Astral Ringtones

The other night something peculiar happened.

I was sound asleep, dreaming something boring, when suddenly I was jarred awake by the telephone.  Now, I tend to keep the bedroom phone off (the ringer I mean)… so what I was hearing was coming from the living room.  Moreover, it was playing the specific music of a dedicated ringtone I had assigned years ago to a man who was integral to my daily life for a number of years, tho not so much currently.  So when I was awakened by his ringtone in the night, it was pretty… I’ll just say… unexpected.

You know how disorienting it is to get jarred awake by the phone. I fumbled around, looked at the clock: it was exactly midnight. The ringtone music was wafting down the hall from the other room, and then stopped.  I looked at the caller ID on the bedside phone; no incoming call registered. Huh??

I got a bit activated and agitated by this.  This particular man and I have always had an uncanny connection on other planes.  I could write a volume of stories about this; all kinds of connections, regardless the distance between us on the planet, which is often vast.  Why was I hearing his ringtone at exactly midnight, loud enough to jolt me out of a proper sleep, when the physical phone had apparently not rung at all?  To clarify: the music was still playing after I was awake; I wasn’t dreaming this.

I considered calling him. I tossed around, wondering what this might mean. I was actually half sold on the notion that perhaps he had died, and this was his “wave goodbye” as he shipped out. (Far be it from him to need my crossing-over escort service.) He had been saying how unwell he’d been feeling since picking up some bug on a recent trip…

I waited til morning to call (and also email, as I had gotten his voicemail, which added to my concern). Eventually he called back, and in quite chipper spirits, to boot. Decidedly not dead.  I told him what happened.  He had no explanation. Said he was thinking about me when he awoke that morning. I tend to suppose I somehow surfaced in his (un)consciousness during the night, and that’s what set off this bizarre little vignette with the phone.

I realize people visit my blog seeking information about kundalini and our shifting reality, but this post is more about questions than answers. I find it indicative, however, of how various realms are splashing into each other as the phenom of “grid reconfig” proceeds. All manner of oddness is going on; this could be just one more instance of how it might manifest.

BTW, I know I mentioned in a previous missive that I had a long spell of episodes in which I’d been awakened by ringing bells — always at the end of a significant “experience,” either journeying out-of-body, or a significant dream.  This routine went on for years, but hasn’t happened in a long time.  The purpose of the ringing was to ensure that I ‘capture’  whatever was going on, instead of losing it in a period of post-event slumber.  I filled notebooks with those experiences. This, however, had nothing to do with capturing something significant happening on another plane… unless something was happening with him that was beyond my awareness (and on some channel other than the one running the boring dream) in either an OBE or lucid dream.

Puzzly puzzle, wonder why.  If you have any ideas or similar experiences to share, I’m listening!  Just please don’t call when I’m asleep.  Spent half the night awake after that.


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