Don’t be satisfied with poems and
stories of how things
have gone with others.

Unfold your own myth
without complicated explanation,
so everyone will understand

the passage,

W E   H A V E   O P E N E D   Y O U

The Illuminated Rumi
Translation: Coleman Barks


The above excerpt really sent me when I first encountered it in the stunning book, The Illuminated Rumi.  I had been engaged with kundalini for a few years by that point, during which I experienced a plethora of things beyond my previous ability to imagine… until it was happening.  I had undeniably been opened by something far beyond my little self, and a whole other level of my story was certainly unfolding — most of which I didn’t dare speak about, as it so overtly defied typical standards re:  what’s real and what’s possible (doable or be-able) for mere mortals.

I wanted to post this  Rumi poetry for a couple of reasons:

  1. I simply love it.  It reflects what happened when I was visited upon (and opened) by the unimaginable energy which is kundalini.  I could no longer be contained in the context of my former self; those conceptual contours, walls, structures had been dismantled.  A great expansion had begun; there was no stopping it, and the process became all that mattered, for the most part, for the duration.  Active kundalini could be neither deferred nor denied; there was no trying to fake business as usual. There were also so very few people with whom I could relate my avalanche of experiences, which made for bouts of sadness and frustration, and which also provided impetus for my speaking about all of this NOW — to assure others in similar situations that they are not alone. Before this energy kicked in, my life was a continual flow of meetings, teleconferences, and emails; all necessary for event organization, which was my business at the time — creating networking, seminar, and social events for ‘conscious’ professionals.  But there came a tipping point after which that activity had to subside to allow this opening to happen “without complicated explanation” to others, and more to the point, without the constant commotion inherent in constellating and choreographing a stream of events, and all the accompanying  PR such work requires.  My priorities of necessity HAD to shift to the inner planes… so my outer world HAD to become quiet.  Rumi obviously had intimate knowledge of the state I was in; his exquisite expressions attested to this.  And during a time when no one else really “got” me, knowing there was once a Rumi in the world was comforting :)  His words about ‘being opened’ by the gods was a clear reference to the kundalini that spontaneously ignited in him as a result of darshan — a particularly significant meeting he had with a mystic named Shams.  So resonant were their energies, they merged with the Divine in a field of ecstatic union — a state quite out of the ordinary in human experience, and which launched a thousand poetic ships that continue transporting souls to this day, myself among them.    

  2. I’m also posting the excerpt in celebration of my completion of a formidable project — my written account of my kundalini awakening, to be published in 2009!  This was possibly the toughest writing I’ve ever done.   I threw away volumes of drafts,  starting from scratch over and over and over.  Then, when it was *almost complete,* my computer crashed and I LOST that file.  (As I was nearing the finish line, my kundalini re-activated, stirring up a new flurry of physical, paranormal, and electrical commotion, the latter of which blew circuits and my hard drive.) Kundalini, I assure you if you’ve not had this experience yourself, can bring on High Strangeness, in spades — all the while not giving a whit about clocks, calendars, appearances, or other “street-level” concerns;  it will go on and on as it sees fit for as long as it takes to accomplish its mission.  In my case, for various reasons, this took YEARS.  Transmitting years of weirdness (and illumination!) in a reasonably coherent, tightly constrained account was challenging to say the least.  (Space was limited as mine is one of numerous essays on the subject in this book, when it could easily be an epic in its own ‘write’.)  Not to mention — to me this involves intimate exposure of all manner of nonordinary phenomena… which just skims the surface of what went on while I was living it!  So: imagine having myriad super-sensory and out-of-body experiences, on and OFF the planet, with various ‘beings,’ in various dimensions and timelines — with a dollop of sex for good measure — and you might begin to get a sense of the Big Spill I splashed into that writing.  BTW, re: the Rumi quote ~ I had wanted to include it in the book, but could not obtain permission to do so, so I’m using it here in the blog (still without permission), as consolation.  It inspired my writing; I want to honor Rumi for having composed it!

    In short — I wrote my kundalini story;
    the editor responded with great enthusiam;
    so **Hallelujah** warbles Whitehawk,
    wings flapping in joy (and relief)


    (Hopefully my effusion isn’t too over the top ;)

2 comments on “O P E N E D

  1. Like you Whitehawk I had similar feelings during my working careers. I was able to corral my expanding being within the constraints of my work for a while but it got to that ‘tipping point’ where it no longer was feasibly comfortable. Therefore, my shift took it’s course. Although, I cannot speak for the same type of ‘ecstatic union’ as you experienced. The freedom I encountered beyond that shifting point has brought me a gentle peacefulness.

    Congratulations Whitehawk on your book ! Your unrestrained blissfulness is well deserved.


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