White Hawk Wings Free

Just discovered this story from a few months ago, about a white hawk in my old “nesting zone” of Colorado. In all the years I lived in Colorado, I’d never seen a white hawk. In fact, it was more that a decade after receiving the name Whitehawk that I learned there actually ARE such birds!  

At any rate, this poor hawk got conked bad by a golf ball, which shattered its wing. Happily, a vet in the area was able put the wing back together with pins as his last such surgery before retiring. The Denver news video linked here is of the hawk being released and flying –“winging free” — once again. I take this as a metaphor for myself, as it is absolutely time for me to fly as well (tho not, please God, into a zone of deadly missiles). Nothing sadder than a caged bird, except perhaps a caged bird crippled in pain.


I hope he’s able to steer clear of those damned golf balls; they released him where they found him — at the golf course — to reconcile with his mate, presumably.

Story and video here for white hawk lovers (-:

Fractal Time ~ The Hermetic Principle

I have to hand it to Hay House. I mean, really. Louise Hay’s self-published little book, You Can Heal Your Life, which she wrote something like 30 (40?) years ago, marked the start of a publishing empire of high intention, beauty and grace. They not only honor their employees with profit-sharing (and they are prosperous) and other nice perks, they’ve developed an entire universe of support scaffolding for their formidable stable of spiritual authors… most of whom are best-sellers in the self-help genre.  Their online free radio network, their popular “You Can Do It” conferences and other initiatives, provide stellar venues through which authors can share their ideas and interface with readers.  It’s quite a beautiful thing, from any angle you regard it. Hay House: the empire that Love built. Love, Louise Hay, and other visionaries she’s attracted to her cause. Brava!  As a person whose entire adult life has more or less revolved around reading, writing, publishing, and producing spiritually-oriented materials, I just felt moved to celebrate Louise Hay, now in her 80’s, and Hay House today.  

The promotional vid they made for Gregg Braden’s new book, Fractal Time (inserted below), is what got me started. Time is a topic of interest to me, ie, how tracks of time are laid on earth as an organizing grid for human experience… and also how these tracks can be jumped amid time streams. This topic is “up” afresh this week, as I had a curious OBE the other day, where I landed in the 1950’s for a little visit! That said, I admit my attraction to the Braden promo is as much about the publisher’s use of & style with the medium than the actual content – it appeals to my media/marketing sensibilities.

Braden’s video then led me to this other video (the second one, below) that actually explains fractal time quite nicely, in case reading Braden’s entire book isn’t on your immediate to-do list.  The second video is by a man who, turns out, is on *quite* a journey of his own, committed to developing an esoteric living/teaching community in prep for the ‘new earth,’ down in Chile.  Never heard of this man before, but he has a wealth of material online – writings, photos, videos, podcasts – quite something really, and well done.  I acknowledge his profuse (and, it appears, well informed) sharing, and his efforts to really build something important — a functional bridge to the next age. He has many vids on youtube if you’re inclined to explore further.  (I’m not endorsing, just mentioning the existence of something that might be of interest.)

So here are the two videos; enjoy!

Gregg Braden: Fractal Time~

David Bruce Hughes: Matrix Singularity – Fractal Time, The Hermetic Principle~

Striking Strike the Root (oops)

FOLLOWUP to the original ‘Strike’ post, which I’ve now removed:  I’ve been caught posting a link to a site with which I had virtually no familiarity (not my norm, truly!), and I’m appreciative to Skycatcher for the head’s up (via comment here).  The Strike the Root site may be too anarchist/negative to be a viable resource for many readers of this blog (including myself — eh), and Skycatcher has offered My Local Currency as a better alternative for bartering and other money-alternative social solutions:  http://www.mylocalcurrency.org/  

Any other leads also welcome!   I offer apologies for not following my own standard advice about using discernment.  In my haste I didn’t even look into ‘Root’ to form a legit opinion. A lesson!

Seeds of Change Take Root in Prisons

California’s First Vegetable Garden Behind Bars

I find this item (Insight Garden Program, below) encouraging. Brings to mind the Anastasia series of books, based on the true tales and teachings of a very unique being – the beautiful Anastasia – who “came in” with total, innate earth wisdom.  She has always known inherently how to work with the energies, elements, plants, and animals that surrounded her in the remote, forested  Siberian wilderness in which she “raised herself” without parents.
If living in absolute, even “conversational” (and spiritual) oneness with nature is of interest to you, you might check into the Ringing Cedars book line of nonfiction accounts of Anastasia’s life and substantiated beliefs. Her world view is now influencing the world in ever-expanding ways — including a program that teaches Russian prisoners how to garden, and then grants them a plot of otherwise unused land upon their release, so they may contribute to the organic food supply in their area.  This program has been a fantastic success in Russia.  It gives people whose lives had been derailed in hard times not only a new start, but a valued (even nurturing) role in their community. A beautiful success story.
The teachings of Anatasia (pronounced Ah-nah-stass-eee-ya) have launched a huge movement around the globe, somewhat similar to Rudolph Steiner, in his day.   www.ringingcedars.com  

Anyway … the following is the lead to a story over on lime.com:
from Celsias

The Insight Garden Program has been teaching inmates at the San Quentin Prison in San Francisco, CA gardening skills since 2002. With about 40 of the 1,000 male prisoners enrolled, the program hopes to give inmates a vocational skill that they can later use to get a job in addition to providing them with a spiritual outlet.

About that Ark…

Back in the 1980’s, I had a few visions of Chicago being under water.  Not totally submerged like, say, Atlantis, but submerged enough (about 8 feet) to make it uninhabitable. The most memorable vignette involved me in a small boat, telling someone with me that “I used to live here,” as we floated by the apartment building I lived in at the time.  The first floor was under water, and the neighborhood was abandoned. At the time I felt I had somehow visited the future. Whether I had or not, I can’t say, but what I’m seeing now does look familiar!

Albany Park flood

This photo is of an area a few minutes from where I currently live. It’s just one of many neighborhoods and suburbs that are deep in the drink as I write. Winter has been unusually harsh this year, and now the water just won’t stop coming. Even with Chicago’s famed engineering marvel, the “deep tunnel” drainage system, completed after many years (and gazillions of dollars) …  the torrential water we’ve been getting is still backed up everywhere, throughout streets and yards and lower levels of buildings like people’s homes.  The omnipresent flooding at this moment is major.

Seeing my car hold its own (thankfully!) while whitewater rapids rush past it in the street, leaving all manner of debris caked up on the grill and tires, is a tad disconcerting.  I AM GRATEFUL that in my area, large objects not anchored to the ground (like cars) are not being swept away. Other areas have it far worse. The rain is still coming steadily… and now a cold front is coming later today that may freeze all this water, creating a whole ‘nuther set of problems. And it is almost dark as night as I write, tho it is actually the middle of the day.

Meanwhile, I have an agonizing migraine that came on two nights back, which makes everything all the more intense. I’m mentioning the migraine (an inherited tendency) after seeing a blurb on TV about a sudden ‘flood’ of migraines being reported the last couple of days!  I didn’t catch where this data came from, perhaps emergency rooms have had a wave of patients feeling as though they’ve been clocked in the skull by a baseball bat (an apt description).  They hypothesized that the barometric pressure involved with this weather is the culprit.

Is this situation indicative of earth changes, or just a random weather fluke?  Who could say for sure. What I can say with certainty is, outside my window is a world of water; inside my skull is world of pain. Yet in the trees the birds sing on, which brings a smile to my heart, and a sense of hope to my soul. Perhaps it’s best I don’t know the lyrics.

Ships of Light… and Us

The other day I watched a cool documentary, appreciated because it exposes and explores a phenom that’s been going on for decades, even centuries, maybe even millennia, while somehow managing to escape the bruhaha that flails around the ‘net pertaining to UFOs.  I just wish the emphasis of this loonng film leaned more toward the direct encounter experiences of the primary person profiled, and less on the endless preponderance of eyewitnesses attesting to this “object’s” existence in the first place, which would reduce its length by about half.  This is typical when it comes to nonordinary phenomena — overkill about its empirical existence, with precious little substance re: its purpose and significance. It’s also typical of creative work in need of an editor.

lightship photoNonetheless, this film, Ships of Light, brought things to mind that I thought I’d attempt to address.  I’m also embedding a screen for it at the end of this post, should you be moved to look into it yourself.  It’s up on google video in two parts, for a total of about 2.5 hours of footage.  (I first spotted it on youtube but was happy to be able to switch over to google, where it’s not whacked into 10-minute segments, and the video is of far better quality.)

This film tells the story of Carlos Diaz, a pleasant and spiritually open family man living in a fairly small town south of Mexico City, who, for more than 20 years, has had an ongoing relationship with entities who comprise a huge lightship that seems to be stationed in this particular area of Mexico — an area where several strong energy lines intersect in the earth grid.  We know that such confluences of ‘forces’ like this tend to be conducive to interdimensional portals, where energies, entities, and intelligences typically obscured from ordinary human awareness can be witnessed and even interacted with in some cases.

Did you catch the languaging in the above paragraph re: the nature of the “ship”?  This is a huge yellow/orange/red undulating sphere of LIGHT that illuminates the Mexican sky in Diaz’s homeland. The entities themselves make up the body of the ship; it is a large conscious energetic composed of many individual energy beings, living in a community of oneness. So this is a living ship; it’s not metallic, not physical in the 3D sense of the word. In other words, it is what some might consider to be an ascended community of light.  I was particularly drawn to this story in the wake of a few recent visionary experiences I had involving this same idea: I saw a huge ship that I could best describe as a living, breathing “lantern” (almost rice-papery in its translucent appearance) composed of hundreds of smaller living, breathing, even rotating/spinning replicas of the larger entity.  It was very impressive to behold!

This lightship in Mexico has been photographed and filmed A LOT, some of which is included here. There is even footage of a light beam emission from the ship to the ground below, which is believed to be their data-gathering modality. Everyone in the region has seen it, Continue reading

Toward 2012 on Mainstream TV

Daniel Pinchbeck has been communicating about all things 2012 for several years now. His ability to synthesize and give intelligent voice to the whole gestault of the age is impressive and, imo, worthy of attention and consideration. He’s making rounds currently for his new book, Toward 2012, and his interface with mainstream media in this Portland TV interview is worth a look: http://www.katu.com/amnw/segments/39578362.html.  

Considering the shallowness of the format and minutiae of time allotted, he managed to parlay the opportunity quite well.

40 Tales from the Afterlives

A fluke brought this quirky book onto my radar this morning: Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives, by David Eagleman. Befitting that he grew up in New Mexico; he seems to possess an enchanted mind. Young guy. He dreamed up forty potential afterlife scenarios; some thought provoking, others not; my appreciation is mostly in his ‘going there.’  I’m listing the gist of each one below. His bio says, among other things, that he currently runs a neuroscience research lab where he studies time perception, synesthesia, and how neuroscience will influence the legal system. (!)  I’ve decided he’s a POI (person of interest) and am giving him some of my blog space today; a refreshing character. BTW, the graphic is unrelated to the book; I just put it in here.

Following are 40 potential afterlife SUMmaries explored in SUM: Forty Tales from the Afterlives (courtesy OnPointRadio.org):

SUM- After you die, you relive your life, but with like events all grouped together: 30 straight years of sleep, 1 year of reading, and so on.

EGALITAIRE- God lets everyone into Heaven, instead of sending some people to Hell. This just makes everyone miserable.


CIRCLE OF FRIENDS- You relive your life in a world made up of only the people you met in life.

DESCENT OF SPECIES- You are allowed to choose who to be in your next life; you choose a horse.

GIANTESS- God is cosmically huge and unable to comprehend the concerns of humans.

MARY- God’s favorite book is Frankenstein, which resonates with him because he is a creator who has lost control of creation.

THE CAST: After you die, you are sent back to the world to play bit parts in other people’s dreams.

METAMORPHOSIS: You never truly die until the last time your name is spoken. Continue reading