What Doesn’t Kill You…

… may expand your life exponentially.  

I stumbled upon this video while checking into other videos posted on youtube by an author I worked with a few years ago.  I may come back to talk about him later ~ a man on a very unique trajectory!  

But back to this happy find: it’s the first of a series of videos now on youtube of Robert Monroe, founder of The Monroe Institute, which is America’s pioneering center for out-of-body exploration, among other adventures in consciousness.  Monroe is a hero of mine from wayyy back, when no one else was talking about these experiences I’ve had all my life.  He not only wrote three exceptional books on the subject; he opened a top-notch experiential research retreat center in lush rural Virginia, USA, and also developed “hemi-sync” technology, which are audio signals that help evoke expanded states.  Anyway — if you choose, meet Bob Monroe, who left his physical form permanently about ten years ago. The Institute carries on.

Someday I’ll share the tale of how my first Monroe book came to me — an odd encounter back in my early 20’s, obviously destined to be.

The Monroe conversation (and related items) continues on youtube.  
Good journeys!  ~W


2 comments on “What Doesn’t Kill You…

  1. Robert Monroe changed my life, or at least put it into motion, and I am forever grateful of him. I have all three of his books and his OOBTs (HEMI-SYNC) audio CDs. Yes, these videos on YouTube are wonderful and I recommend everyone to view them.

    STS in transition to STO,


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