The “Hopeful-Stupid” Pattern

I encountered this phrase this morning: The Hopeful-Stupid Pattern. It involves allowing your evolutionary process to get all backed up and tied in knots because you are still wanting to return to some situation as it once was, or perhaps what you thought it once was, or could have been, or maybe was merely a delusional fantasy to begin with. This is counter-evolutionary; devolutionary.  In other words, knock it off.  :-}

If ever there were a divine impulse to acknowledge, respect, get excited about, align to, and flow with — it is that which is throbbing though our world now.  The prevailing energy of Now, and from Now On, is what I refer to as the Great Retruthing. (More on my thoughts and experiences re: retruthing can be found in the new book Kundalini Rising, due out in September from Sounds True.)  We have to get over our adolescent obsessions that keep us feeding the beast of self-absorption, self flagellation, and/or self-serving behaviors, and join the brigade… the vanguard of the INCOMING, because coming in it is!  To continue to replay recordings of how life used to be when we were care free, or perhaps in the money, or with so-and-so, indulging in our every whim and appetite in attempt to fill some internal void while avoiding the reality of the absolute re-creation of everything that is upon us… this is an example of The Hopeful Stupid Pattern.

The impetus to evolve is so powerful now, it is a hyper-evolutionary moment; the quantum leap.  My belief is that within a very short time, humanity will be enmeshed in an entirely new octave within which to exist… or not, for those who simply cannot, or do not wish to, swing with a shift this deep and all-encompassing.  I am here as a “bridge” person, this I know. But let me confess, I am not without my occasional hopeful-stupid reveries! In fact, you could consider this post my own reminder to myself to move forward and not look back

The answers aren’t there anymore.


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