Striking Strike the Root (oops)

FOLLOWUP to the original ‘Strike’ post, which I’ve now removed:  I’ve been caught posting a link to a site with which I had virtually no familiarity (not my norm, truly!), and I’m appreciative to Skycatcher for the head’s up (via comment here).  The Strike the Root site may be too anarchist/negative to be a viable resource for many readers of this blog (including myself — eh), and Skycatcher has offered My Local Currency as a better alternative for bartering and other money-alternative social solutions:  

Any other leads also welcome!   I offer apologies for not following my own standard advice about using discernment.  In my haste I didn’t even look into ‘Root’ to form a legit opinion. A lesson!

2 comments on “Striking Strike the Root (oops)

  1. Thanks for the info and for your thought-provoking commentaries! I checked out the Strike the Root site and was surprised to find that the site’s focus was not barter and financial alternatives, per se, but hardcore libertarian “market anarchist” “all government is evil” rhetoric. After a little searching on the site, I did find some articles on barter and alternative currency.

    Here’s an informative site that lists resources and local currency and barter groups:


  2. Thank you! I am very interested in local currency and bartering. I feel we’re going to be relying on our local homegrown economies more in the next few years. Maybe you will want to revisit the topic at some point. :-)


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