Swing Shift

It is the morning of the last day of 2008.  The last few weeks have been for me a furious flurry of shifts in action.  I feel I’m ‘swinging’ in the very essence of ‘shift’ in every moment, which brought the phrase ‘swing shift’ to mind.  Swing shift traditionally refers to a kind of work schedule that is in constant flux among “shifts,” ie: ’round the dial, ’round the week, possibly ’round an entire worklife.  Swing-shift laborers have to grab sleep when possible, often when the world around them is a cacophonous roar of activity. Just mentioning this lest the concept is unfamiliar to you, and also… to offer a moment of acknowledgment to the millions of workers who’ve endured this lifestyle to keep their families fed and warm.  

I’m sensing my own recent shifts to be harbingers of a much Bigger Shift careening my way.  Here is how my year is closing out (tech matters leapt to the forefront):

  • PC crashed, leaving me with a bare-bones system while pondering how to proceed re: this crucial tool.  
  • With loss of hard drive, a huge amount of data went pfft as well.  In the moment not a crisis, but for a writer who stashes all manner of resources and records and writings for future use (to dig up when it could feed a piece I’m working on, like a squirrel digs up those buried nuts in hungry times), the loss is formidable.
  • Puzzle, puzzle, what to do??  Finally took the plunge and “stimulated the economy” (as people say these days in defense of their purchases) by buying a Macbook Pro.  Besides needing a reliable computer, I need mobility.  Also mobile podcast-ability.  Migrating to Apple seemed right.

Aside from the computer issues dominating the lifescape…

I’ve taken steps to bring some personal boundary issues under control.  Some days I wonder just how MUCH this has affected things around here, ie, could unsticking some of that business have unleashed the “force” around me to the degree of so much “greased lightning” energy?  (A recent kundalini revival among other things.) What I did, in a snapshot, is, disconnect from a dysfunctional association, and immediately following that, perform a deep and forceful energetic purge of my space, which included the sealing of a known astral ‘portal’ (possibly numerous portals) I’ve had in my home. 

Can’t say I completely understand the nature of “portals” like this, and also, I didn’t want to chase off any celestials or ascendeds who are TRUE ALLIES. True “higher-up” allies are beings who interact with you ONLY in a manner that supports your highest good.  NO MANIPULATING, no energetic DRAINAGE for their own self-serving purposes.  I’d been an unwitting host for various “sucking” entities in my world (and sucking comes in many guises, some of which can seem pleasant in the moment), and had to pull that plug!  I’m not a bottomless energy-providing DEVICE for various vampiric entities, am I???  Of course not; although to some degree, I apparently was.  ~As can anyone be if not paying close attention, and really tuning in to how one really feels when around (or immediately following being around) a certain person, or place.  It behooves us to PAY ATTENTION to what we are feeling, and when! Do we feel energized or sucker-punched after dealing with someone or something?    

BTW, also pay attention to your DREAMS, and write them up in as much detail as you can recall.  Give them titles, footnotes and sidebars as you document them… as they hold a wealth of wisdom for you to GET if you just watch, listen, record, and decipher with your intuitive faculties. Try “mind-mapping” them if you aren’t much of a writer.  Just don’t neglect them.  They hold riches from your soul; information screaming to be heard!

Immediately after reclaiming my ground, so to speak, a very interesting thing happened regarding my precious little Maya–one of my two cats.  For a full year, Maya had been exhibiting a most disturbing behavior around the house.  Suffice it to say, she challenged me to the extent of anguish–chronically.  My heart was breaking at the thought that I might have to give her up (as people were advising), which was just unimaginable to me, and absolutely unacceptable as a solution.  My commitment to an animal I adopt is permanent.  I consulted psychics and animal communicators; I prayed; I tried to communicate with Maya to understand her issue.  The behavior kept coming — until I stood up for my OWN BOUNDARIES here, that is.  As soon as I did this, Maya’s dreadful “hobby” stopped instantly and permanently! Turns out, Maya was doing all she could–quite dramatically, and in her own “language”–to bring the seriousness of my breached boundaries to my attention.  That whole year-long drama was an amazing ordeal.  If you have animals behaving strangely around you, I suggest you take a serious inventory of yourself, as chances are the animal is mirroring something in YOU that you need to see and address.

Other little end-of-year tidbits include~

  • I am now on my second edit (and second editor) of my strange adventures with kundalini (Special K: Energy of Champions).  (My secret working title; a pet term I coined for kundalini, and enjoy tossing around on occasion :)  Most of the edits I can live with; some are quite good. Others make me wonder where I’m missing the boat re: making myself understood.  So I’m rethinking a few things currently.  But overall feeling happy about my High Strangeness being put forth by a publisher I’ve held in high regard for a long time.
  • Got a new hairstyle, and am enjoying it… relieved it worked out!! (Bit of girl biz ;)
  • Have a vase of lovely white roses to behold as I peer over the screen of this uber-sexy Macbook; a “double vision” of things to appreciate, and a nice energy to bring into the new year… 
  • And of all the hub-bub of heightened activities and energies and *things* this holiday season, my fondest gift to bring to mind is that of some recent riotous laughter!  I used to laugh so much more than I do of late. Laughter is humor’s version of climax~ one of my wishes for us all is that we bring one another more reason to LAUGH together.  Not just smile; not just snicker — LAUGH, full-out, until breathless and teary-eyed.  Roaring good medicine!

If I don’t come back with another post by the turn of the year… may any distress or pain be alleviated, and light, love, and juicy goodness prevail in the year ahead.

Blessings, all~



Beauty constantly wells up, a noise of springwater
In my ears and in my inner being.



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