About that Ark…

Back in the 1980’s, I had a few visions of Chicago being under water.  Not totally submerged like, say, Atlantis, but submerged enough (about 8 feet) to make it uninhabitable. The most memorable vignette involved me in a small boat, telling someone with me that “I used to live here,” as we floated by the apartment building I lived in at the time.  The first floor was under water, and the neighborhood was abandoned. At the time I felt I had somehow visited the future. Whether I had or not, I can’t say, but what I’m seeing now does look familiar!

Albany Park flood

This photo is of an area a few minutes from where I currently live. It’s just one of many neighborhoods and suburbs that are deep in the drink as I write. Winter has been unusually harsh this year, and now the water just won’t stop coming. Even with Chicago’s famed engineering marvel, the “deep tunnel” drainage system, completed after many years (and gazillions of dollars) …  the torrential water we’ve been getting is still backed up everywhere, throughout streets and yards and lower levels of buildings like people’s homes.  The omnipresent flooding at this moment is major.

Seeing my car hold its own (thankfully!) while whitewater rapids rush past it in the street, leaving all manner of debris caked up on the grill and tires, is a tad disconcerting.  I AM GRATEFUL that in my area, large objects not anchored to the ground (like cars) are not being swept away. Other areas have it far worse. The rain is still coming steadily… and now a cold front is coming later today that may freeze all this water, creating a whole ‘nuther set of problems. And it is almost dark as night as I write, tho it is actually the middle of the day.

Meanwhile, I have an agonizing migraine that came on two nights back, which makes everything all the more intense. I’m mentioning the migraine (an inherited tendency) after seeing a blurb on TV about a sudden ‘flood’ of migraines being reported the last couple of days!  I didn’t catch where this data came from, perhaps emergency rooms have had a wave of patients feeling as though they’ve been clocked in the skull by a baseball bat (an apt description).  They hypothesized that the barometric pressure involved with this weather is the culprit.

Is this situation indicative of earth changes, or just a random weather fluke?  Who could say for sure. What I can say with certainty is, outside my window is a world of water; inside my skull is world of pain. Yet in the trees the birds sing on, which brings a smile to my heart, and a sense of hope to my soul. Perhaps it’s best I don’t know the lyrics.

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