The “Hopeful-Stupid” Pattern

I encountered this phrase this morning: The Hopeful-Stupid Pattern. It involves allowing your evolutionary process to get all backed up and tied in knots because you are still wanting to return to some situation as it once was, or perhaps what you thought it once was, or could have been, or maybe was merely a delusional fantasy to begin with. This is counter-evolutionary; devolutionary.  In other words, knock it off.  :-}

If ever there were a divine impulse to acknowledge, respect, get excited about, align to, and flow with — it is that which is throbbing though our world now.  The prevailing energy of Now, and from Now On, is what I refer to as the Great Retruthing. (More on my thoughts and experiences re: retruthing can be found in the new book Kundalini Rising, due out in September from Sounds True.)  We have to get over our adolescent obsessions that keep us feeding the beast of self-absorption, self flagellation, and/or self-serving behaviors, and join the brigade… the vanguard of the INCOMING, because coming in it is!  To continue to replay recordings of how life used to be when we were care free, or perhaps in the money, or with so-and-so, indulging in our every whim and appetite in attempt to fill some internal void while avoiding the reality of the absolute re-creation of everything that is upon us… this is an example of The Hopeful Stupid Pattern.

The impetus to evolve is so powerful now, it is a hyper-evolutionary moment; the quantum leap.  My belief is that within a very short time, humanity will be enmeshed in an entirely new octave within which to exist… or not, for those who simply cannot, or do not wish to, swing with a shift this deep and all-encompassing.  I am here as a “bridge” person, this I know. But let me confess, I am not without my occasional hopeful-stupid reveries! In fact, you could consider this post my own reminder to myself to move forward and not look back

The answers aren’t there anymore.

Astral Ringtones

The other night something peculiar happened.

I was sound asleep, dreaming something boring, when suddenly I was jarred awake by the telephone.  Now, I tend to keep the bedroom phone off (the ringer I mean)… so what I was hearing was coming from the living room.  Moreover, it was playing the specific music of a dedicated ringtone I had assigned years ago to a man who was integral to my daily life for a number of years, tho not so much currently.  So when I was awakened by his ringtone in the night, it was pretty… I’ll just say… unexpected.

You know how disorienting it is to get jarred awake by the phone. I fumbled around, looked at the clock: it was exactly midnight. The ringtone music was wafting down the hall from the other room, and then stopped.  I looked at the caller ID on the bedside phone; no incoming call registered. Huh??

I got a bit activated and agitated by this.  This particular man and I have always had an uncanny connection on other planes.  I could write a volume of stories about this; all kinds of connections, regardless the distance between us on the planet, which is often vast.  Why was I hearing his ringtone at exactly midnight, loud enough to jolt me out of a proper sleep, when the physical phone had apparently not rung at all?  To clarify: the music was still playing after I was awake; I wasn’t dreaming this.

I considered calling him. I tossed around, wondering what this might mean. I was actually half sold on the notion that perhaps he had died, and this was his “wave goodbye” as he shipped out. (Far be it from him to need my crossing-over escort service.) He had been saying how unwell he’d been feeling since picking up some bug on a recent trip…

I waited til morning to call (and also email, as I had gotten his voicemail, which added to my concern). Eventually he called back, and in quite chipper spirits, to boot. Decidedly not dead.  I told him what happened.  He had no explanation. Said he was thinking about me when he awoke that morning. I tend to suppose I somehow surfaced in his (un)consciousness during the night, and that’s what set off this bizarre little vignette with the phone.

I realize people visit my blog seeking information about kundalini and our shifting reality, but this post is more about questions than answers. I find it indicative, however, of how various realms are splashing into each other as the phenom of “grid reconfig” proceeds. All manner of oddness is going on; this could be just one more instance of how it might manifest.

BTW, I know I mentioned in a previous missive that I had a long spell of episodes in which I’d been awakened by ringing bells — always at the end of a significant “experience,” either journeying out-of-body, or a significant dream.  This routine went on for years, but hasn’t happened in a long time.  The purpose of the ringing was to ensure that I ‘capture’  whatever was going on, instead of losing it in a period of post-event slumber.  I filled notebooks with those experiences. This, however, had nothing to do with capturing something significant happening on another plane… unless something was happening with him that was beyond my awareness (and on some channel other than the one running the boring dream) in either an OBE or lucid dream.

Puzzly puzzle, wonder why.  If you have any ideas or similar experiences to share, I’m listening!  Just please don’t call when I’m asleep.  Spent half the night awake after that.

The Living Matrix

(not form, not matter) 
::: Consciousness :::
is the
Foundation of Reality

love the moment at hand

Expand your awareness — your ideas re: what is possible — and expand your reality.  Hone the focus of your attention, and polish the gem which is your presence.  You are a Builder, a Weaver, a Vital Contributor of (note: not merely “in”) the Matrix.  Begin with the moment and resources at hand; emanate from here.

To your radiant health:

Angels in the Making

This isn’t related to anything other than when I saw it, I thought it share worthy! Reminded me of the National Mall in DC when Obama was inaugurated :)   It’s a photo of Bismark ND folks making snow angels en masse:


The community spirit involved to do something so innocent touched me. I’m probably also sensitized to making light of  (or making light in) winter, as we in my neck of the woods have been enduring one of the most frigid ones on record this season.  So seeing this effort warmed me.

Holon of Ascension

I’ll be creating a dedicated page to hold the HATHOR material as a collection rather than having it scattered around here.  Meanwhile, following is Tom’s latest.  Everyone who’s been feeling lightconnectionthe Big Fizz over the last couple of years (that ongoing, in-body buzzing/vibration) will want to read this.  My personal synopsis: our sun receives the photon flow pouring into this solar system from the galactic center, then distributes it among the planets and us (like a parent bird feeding its nestlings)… triggering kundalini activations left and right.  This galactic-solar-KA connection is the delivery system of the ascension (transformation) energy. It’s all about this energy now.  Its infusion into our world and our bodies fuels the quantum leap we are into here; thinning the membrane between dimensional realms is part and parcel of the mega merge leading to unification, or oneness.  On a more mundane note, this Hathor message includes a hint at the theme of the new website I’m working on. Embrace the journey; there’s no reverse gear on this bus. ~W

The Holon of Ascension

A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon

January 28, 2009

You are about to enter into a highly volatile period, full of extraordinary potential, yet fraught with hazards.

In March of last year we indicated that your earth’s magnetic field was experiencing perturbations and a morphing, or changing of its configuration. Your science has now discovered that this is, in fact, a reality.

In its most simple terms, there is a breach in the magnetosphere, which surrounds earth, protecting it from solar winds. Such a breach is a naturally occurring cycle, but the breadth and magnitude of this opening is quite large. It is allowing, and will allow, large volumes of plasma from the sun to enter. This will increase magnetic storms, disruptions of telecommunications, disruptions in bio-electric circuitry (such as human nervous systems), and climate change. The results of this breach and the increased charging of the magnetosphere will increase over the next several years.

Our focus in this communication is not upon the negative impacts of this breach, but upon the positive effects it opens for those who are ready.

Your subtle energy body, which was known as the KA by ancient Egyptians and called the etheric body by Yogis, is highly sensitive to, and affected by, solar plasma. An increase in the flow and quality of solar streams increases the vibratory rate of the KA body. This is a very beneficial and auspicious opportunity for those who are consciously participating in their ascension process. Let us be precise by what we mean by the term ascension, because it has many different connotations and ways of being viewed.

By ascension we simply mean a movement upward in consciousness. You do not “go” anywhere. You do not “leave” anywhere. But your perspective, your perception, is radically altered. You begin to see through the maya, or the illusion of this world, which is created through the dance of subatomic particles and into a configuration of what you call matter. Through the ascension process you realize that you are the creator of your experience of that which you call “the world.” It does not mean that you leave this world, but it does mean that you have transcended it–while still being a part of it–for you see through the lens of perception that life is a movie that you are projecting.

One could say that you are at a crossroads. As the solar streams enter into your magnetosphere, the KA bodies of all humans will increase in vibration. But for some, this will lead to disturbances and dissolution, while for others it will lead to ascension–a movement upward in consciousness.

This communication is specifically for those individuals who have chosen the upward spiral. Your challenge in these times is to allow the activation of your KA body to move you upward, even as many around you seem to be spiraling downward. It is, essentially, a question of vibration, joined with expectation and belief. It is the union of these three that births the creative impulse for a new destiny.

What do we mean by this?

It takes tremendous energy to transcend or transmute a negative condition or a limitation that has been placed upon one. You have been collectively hypnotized into a view of reality that is fixed, confined, limiting, and nothing short of imprisonment. When one sees through the lies and the manipulations, the old world does not look the same and yet the perception of the lies does not free one from them. They have a life of their own and a tendency to continue. It takes new energy–an increased vibratory rate–to overcome the lethargy and inertia that are intrinsic to your cultural limitations. This is the gift of the solar streams–the solar plasma that is flowing and will flow in greater quantities into your magnetosphere–for they will increase the vibratory rate of your KA body.

But here is the “cross-hair,” shall we say, in “the sight” of your destiny. For those of you who accept, or at least are beginning to see through the lies of limitation that have been imposed upon you and have made a choice to move upward into the ascension process, this activation of the KA body is a beautiful, exquisite miracle to behold, for your life will be graced with the power to transcend your own limitations in ways that have not been available to you before. It shall be as if the cosmos itself is joining you in the dance of your freedom.

But for those who do not choose to live upward in consciousness–who choose to remain imprisoned by the limitations, who seek to blame others for their misfortune, who choose to find scapegoats for their lack of happiness, for those who insist upon living the old world of conflict–this increased vibration of their KA body will not be a blessing; it will be experienced as a curse. Because they will have to work very hard to keep things the way they are.

The fabric of your old realities is being unwound at the same time that new realities are being woven. This is, indeed, an odd state. And what we wish to convey most clearly is that you have the innate power and ability to weave new realities for yourself, new freedoms of mind and spirit, regardless of what is happening around you.

From our perspective, we see this situation escalating over the next several years, and we would characterize it as a dual state in which many of you will ascend, meaning moving upward, while others will move into dissolution, a falling apart. This is, essentially, based upon a personal choice.

This is a very important point, to us, and we wish to convey it with as much clarity as possible. Each of you has the response-ability to choose the thoughts and the creations you desire. Some of you will choose freedom–because you cannot stand being contained any longer–the lies are simply too great a burden to perpetuate. Others of you will choose imprisonment–for the fear of freedom and the responsibility for personal choice is too much to bear.

This is a split in the road of evolution.

As your realities simultaneously dissolve and re-create themselves, and by that we refer to the economic challenges you are facing and the ecological and social challenges you are facing, some of you may experience very difficult times. But never lose sight of the fact that you are the creator of your life, and you can re-create it at any moment, regardless of the circumstances. Those who manipulate you do so through fear and perpetuation of cultural limitations–the belief that your life is dependent upon certain external factors.

What you will discover in the ascension process is that these external factors are actually projections from your own deepest consciousness. They are flickers on a movie screen, and you can change them in mind-bending quickness when you change them from the source rather than the effect, and the source is your very mind itself. The mystery of how this occurs reveals itself to you in the ascension process, as naturally as an orchid opening its blossoms. It is imbedded in nature itself, and this knowledge is self-revealing as you enter the path upward. We have said in previous communications that one of the keys is what you call appreciation or gratitude. These states of emotion are a signature and an expression of the creative powers you possess. What we mean by this will be clear to you as you move into the ascension process.

In future communications we intend to discuss the interdimensional physics of appreciation and how it affects your external reality. But in this communication we wish to give you a tool we feel will assist you in this period over the next several years, as the solar streams enter the magnetosphere and begin to stimulate your KA bodies.

There are a few fundamental points we wish to impart before we give the technique.

The first fundamental is that you must have made the choice to move upward in consciousness for this technique to work. The intention by which you hold your KA imparts the outcome.

The second point is that you need to be in the emotional state of appreciation when you do this method, because appreciation is the signature for this kind of creation.

The third point is that this is based upon a connection between the KA–your etheric body–and a higher aspect of yourself, dimensionally speaking, that was known as the BA by the ancient Egyptians. The BA resides in a place of consciousness that is outside time and space, as you construct it.

Its entry point is at a place above the head where your hands would meet were you to raise your hands together and touch them above your head. This interdimensional aspect of your self, the BA, is highly receptive to appreciation. And it is from the BA that you receive the energetic that strengthens the KA and prepares it for the influx of the solar streams.

We call this method the Holon of Ascension. Like the two previous Holons we have given, the Holon of Balance and the Holon of Healing, it is based upon a specific geometric form. Geometry compels energy and specific geometries compel energy to flow in specific ways.

This particular Holon is based upon a disc. It is much like a top, if you played with such toys as a child. You place yourself inside this disc. The top of the disc corresponds with the location of the BA, where your two hands would touch were you to extend them above your head. The lower part of the disc is the base of your spine if you were to sit cross-legged. If you do this standing or sitting in a chair, then your feet would be at the base of the disc. The center line that goes through the top of the head, through your body, and through the perineum is the central axis of the disc.

In your imagination, you spin the disc around the central axis. For most people the natural direction would be to spin it to the right, but it can be to the left–which ever feels right to you is the correct direction. The size or diameter of the disc is immaterial. You can make it as large or as small as you wish. The color of the disc also does not matter, but if you are a visual person, then we suggest experimenting with making the disc white. This movement of the disc in the imaginal world… the world of your imagination…creates a vortex.

Once you start the disc to spin, your attention goes to the BA above your head and you send appreciation to the BA–the feeling of appreciation. There will be response of some kind from the celestial soul, the BA.

At this point you move your awareness to the base of your spine, to the root chakra, as this is the ground that pulls the celestial energy into the KA body. Then, for the next five to ten minutes, you simply reside inside the disc, allowing it to spin with your awareness at your BA and at the base of your spine. There will be a flow of energy from the BA into the physical body and down to the base of the spine. At times it will be a very light sensation. At other times it will be like a laser light or a column of fire or a stream. It may take many forms.

And as this energy descends from the BA into the base of the spine, it radiates into the KA body, energizing it. You can do this as many times as you wish. We suggest at least once a day. There is a caution: if you practice this too often, or for too long a period of time, you can experience a healing reaction. This is caused by the celestial energies flowing from the KA into the physical organs of the body and causing them to release negativity, toxins and other negative material that constrains their life force. As the KA body becomes more energized over a period of time, it will be able to incorporate the solarized particles from the solar stream and this will greatly accelerate your ascension.

This is the basic method. And as we suggested, once a day, five to ten minutes is all that is required, so long as your intention is clearly to move upward in consciousness.

We now wish to turn our attention to planetary service and to an energetic release we are calling The Great Triad.

The first weekend of April (April 3-5, 2009) we are calling a gathering in Seattle, Washington in which we will utilize the Holon we have just discussed and in connection with the three sound temples that we established physically in New Mexico, Costa Rica and Nepal. The union of these three shall be for the purpose of increasing the light of illumination.

Before this event, some time in mid-March, we will release another posting, another Planetary Message, with instructions for those who are not able to join us physically in Seattle. These instructions will allow those persons who cannot join us physically, to join us energetically and participate in this action of planetary service.

From the standpoint of the Egyptian mythos and initiatory knowledge, your civilization is in the Initiation of the Anmit, which is essentially a passage from the pursuit of power, into love, and the higher realizations that come from the higher chakras. It is a struggle between those who wish to perpetuate a world of conflict, as a stage whereby they can attain and sustain power, and those who wish to live a life of cooperation–understanding that all life is interconnected.

The purpose of this gathering shall be two-fold: to impart a greater mastery of the Holon we have discussed and how to utilize the solar streams for personal ascension; and to release into the earth’s emotional atmosphere a spiritual illumination that will benefit all life and add to the side of the scale that leads to cooperation over conflict.

Click here for Tom’s Observations Regarding the Holon of Ascension

How We Kill Geniuses

The luminous TED “idea fest” has been in session this week in CA.  If you are not familiar with TED, and love brilliance and leading-edge creatives, you can hop over to for a gander at what’s been going on at this annual event.  They also post videos of their presentations at the website. I’ve never been to TED – very upper echelon – but am thankful for their use of the internet!  At any rate, thought I’d post this article, written by Kim Zetter about the talk given by Elizabeth Gilbert, of Eat, Pray, Love mega-success. Gilbert has got something special, as anyone knows who’s read her delightful writing.  Anyway, this may only be up here a day or two for Whitehawk visitors; so enjoy, and do keep showing up for your part in the big play while remembering to invite the gods/muses to join your efforts.

SEE ALSO:  MIT Students Turn Internet Into a Sixth Human Sense — Video

AND ALSO: Creating Tribe

How We Kill Geniuses

By Kim Zetter February 06, 2009

TED Conference

Author Elizabeth Gilbert, of bestseller fame (for her book Eat, Pray, Love), mused before the audience of TED geniuses today that we kill geniuses by demanding super-human powers from them. The problem, she says, lies in where we attribute the qualities of geniusness. Instead of viewing the individual as a genius, we should view geniusness as a gift from an unknowable outside source — some might call it a muse, others a fairy or god force — that visits us on occasion to participate in an act of creation and then leaves to help someone else. Gilbert was referring primarily to those in the arts, but her talk applied really to anyone who births something sublime — whether it’s a painting in the Sistine Chapel or a quantum equation. Gilbert received a full standing ovation for her talk from an audience of people who generally don’t give in to beliefs about muses, fairies and god forces. So let me back up to explain how she reached this point.

Continue reading here .

Carbonated Holiness

“Laughter is carbonated holiness.”

~ Anne Lamott


Found this brief post from last year just now, and it tickles me so I’m bringing it up front again, with this accompanying vignette about it.  When I first came upon the above Lamott quote a couple years ago, I forwarded it to a friend whose greatest gift is his infinite capacity for spontaneous humor.  (Yes, you know who you are.)   Minutes later, true to form, I received the return message:

Schwepps is carbonated water.”

~ Louie the Bartender


… complete with a pic of a bottle of Schwepps, like an advert. I chuckle still.

Multiple Expressions of Light

Once again I’m moved to share someone else’s message in this space.  When I read this, it resonated as a good followup to the Chaos/Kairos message and page I put up yesterday. It fleshes things out a bit, and reminds us of a wonderful tier of allies we have among us here ~ the blessed Elementals!  So I was inspired to post this.

Also, my queue is a bit “backed up” here re: all kinds of miscellaneous tidbits for this blog! As usual, the challenge is to sit still and organize my thoughts into reasonably coherent missives.  Stay tuned (perhaps subscribe) for our next episode.  Meanwhile, Celia Fenn’s latest follows (AA Michael channel), for your discernment:

Beloved Lightworkers, as you enter this month of February, you are experiencing your Reality in a new way. You are beginning to experience the multiple levels and expressions of Light in your reality. As the “Hologram” of your Fifth Dimensional Reality strengthens and becomes clearer, you are entering into a new and challenging phase of your evolution as a Collective.

As the new grids are energized and activated around the Planet, more and more light flows into the new grids in preparation for the new manifestations. On these grids there is a high tension of creative energy surging through the new crystalline matrix. The Abundance of Source is pulsing through the grids as Harmonics of Light, just waiting to be woven into manifestation by the Masters of Light who can access the flow of Abundance through their open hearts and their joyful service to the Light. At the same time, the old third-dimensional grids are being depleted of energy, and this is creating a “vacuum” effect, where nothing seems to move forward and nothing seems to flow.

Indeed, Beloved Ones, this is where the challenge arises for you as Masters of Light. You will be confronted by two “levels” of experience in your daily lives. The one level will be the miraculous fifth-dimensional flow of Abundance, the other will be the disintegrating third-dimensional level of lack and limitation, the empty illusions that are coming up very empty indeed right now. Everyone will experience these two levels of reality, and we know that those without discernment and wisdom may fall into panic and feel that they are “blocked” and are not moving forward. Beloved Ones, this time is given to you so that you may learn the skill of distinguishing what is real and what is truth for you, and what is empty illusion. When you can fluidly move from the empty and void energies of negativity and anger, and flow into the blessings of Abundant manifestation, you will have activated your abilties as a Master of Light in the New Earth.

In December, your Higher Chakras were recalibrated to align and interface with this new reality. You are perceptually able to distinguish and discern what pulsates with higher energy and what is void and empty. You will feel it within your Heart and within your Body at this time.

Beloved Lightworkers, in this month there will be many challenging situations that will arise as you align your mental and emotional reactions with your higher perceptions. You will be confronted with situations where you must choose between vibrating as the level of anger and despair, or choosing rather to enter the safe space of the Heart and knowing that you are always safe and protected in the love of your I Am presence. When you make this choice to enter the Heart, you will feel empowered to deal with any situation and to transform the energies to a higher vibration with love. And if you cannot, then you will move on without needing to engage with or carry with you these lower vibrating energies.

It is a choice, and, as you make that choice to raise the frequencies of your lower chakras so that they are aligned with the Heart and the higher chakras, you will experience your own Being as a Continuum of Light. You will indeed feel that you are Light embodied, and that every part of you is pulsating with the flow of Divine Love. And, in this Reality of Light, you are opening the way for miraculous manifestation, for the Abundance of Divine Blessings will flow from Source into your Heart and through your lower chakra energies and into manifestation. And this process will happen smoothly and with increasing rapidity as you become more skilled as Masters of Light.

Beloved Ones, as you face these challenges, know that each one of you anticipated this moment when you agreed to incarnate as a Lightworkers in this Great Transformation. You knew there would come a time when you would have to release the old “support systems” of the Third Dimensions and step out into this new Fifth Dimensional space of complete mastery of your own Light and inner Divinity. And yes, you knew that it would be challenging and you knew that you might not always get it completely at first, but you were confident that you would all be able to achieve this mastery. And, indeed you will…indeed you have…you are just learning how to express it in the physical plane. You have worked to master the skill of living in your Heart energy, and we say again beloveds, this is the key, we call it the “golden key”. It is only when your Heart is open and filled with Unconditional Love and Gratitude, that you become a conduit for the flow of Divine Abundance and a Creator of Miracles of Abundance and Peace, as you weave the Light into Holographic manifestation through the Multiple levels of Light.

Beloved Ones, consider for a moment this “Path of Light”. The Light of Source enters your Crown Chakra from the higher realms of Spirit, the most pure and radiant light, without any distortion. It is the pure love of the “One” and it vibrates to the Law of One. This activates the Pineal gland which then sends instructions to the Brow Chakra and the Pituitary gland to begin the process of perception and creation on the physical. And so, the soul works with the Light and you begin to see and hear and express the Light that you have received as passions and ideas, and these passions and ideas are directed into the Heart to be felt in the Body as motivation and joy. It is here, at the Heart, that the soul transfers these passions and joys into the Physical Being so that they may be woven into material forms by the creation of experiences of life. Every experience that you walk through has been woven into your reality through the desires and passions of the soul for new experiences on the path of Light. And of course, most of life’s experiences are worked through with others whose souls have chosen similar experiences and have been drawn into your creations so that they may share your soul light and your soul creations. Beloved Ones, as you vibrate with a higher light and a higher intention of love, so it is that you will attract souls who seek also to create experiences of Love and Joy together with you in this New Reality of Light that is called the New Earth.

Yes, Holographic Reality is nothing more than the experience of multiple layers of light, vibrating at different frequencies and dimensions, to produce the delightful “Dream” of Reality. Each person on the Planet is a part of the Dream, each person weaves their Light into the Hologram as they are able. Those who are Masters of Light are learning to live with a conscious understanding of this process so that they may direct their creations into conscious manifestation as they choose. But, Beloveds, those who become great Warriors of Light are those who know that the strongest creations are those woven from the Light of Many Beings who share the Dream. When you can “Dream as One”, you will indeed create powerful manifestations of Love and Light that can be woven into the Physical Plane.

Partners in Manifestation : The Elemental Energies

Beloved Ones, at this time we would also speak to you of those Beings of Light that work to support you as you emerge into new levels of Mastery. Continue reading

New Page: Chaos to Kairos

Chaos to Kairos (Dissolution of the Old World) is now up among the feature pages. We are heading in the right direction, which is not to say weaning ourselves from the Old is a piece of cake. We’re in a similar position as the poor polar bears, hopping around on little fragments of ice as their polar ice world melts out from under them!

It’s been on my mind a lot lately that we’d do well to Get With Big Change, Pronto, while we are able to make choices and align our intentions and manifest accordingly before so much stuff is flying, getting anything accomplished will be more challenging than it is now.  I’m talking about aligning to “New Earth” ways as a matter of daily practice, in any ways that speak to you to pursue, so some things will be in place when we absolutely need them.

The spin cycle is upon us… we can work with the vortex but it requires disciplined consciousness and detachment from myriad complacent habits. The idea is to shift to new ways of tapping into energy now; new ways to get around now; innovative alternatives to mind-numbing, time-wasting endeavors now; keeping oneself inspired and motivated to *gift* or serve the process that is upon us now and continually so making the big impending transitions will be smoother.  We are building bridges.  Ya?  This is the Now Age, ya?

Be the change…

(This is my self-talk I’m sharing here… ;)

What Doesn’t Kill You…

… may expand your life exponentially.  

I stumbled upon this video while checking into other videos posted on youtube by an author I worked with a few years ago.  I may come back to talk about him later ~ a man on a very unique trajectory!  

But back to this happy find: it’s the first of a series of videos now on youtube of Robert Monroe, founder of The Monroe Institute, which is America’s pioneering center for out-of-body exploration, among other adventures in consciousness.  Monroe is a hero of mine from wayyy back, when no one else was talking about these experiences I’ve had all my life.  He not only wrote three exceptional books on the subject; he opened a top-notch experiential research retreat center in lush rural Virginia, USA, and also developed “hemi-sync” technology, which are audio signals that help evoke expanded states.  Anyway — if you choose, meet Bob Monroe, who left his physical form permanently about ten years ago. The Institute carries on.

Someday I’ll share the tale of how my first Monroe book came to me — an odd encounter back in my early 20’s, obviously destined to be.

The Monroe conversation (and related items) continues on youtube.  
Good journeys!  ~W