, to make up for bailing at an important moment during a prior incarnation), is processing through you (coming up for Light) on behalf of the entire planet. I have another story to illustrate this but if I don’t post this now (it’s been sitting in a draft file since mid-July), who knows when I might.


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  1. I have also had my round of symptoms that I have been dealing with. The intensification seems to have magnified recently. Although, I have this inner feeling of a clearing of sorts. My last experience of the waves of energy that you described is what I experienced for a time approximately six years ago. At the time I did not know what to make of it (I am still not sure). I also briefly experienced a ‘oneness’ that I am not able to describe in words. All in all I hope that the PROCESSING you mentioned follows it’s course.


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