Blue Trees

I’m amazed at how little I’ve been posting this summer!  I’m writing an essay about kundalini for publication; I look forward to that being out in the world!  I also have a post knocking around in my mind about the ‘new energies’ waiting to spill forth. (That is, the writing is waiting to spill forth; the energies are definitely already spilling!)  Meanwhile, I had a curious little experience this morning I thought I’d share here.

Got up shortly before 6am… made coffee, and settled down to scribble some ideas about kundalini.  Three hours later, I *suddenly* had to ‘conk out.’  This happens sometimes; I just need to shut down, even though the day is just beginning.  Flopped on the bed, and instantly noticed the Vibes buzzing throughout my whole body.  A gentle, undulating vibration.  In the next moment I was ‘waking up’ in the back seat of a car, driving through a beautiful country landscape.  A friend of mine was up front, having a philosophical conversation with a young (college age) girl sharing the back with me.  I sat up (interesting I’m ‘waking up’ there just as I’m ‘zoning out’ here) and began gazing out my window at the passing countryside while their conversation went on.

I became mezmerized with what I was seeing, which was, an abundance of luminous *blue* trees adorning the countryside!  There were green ones as well, but these rich blue ones really commanded my attention.  At first I thought they were blooming fantastic flowers that I’d never seen before — but no, it was the leaves themselves that were this astonishing brilliant blue that stood out as though lit somehow.   They made for a stunning presence in a rural landscape!  I was amazed that my companions could be involved in an intellectual discussion while this fantastic phenom surrounded us!

When we came upon a sweet little homestead next to the road, I asked that we slow down for a close look at the trees, which we did. These trees, however, were not blue.  Rather, they had shimmering white leaves, with just a hint of light green around the edges.  These white pearlescent trees nestled up to a cute, white country house were enchantingly picturesque.  Everything seemed so fresh, so perfect, and so… out of the ordinary! We seemed to be traveling through an alternate landscape, or lifescape.  I was delighted to be there — whatever. wherever it was!

But all too soon, I was jolted back to beta consciousness here by thundering heavy machinery leveling out a neighbor’s yard, where the most glorious guardian tree in the neighborhood reigned until last week, when they had it taken down (an agonizing FIVE DAY process, so majestic was that tree) in favor of a patio.  I grieve this insanity still.  Perhaps my little “trip” today was to the land of my beloved tree’s afterlife, where trees thrive forever — donning any color they choose, in a beautiful rolling landscape with other trees –where all lifeforms coexist peacefully, and thoughtless humans pose no threat.