Fractal Time ~ The Hermetic Principle

I have to hand it to Hay House. I mean, really. Louise Hay’s self-published little book, You Can Heal Your Life, which she wrote something like 30 (40?) years ago, marked the start of a publishing empire of high intention, beauty and grace. They not only honor their employees with profit-sharing (and they are prosperous) and other nice perks, they’ve developed an entire universe of support scaffolding for their formidable stable of spiritual authors… most of whom are best-sellers in the self-help genre.  Their online free radio network, their popular “You Can Do It” conferences and other initiatives, provide stellar venues through which authors can share their ideas and interface with readers.  It’s quite a beautiful thing, from any angle you regard it. Hay House: the empire that Love built. Love, Louise Hay, and other visionaries she’s attracted to her cause. Brava!  As a person whose entire adult life has more or less revolved around reading, writing, publishing, and producing spiritually-oriented materials, I just felt moved to celebrate Louise Hay, now in her 80’s, and Hay House today.  

The promotional vid they made for Gregg Braden’s new book, Fractal Time (inserted below), is what got me started. Time is a topic of interest to me, ie, how tracks of time are laid on earth as an organizing grid for human experience… and also how these tracks can be jumped amid time streams. This topic is “up” afresh this week, as I had a curious OBE the other day, where I landed in the 1950’s for a little visit! That said, I admit my attraction to the Braden promo is as much about the publisher’s use of & style with the medium than the actual content – it appeals to my media/marketing sensibilities.

Braden’s video then led me to this other video (the second one, below) that actually explains fractal time quite nicely, in case reading Braden’s entire book isn’t on your immediate to-do list.  The second video is by a man who, turns out, is on *quite* a journey of his own, committed to developing an esoteric living/teaching community in prep for the ‘new earth,’ down in Chile.  Never heard of this man before, but he has a wealth of material online – writings, photos, videos, podcasts – quite something really, and well done.  I acknowledge his profuse (and, it appears, well informed) sharing, and his efforts to really build something important — a functional bridge to the next age. He has many vids on youtube if you’re inclined to explore further.  (I’m not endorsing, just mentioning the existence of something that might be of interest.)

So here are the two videos; enjoy!

Gregg Braden: Fractal Time~

David Bruce Hughes: Matrix Singularity – Fractal Time, The Hermetic Principle~

One comment on “Fractal Time ~ The Hermetic Principle

  1. Enjoyed the soothing melodic beat of background music of ‘Buffalo Springfield’. ‘For What it’s Worth’, I am not sure that we need to make such a big deal of the upcoming 2012. As both videos call attention to this is a cyclical time period. It is more of the same just a different format. Our human nature tends to dramatize that period of time that we just happen to be taking part in.


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