Karma, Sex, and those Gnarly Thoughtforms

Unless one is an advanced spiritual initiate practicing meticulous lightbody hygiene, a huge array of thoughtforms accumulate in the human energy field.  Often, clairvoyants can see them clustered around a person. They are just there, in everyone, like a cage full of various pets (or pests), tending to influence (or wreak havoc on) a life in such a variety of ways, they can become quite capable of taking over as a person’s primary navigation system, for better or worse, depending on prevailing themes. 

Thoughts are indeed things (or beings, even), verrry powerful once they are loosed by a fertile mind — especially if energized by strong emotion — and verrry magnetic to more of the same.  They broadcast invitations to resonant others to come join them and their beneficent host/creators, being us, sometimes to the point of burning down the house with their explosive potentialities.  They can also be likened to viruses, reproducing exponentially in the operating system of a life, as we cluelessly, sloppily, and naively obsess over various dramas in which we participate — in starring roles, as supportive cast, or “merely” as hooked voyeurs… all of which are investments of the energy of our attention.  Of course, if one’s thoughts are 100% pure, loving and godly… then hey, no problem! But this post isn’t about that blessed state.feminine surrender

Consider that one destiny of these highly charged and magnetic thoughtforms can be the inception of addictions: ie, to the way one feels under the influence of a drug, or a person (ie guru or celebrity supplication/ worship are prime examples… or just a compelling peer connection), or sex.  Sex is hugely powerful; ground zero in the “nuclear neighborhood” of the lower chakras.  It is a portal to the divine if worked with in frequencies of high love and/or sacred intent. In the intoxicatingly charged dominant/ submissive dynamic between particularly aligned (or misaligned) male/ female polarities, it can be an ignition sequence for losing all control before you know what hit you if you don’t practice concerted management of your faculties. 

This seems to me to be particularly true for the feminine/yin polarity of the equation: the dominant (male/yang) energy can easily syphon precious – and potent – energy from the sex centers (being physically present is not a requisite) of an open female, sending her into a long spin right out of her root.  This can become dangerous, fast, for all control over one’s life can be lost if the lower centers lose their secure grounding.  The male in this scenario gets stronger (with a likely ‘substance addiction’ strengthening as well), while the female’s power wanes as she slides further under the control of the dominant partner as his provider, possibly intoxicated out of her senses and swooning every minute until she wakes up one day to a life in shambles.

So: thoughtforms.  Say you have a Big Experience somewhere along your journey.  These are mandatory for the earth school; otherwise we wouldn’t incarnate to learn.  That experience resides in one’s energy body, or field, like a highly compressed holographic recording, with its emotional tone as its magnetic mortar.  It sets up what might be considered a multi-dimensional domain (distributed across various levels of your energetic template)… and invites “guests” over to join it for as long as we live; even longer (as karma).  Because the lightbody tends to pair up with numerous physical bodies over time to work out particular themes to their ultimate healed conclusion… unhealed thoughtforms can accompany any number of “bodies” through incarnations. We continue working on these ongoing plot-lines until ultimately (please God!!!) we achieve resolution and can graduate to a whole new story.  (This, incidentally, is what I believe humanity is endeavoring to do en masse… graduate to a new story… within the very near future!)

The situation that initiated this rather loaded post involves a man I spent some time around the other day.  In a revelatory moment, a few choice thoughtforms of his personal life played through my mind like a slide show.  This has happened before… I occasionally have these little glimpses into “interiors” quite spontaneously… and it is not intentional.  I just have occasional “spurts of reception” with people I seem to have a sympathetic resonance with.   I have no sense of it coming… I just suddenly receive little transmissions which also nail me with the full-throttle emotional tone of the scene being witnessed.  I really FEEL these.   I’m an empath, which is still a new revelation (and learning curve) for me in the full sense of the term.  (Note – Zeroing in on this easily-overlooked feature in my psycho-energetic makeup has illumined a very specific and crucial nook of my existence! ~ And if my experiences ‘feel familiar’ to you, do yourself a big favor and study up on The Empath, as well as the importance of clear boundaries. Could spare you a world of grief.  I suggest you check out  http://mysilentecho.com. ) I tend to take things in (or more to the point, I suddenly “find things in me”) that I then have to grapple with in some way.  Sometimes I have no idea what they are or why I’m experiencing them so intimately and intensely (as was the case when I “experienced” the events of 911 before they happened from a ground zero perspective; devastating!  It didn’t make any sense to my rational mind until after the event… tho it certainly freaked the bejeezuz out of me).

In this case of the other day, I knew exactly what was going on, and it was troubling, and it took me on *quite* an extensive ride.  It is, in fact, a prevailing ‘neverending story’ of the sexes, and one of the deepest wounds in my life (speaking karmically, across timelines).  It’s probably the Big Wound in the lives of most women (throughout time): the absolutely primary orientation to love, countered by the agonizing loss of trust in love.  Not that men don’t have their hurts, of course… but being a woman, this is my lens. 

What “popped” out of this man onto my inner screen was a very personal (to him) scene involving sex.  The woman in that scene actually reminded me of MYSELF; her entire emotional frequency, investment, and heart full of desire to give in that situation at the expense of her own receiving felt intimately familiar, and it set off a huge reverberation in me (my ‘resident’ thoughtforms/ karma were totally set off by this, if you follow) which continued to reverb through all time, all women, all earthly dimensions, and all archetypes involving male/female dynamics going all the way back to “the fall,” or first separation, by which I mean the point at which the sacred man/woman union of bliss and mutual harmony, respect, and co-operation fractured into what we have today.  What we have now is a deep distortion of that beautiful bond – rife with fear, power plays, secrets, lies, and manipulations.  Some day soon, in these shifting times, I envision this once again unifying into the shining, blessed pillar of solid connection that upholds the lives of a loving, committed couple — and their family, and the family of man on earth — as we are all such integral parts of the healed Whole.  The final and ultimate healing begins with the masculine/feminine rift at its basest levels.  The Ace of Wands!

So this little event sort of “caught me,” or I caught it, like a virus that hijacked my thoughts and my emotions on such an expansive issue… and I feel it all echoing through me like some kind of giant, entangled MEME for the entire species.  My heart is literally aching, and extremely tight.  I sense this is another immense layer of “genetic pathcutting” (ie “batch” karmic processing and cleansing on behalf of humanity as well as oneself) in fact, at this point — I have to heal this gargantuan, mass thoughtform in myself to send that “healed ripplet” into the collective heart/soul… to contribute to the rainbow bridge back to oneness.  If you’re a meditator… I invite you to join this effort as a healing practice.

This particular meme is about the expectation that women submit to men.  The eternal “pleasing of the king,” while not having her own needs met or remotely even acknowledged… her needs (and entire life lens) being more emotional, as she struggles to be the love-and-care giver to everyone around her, while so often being taken for absolute granted or even disrespected for that form of service… and gradually collapsing over time inside her own suffering.  She has been trained by society to keep silent because her truth is something no one wants to be bothered with.  While men are free (encouraged!) to openly make their wishes known and pursue them – and have the ‘entitlement’ to simply expect women to acquiesce to them – women tend to have to struggle to find alternate work-arounds to keep themselves in the game in ways that aren’t completely demoralizing.  Women often can’t speak up without some form of physical, mental, emotional or professional repercussion.  Women, by and large, are encouraged to be “sweet” and generally compliant… which can work for her to an extent… until something happens that absolutely requires that she rise up. Which may be something as basic as her Truth asserting!

So… back to this man and his illustrious thoughtforms.  I found myself thinking of his wife sleeping next to him all these years, and while she may not have seen his “repertoire” like I did, I know she had to feel this at the core of her being.  I feel certain of this, and my heart broke for her, and for myself, and then for all women in similar situations… in which they cannot trust the man they love, as he cavalierly romps around among various interchangeable toys.  Women give their bodies & souls to their relationship (and its offspring), but it isn’t enough.  And, what is there to do with such situations?  Just keep suffering silently the entire life?  Venture out into a highly complex and competitive world solo after 20 years?  On and on this went.  BTW, I know this is a complicated situation, that I am addressing in a rather singular way, and there are a thousand reasons that partners stray or love expires… though I suspect these reasons fall into a small group of core themes.

Now I am working on clearing all of this from my OWN field, as it has taken on MYTHIC proportions here, like the universe is processing one of its biggest tears through me.  (By “tears” I mean “rips,” but tears in the sense of crying — also appropriate!)  I feel strongly that our biggest task at this time is to just keep healing these karmas, keep nipping (blessing, healing) negative forms in their buds before they gather too much steam, and keep holding faith in the promise of sacred union between the sexes, and the ultimate healing of humanity and its return to vibrational Oneness with God.  We cannot expect the “vibration of Oneness” (or bliss) to do this for us, ie, “I’ll get healed when I’m in heaven.”  We have to become heavenly (loving, respectful, considerate, compassionate… including – or especially – to ourselves) in order to merge with that heavenly vibration during these ascension years!  Quite the challenge when our egos are reacting and responding to everything in their own primal, self-oriented, and generally rooted-in-fear inclinations.

I will end this by offering a very elementary exercise that can help clear ones’ field of gnarly thoughtforms and other energetic gunk.  It involves invoking light and healing from your own soular level, which can be envisioned as a tube with “little earthly you” on one end, and funneling up into the “vast oversoul you” that merges with Source Creator on the other end (imagine the Galactic Center, if you appreciate specificity).  Open that tube, or funnel, and draw in the purest whitest energy you can imagine, and scrub yourself out with it, from the bottom up, as often as possible.  I’ve done this with my beloved “photon bubbles” mentioned elsewhere in this blog; I’ve also done it igniting mini-explosions in each chakra, sort of like big old box cameras used to do when they took the picture — the “pouf of light,” if you follow.  Just play with what feels best/most effective.

After this “cleansing,” it is advisable to invoke a final “whirlwind” of photons down through your field, past your feet, into the earth.  The point of this piece is, that “spinning vortex” vacuums up all the “debris” shaken loose, even pulverized, by the first step, and recycles it back into neutral energy that the blessed elementals can come along and recycle into positive new forms!  It also doesn’t hurt to finish up with the great and good Violet Flame.  The Violet Flame is like the extra wax job on the vehicle that’s been cleansed to a gleaming shine.  Search that term if it is new to you; I’m sure you will find a lot of info online.

So… quite a major and meandering gush her.  If it speaks to you, I’d be interested in your response or experiences.

Love all… Whitehawk

8 comments on “Karma, Sex, and those Gnarly Thoughtforms

  1. I have always wondered about the powerful thought forms and where they go and what they manifest, in what dimension and with what consequences ? Or, the resonant invitation of others mentioned. I come back to the multidimensionality of our being. If we believe that we are NOT our thoughts, are we just the OBSERVER (outside of space and time) of a myriad of thought events and all has been already resolved ? Our Divineness and our belief in separation from the Source keeps us in this slice of reality.


  2. Good points and questions. Most of us are still fully invested in the ego… which holds its thoughts as its identity. The soul knows this is all an illusory game. I feel that “lightbody hygiene” is one way to help the soul gain ground (and eventually dominion) in the egoic domain of 3D. ox ~W


  3. Like you I am also an empath. I have come to notice it more recently but have been straddled with it my entire life and sometimes wondered why I just ‘knew’ and sometimes hurt /teared or felt barriers. I could sense the aching you mentioned. I do not get the downloads like you. Although, I suppose I could if I was more open. Maybe your clearing exercise would help ? The scenarios and suffering mentioned are similar to some of my own. I get the feeling that I was attracted to these events for a purpose. Possibly a projection of an inner conflict w/in myself that needed to be resolved or played out. How else can I / we experience these emotions ? My take on this is that the healing comes in our choices on how we perceive the event. The script is already written we just choose which one we experience.


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