Pop This Qwiff

Even tho this post may seem to be coming out of nowhere (the subject matter I mean), it involves my world view quite directly.  Again I’m posting someone else’s musings; I hope they give you something to ponder while my personal ability to write seems to be registering in parallel with the local temperature lately (we’ve been at an ungodly 20 below zero here, and it DOES affect a person!).  Will be back when I can arrange what’s on my mind into language to some extent… honestly, adapting to kairos as a constant is challenging me, especially when I try to coordinate ideas into writing!!

Meanwhile, the following amusement comes from Douglas Mackey, whose blog was linked here, but now I see it has been taken down.  BTW, QWIFF=quantum wave form function.  Back soon!  ~W

Popping the Wild Qwiff

“Popping a qwiff” is Fred Alan Wolf’s expression for the collapse of a quantum wave function, and it happens whenever an observer makes an observation. That act collapses the infinite possibilities of the quantum wave, or qwiff, into the finite, relative manifestation of the moment.

No wonder you get tired by the end of the day. Think how many qwiffs you had to pop to get there, how many observations you had to make. Now think how many qwiffs you whiffed—that is, that you failed to pop. You could have popped so many more, because the qwiffs were flying right and left and you didn’t even notice, but you popped what you popped, and I won’t chastise you for the “old maid” qwiffs that were left in the bottom of your quantum popper. We’ll never know, any of us, how many qwiffs we whiffed in our popping career.


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