New Page: Chaos to Kairos

Chaos to Kairos (Dissolution of the Old World) is now up among the feature pages. We are heading in the right direction, which is not to say weaning ourselves from the Old is a piece of cake. We’re in a similar position as the poor polar bears, hopping around on little fragments of ice as their polar ice world melts out from under them!

It’s been on my mind a lot lately that we’d do well to Get With Big Change, Pronto, while we are able to make choices and align our intentions and manifest accordingly before so much stuff is flying, getting anything accomplished will be more challenging than it is now.  I’m talking about aligning to “New Earth” ways as a matter of daily practice, in any ways that speak to you to pursue, so some things will be in place when we absolutely need them.

The spin cycle is upon us… we can work with the vortex but it requires disciplined consciousness and detachment from myriad complacent habits. The idea is to shift to new ways of tapping into energy now; new ways to get around now; innovative alternatives to mind-numbing, time-wasting endeavors now; keeping oneself inspired and motivated to *gift* or serve the process that is upon us now and continually so making the big impending transitions will be smoother.  We are building bridges.  Ya?  This is the Now Age, ya?

Be the change…

(This is my self-talk I’m sharing here… ;)


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