White Hawk Wings Free

Just discovered this story from a few months ago, about a white hawk in my old “nesting zone” of Colorado. In all the years I lived in Colorado, I’d never seen a white hawk. In fact, it was more that a decade after receiving the name Whitehawk that I learned there actually ARE such birds!  

At any rate, this poor hawk got conked bad by a golf ball, which shattered its wing. Happily, a vet in the area was able put the wing back together with pins as his last such surgery before retiring. The Denver news video linked here is of the hawk being released and flying –“winging free” — once again. I take this as a metaphor for myself, as it is absolutely time for me to fly as well (tho not, please God, into a zone of deadly missiles). Nothing sadder than a caged bird, except perhaps a caged bird crippled in pain.


I hope he’s able to steer clear of those damned golf balls; they released him where they found him — at the golf course — to reconcile with his mate, presumably.

Story and video here for white hawk lovers (-:

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