Chaotic Nodes

This is the latest (4/27) from Tom Kenyon and the Hathors. Tom’s site is linked at the end. This “cusp” may explain the roughness of the energies I posted about recently in Night Vibes Redux.  Hm, I’m also wondering now if there’s any connection between this and my vision re: Italy?  And also the message I heard that same evening that said, “You are on the brink of lift-off,” which I went back and edited out of the “Italy” post. Maybe this is all related.  Aiyee…  

From the Hathors~

Any energetic system that shifts to higher or lower orders of

coherency passes through chaotic events in its journey to a

new resting energy state. Your earth is no exception to this.


With this in mind, we anticipate a planetary increase in

chaotic events. By this we mean that a large-scale chaotic

event(s) is near. We call such events, “Chaotic Nodes.” They

are a precursor to geometric progressions of chaotic events,

and you are at the threshold of such a node. Continue reading

Entering the Pain

Final Entry, by Rassouli

Final Entry, by Rassouli

Last week, as I was responding to responses to the Kundalini Not a Game post, I came upon a sad little piece of verse (below). Wondering where it came from, I googled it; but rather than finding a source, I found repeated uses of it all over the web, which was interesting. Perhaps it’s song lyrics.

A theme that was ‘up’ that day was how reticent we are to be open with others when we are in pain. In our culture, it is generally not ok to share real pain, or fear. We feel shamed by our pain, as though we are failures for having it. It is *quite* typical to gripe and complain about things that get to us: the job, the relationship, etc. But going into the deeper layers, what tends to happen is, those acute issues just keep burrowing deeper IN, rather than reaching out for guidance, support, or whatever is begging to be done, by that pain/fear. 

It’s interesting that once this topic came up, this little poem “came in,” and then various other voices began appearing, and I realized… pain and fear are everywhere on the internet, which is merely physical evidence of the state of the global brain/mind/soul. Anyway, this is the little piece for which I could find no source: 

She says she’s fine,  
but she’s going insane.
She says she feels good,
but she’s in a lot of pain.
She says it’s nothing,
but it’s really a lot.
She says she’s okay,
but really she’s not.

This touched me. No one wants to be bothered by anyone else’s problems, or at least so we believe. Isn’t life hard enough without someone else’s burdens, after all?

So this morning, again I got connected to the pain theme, and this time it came with a resource that I thought I’d share (as I do like being helpful). There’s a free ebook version of a published book called Meeting the Dragon: Ending Our Suffering by Entering Our Pain, by Robert Masters, PhD. It just went online a few weeks ago. Masters has several books that have roused my interest, which you can see and determine for yourself if you look into it.

Masters distinguishes between pain and suffering (pain is inevitable; suffering is largely voluntary); he addresses the common reaction to pain being to get away from it, and why entering it is actually a more effective course of action for getting through it. He also explains the difference between compassionately holding pain vs. fusing with it. 

I’ve only scanned this book, but felt it worth sharing in case you find it of service, especially since the cost is in “click,” not “coin.”  Here’s his website; the free download is on his Store page. Pain is an interpretation of energy. Working with pain towards healing navigates one toward wholeness. Fighting with pain, agonizing over circumstances, tends to create further breakage.

I send compassionate blessings and love to all the pain(ed) in the world…


Night Vibes Redux

It happened again last night, but the sensations were different.

Some here know what I’m talking about vis-a-vis those mysterious Night Vibes. It’s a phenom that started occurring, oh, maybe two years ago, on and off. Numerous conversations about it have come up in various online communities. Interestingly, I just looked back at my first post about this, and it was dated April 18, 2008. Almost exactly a year ago. I wonder if some kind of planetary alignment at this time of year is amplifying a particular type of energy transmission that we feel in our bodies, like lightning rods?

Last night this energy, which came on strong the moment I got into bed, had a different quality than my previous experiences with it. It felt less “buzzy” and more rumbly. So instead of feeling like every cell in my body was vibrating in a refined (but distinct) “hum,” this time the sensation was more… hm, how to describe it?

bubble teaTry this: know those “bubble teas”? These are smoothies or sweet teas that are “accessorized” with plump tapioca balls, added for fun. Something like soft, translucent marbles that you eat.

What I felt last night was as though every cell was a big “bubble ball” being rattled by some… energy, or force. Put this pink drink on top of a train engine, and imagine what those tapioca balls would do inside the glass, and you have a fairly good idea what I mean!

I know. This one’s a stretch! “Is Whitehawk outta her gourd??” It sounds too wild, doesn’t it! It was weird, and not in a fun way.

Which is exactly why I’m moved to “bring it out” here — something strange is happening. This is the kind of thing we ‘sensitives’ fear talking about, because it just sounds goofy as all get.

In previous experiences with this vibration, it was “interesting.”  And I talked about my experiences and thoughts about it here in the “sacred, safe space” of  this blog.  Last night, though, it was amped up about 200%… very rumbly, almost coarse, and distracting:  I was awake most of the night. What the heck was happening! If not a natural phenomenon, then some mega, man-made microwave transmission passing through?


Bless Everything

I’d like to share this vignette from a party produced by a spiritual teacher in my area. I say ‘produced’ because it was indeed quite a production — an enchanting world unto itself.  I felt charmed the moment I reached the entrance.

In conversation with one of this teacher’s students, I enthused about the caliber of the event. It was so impressive — the vision, and the collaboration it must have taken to manifest it, and how good it felt being there — that my perception of the teacher herself was bumped up a few notches as a result.

“I can tell you the secret of how she did it, if you want to know,” this student offered.

I nodded, smiling, eyebrows raised in anticipation.

“She blesses everything!” she effused, explaining that her beloved teacher blesses every little thing as she goes about any given day.  

Every morning she blesses the day ahead.
Every meeting and class receives blessing beforehand.
Every errand, every task… blessed and appreciated in advance for its successful outcome.
She blesses the space that provides a home for her healing practice and school.

She blessed every step, and every person, involved in pulling together the beautiful party I was enjoying.  She blessed every item they had for sale at their products table, and every gift item they gave away free to their guests.

Just replaying that conversation, and remembering that evening, blesses me all over again.

Blessings to you this day.  I appreciate your stopping by.

~ Whitehawk

The Deception of Perception

What’s Real?

Each passing day offers accumulating evidence that what we think we know is actually perception, not fact. I’ve been observing this for some time now, as have most of us, if we are brave enough to admit it. Preferring to hold onto “reality” as we grew up believing it to be is understandable; security tends to be found in the familiar, even when the familiar is insane. And we’re all quite familiar with the insanity by now, aren’t we!

My current position is: what’s real is fluidity. Reality is fluid, not fixed. All the convoluted structures within yet more structures that civilization has created to showcase and perpetuate its aggrandized self image are now melting back down into their original state: quantum fluidity.

Humanity has entered an imaginal realm, and will have to learn how to negotiate this “unimaginable” reality, the existence of which can no longer be denied. The imaginal realm can be illustrated by a caterpillar — a humble, wormlike insect who lives to consume — then seals itself inside a womb of its own creation, wherein its DNA triggers the total liquification of its entire body. Then, somehow via activated “imaginal cells with an impetus for elegant expressionthat liquified goo is re-engineered into an entirely new and different creature, with six long legs and two large, beautiful wings! The wondrous metamorphic journey of the caterpillar is “impossible,”  and yet… it is true.  Its mysterious environment inside the cocoon — where it liquifies and reforms into something else — is the imaginal realm.


Do caterpillars know their destiny in advance?  In their caterpillar dreams and imaginations do they fantasize about flying one day, flitting among fabulous, aromatic flowers with large, shimmering wings, knowingly bringing joy to everyone who lays eyes upon them?  Who’s to say. I’m just inspired by this creature’s defacto transformation to suggest that we humans would do well to imagine ourselves as capable of much more freedom and beauty than we’ve previously believed… because we are capable, and it’s time to stop living small.

So: reality is fluid and flowing, not fixed and heavy. We look at all the “material” around us and mistakenly accept it as what “really” matters. But in the imaginal realm, what we need to understand is the fluid energy behind all the constructs (or obstructions). Another word for this fluidity might be consciousness. It is a conscious universe, and we are cameras for that consciousness: what we focus on is what develops and ultimately projected onto the screen of life. We’ve allowed energy flow to become frozen “on record,” and we’ve analyzed its “frozenness,” studying it from every angle, perpetuating a condition of stagnancy or deadness rather than creation, movement… life. I’m connecting dots between our lauded intellects and this stagnancy. I’m suggesting that to learn to swim in the fluidity of the imaginal realm  — Kairos; the unfolding, moving, opportune NOW — we have to engage MORE IMAGINATION, and give less devout credence to rutted perceptions (old images stored in our cameras) of the past.

All the “fixed formation” (or information) we’ve leaned on for centuries is getting washed away by this new energy upon us.  This energy is the energy of transformation; the photons I’ve talked about before. We are being transformed by its presence. This is more than a shift in “ideas.” All the “forms” and structures have served as training wheels for our latent, slowly-emerging creational abilities. The state of digital technology today seems to me to be providing the final puzzle pieces between our past reliance on “things” and our emerging capacity to be fully multi-sensory beings, able to be “everywhere, all the time.” I liken this change upon us as so encompassing, we will be evolving wings AND gills to live in it!  I use the terms wings and gills metaphorically, but I’m serious about the imaginal realm and our imperative to MORPH, to claim our “wings” as our total beingness (soul, higher self, infinite spirit, etc) is finally finding its place… right here on earth.

Homo sapiens is in its final pedestrian stages; homo luminous is taking flight. The intellect will take a position in service to heartful imagination, actively engaging energetic flow in service to the collective good, unimpeded by restrictive rules and fixed games that only a select few could ever win.

Our addiction to historic forms has been released into dynamic, multidimensional, quantum fluidity. The playing field is lush and even, and all can play!  If we’re not seeing it yet, it’s only because we’re still perceiving through habitual lenses of limitation.

Practice, practice !


This post was inspired by a rather sudden wave of serious illness in people around me. I *know* that in this quantum universe, spontaneous remission is DOABLE. It’s primarily our consciousness that holds it back. So my processing ended up in the blurt above. If we really believed, without wavering, in the ability to change “reality” in a moment by  just *SEEING* differently (ie, Matrix Energetics), we would finally begin living up to our true abilities.

Love all~

Italy: Sudden Increase of UFO Sightings

Alright, here I am again with my recent interest in Italy, since my vision the other evening has riveted my attention to this boot of land I’ve never visited, and to which I have neither ancestral nor any emotional connection. Today I learned about a sudden swarm of UFO sightings around there. So, more fodder for the phenom…

Readers may wonder why I’m off on this tangent. Some do not see any connection between “spiritual” phenomena like kundalini or afterlife encounters and UFOs and earth changes. To you I say: it’s ALL related. If you haven’t connected the dots yet, my hunch is it’s only a matter of time til you do.

Meanwhile, I’ve got so much I’d like to talk about here… but the effort of writing it all out is exhausting!  I’ve had drafts here for ages that have yet to be finished and published.  Please stay tuned?  :-}

Now, about the UFOs and Italy ~ following is a plug for a Dreamland program (accessed via unknown country) that will be online this weekend. I will be listening; maybe you too?


The earthquakes in Italy were accompanied by a flurry of UFO sightings in Rome and Milan, and Whitley Strieber interviews Italian UFO expert Paola Harris about the possible significance of this. The UFOs videotaped were not earthquake lights, but actual, structured objects. The sightings have been covered on, and they raise the question: what is the connection between UFOs, earth changes and large-scale natural and historical events on earth?

The religious aspect is also covered, as Paola tells us about a very provocative statement quietly made by the Vatican last year, to the effect that people from other worlds do not suffer from original sin. Why would they say this? If they know it to be true, then how do they know it? Or do they know something else about our visitors that they are keeping secret?

Vanishing Italy, continued

A brief follow-up note re: the last post, about the spontaneous vision I had last night, of Italy’s vanishing from the landscape.

I put my question to author Dolores Cannon, renown for the thousands of hypnosis sessions she’s done with clients around the world, which she subsequently published in an impressive array of books. Dolores has a knack for being entrusted with incredible information from the super-conscious realm, tapped by people while in trance with her in sessions. If you are not familiar with her work, you’re missing out on some spectacular, mind-tweaking tales! Some of my all-time favorite “reports from otherwhere” are in Dolores’ info-packed Convoluted Universe series — an incredible wealth of material in three hefty volumes.

When I searched the ‘net for post earth-changes maps this morning, I found mention of Dolores’ two Nostradamus books, neither of which I’ve seen or read. (Nostradamus hasn’t attracted my attention for whatever reason. I believe these two books are actual conversations with Nostradamus, via someone in trance, who also drew detailed maps of the post-shift planet. Again, if you have experience or info re: these books or related matters, feel free to contact me and flesh out some detail!)

SO: I emailed Dolores my inquiry about Italy; has she ever received any info about Italy’s supposed fate, in the prophesied changes to come?

I received this response:

“The earth change maps of the world are in Conversations With Nostradamus, Volume II. And yes, Italy is totally gone!
As for dates, it’s anyone’s guess because it depends on so many factors…

So, there’s a bit of additional info re: Italy, and my out-of-the-blue vision last night about its disappearance from the face of the earth. We shall see!!

My appreciation to Dolores Cannon for responding to my inquiry.  Her books are among the juiciest out there :)

Vision of Vanished Italy

I had a brief and spontaneous vision last night, out of left field.  I’m posting it merely to document it; I make no claims otherwise as to its ‘prophetic value.’

I saw, from an aerial perspective, ocean where Italy was,” with an outline of the “boot” to clarify what it was I was seeing.  No further information given, ie, no clock or calendar or any other hint as to when this might happen, if indeed it signified an actual event coming into our timeline.

So of course I’m thinking about this. Last week there was an earthquake in central Italy. I’ve heard nothing “prophetic” related to that, such as Italy’s days are numbered or anything. Also, before writing this, I googled “earth changes map,” but that returned a bunch of American maps various people have received in visions over the years. Because I live in America, I’m wondering why I’m suddenly seeing the disappearance of Italy instead of something closer to home?  Unless an Italian event is closer on the timeline…

I’m also remembering my guides telling me years ago that Venice — a location of personal past lives — would be disappearing during my current lifetime.

So I’m just pondering this, and reporting.

BTW, yes, I was awake when this happened.


This note pertains to the Kundalini: Not a Game post from the other day. For some reason, WordPress will NOT let me edit that post!  I posted it in draft form, and reaaalllly would like to make some changes. Have tried and tried. Alas, no can do.  

So I’m here to just say a word about grounding and kundalini. Grounding would be an excellent practice to do diligently for one whose energies are blasting. There are many miscellaneous ways to assuage roaring kundalini a bit... a really tuned-in, experienced healer can help with some vibrational remedies and advice (like filling your pockets with magnetite, experimenting with various flower essences and oils, and bathing with salts).

I just wanted to pop in and mention the grounding part, which can be as simple as sinking your feet about a foot into the earth (with your mind I mean), and visualizing them as powerful magnets, attracted to the earth’s center. Also, stomping on the ground vigorously! Even wearing red.  There are many ways you can encourage connection with the earth, which is helpful when all engines are gunning for lift-off.

All-One vs A-lone: Fibers of Light

Quantum Sex

Ingo Swann’s book, Psychic Sexuality, provides a window into this man’s highly developed ability to perceive complex energy-body dynamics in (and between) people.

Evidently we have thousands of delicate light filaments emanating from our pores and hair follicles, continually feeling into the atmosphere around us.  When they ‘pick up’ on similarly-resonating fibers nearby, they actually start stretching and reaching for the “kindred others,” and when they make contact, begin twining and braiding with them in a delicate dance of connecting light!

What Swann can see with his ‘bare eyes’ is to my understanding what quantum physicists have termed quantum entanglement. It also resembles what metaphysics refers to as “cording,” though I’ve always thought of cording as a more substantial energetic manifestation, i.e., thick, robust ropes between people who are strongly connected (for better or worse), via their primary chakras.

stream_of_lightHow — or at what intensity — these connections are made, they are happening nonetheless. On the quantum level, this is Life seeking out resonance and connection. Perhaps, on the subtle planes,  it is the energy of life’s evolutionary impulse for oneness expressing.

Having viscerally experienced “oneness” for several weeks following an extensive period of active kundalini, and sensing quite clearly how, whenever someone or something entered my mind, a profound awareness of connection with them arose, I realized that we are actually, in the end, in the Field, all parts of the same ONE. In our narrow bandwidth of ordinary perception, we think we are ALONE.

The current upswell of lightbody activation is building bridges toward the unified human chakra within us, and also sending energetic filaments into the world around us, demonstrating our impetus for wholeness; within, without, and beyond. It’s our divine impulse (and ultimately, imperative) expressing.

Kundalini: Not a Game


Many are in search of ways to *launch* their kundalini. It seems all the rage now, to want this experience under one’s belt. Actually, I understand this craving for such an out-of-the-box experience, but I cannot warn you enough: this is not a thrill to be pursued like the latest recreational drug.

Kundalini is serious business, very serious; you become engaged with the fires of Divinity Itself — fires that can very easily burn you OUT if you are not prepared for such an occurrence (and I have doubts as to whether one CAN prepare for this particular event). Like any fire, kundalini can rage out of all control (all control by YOU, as kundalini can easily assume control OVER you).  In fact, if a person is running around seeking a kundalini awakening as tho it is the next “high” on their agenda, chances are good that it will not be a joy ride on the bliss train.

It’s my belief that kundalini is activating in more and more people currently because our entire planet is being recalibrated vibrationally, which is the behind-the-scenes reason why so much lower-level, dense crap is being shaken out of every nook and cranny now.  Everything — everything — that is not in high integrity, not aligned with the Good of All, is careening toward its expiration date.  You might imagine this as Shiva the Destroyer clearing the deck so that Shakti can come in and inspire the New, the Healed, the Whole.

Kundalini is also known as Shakti… Shakti in a powerfully directed form.  Actually, kundalini in my experience is more of a “figure 8” ongoing flow of exchange between destruction and recreation. The fire burns out a layer of blockages (which can be anything from emotional pain to physical problems to deep karmic issues that haven’t even been recognized consciously as yet, in body, mind or spirit) … and then a wave of healing and enlightenment may come in on a mission to create anew in one’s psyche, or body. And, repeat. Considering we have all been through many, many karma-accruing lives at this point, to have all that crap hit the fan en masse, as tends to happen when kundalini takes over one’s life, can be completely derailing, even debilitating.

Here’s a story from my own life that seems an apt metaphor to share on this subject. Actually, it seems a harbinger to what came next for me, re: kundalini!

About 13 years ago, my family home (where I grew up) ignited in an electrical fire around 3AM one frigid night. My father had just died a few months prior to this, leaving my mother alone and asleep upstairs while this fire blazed hot and fast downstairs. The house went up like a match. Mom was trapped in her bedroom, burned badly, and died later in the hospital. The most dread event of my life had come to pass in the most horrific way

The house  — a wood frame construction — was a hideous burned-out hulk. The whole back end had to come down altogether, leaving the house standing completely split-in-half open for all to see, like a giant, charred dollhouse. This in itself was heart-breaking, as the sanctity of a home that housed a family for decades was now literally hanging open for all to gawk at and pilfer through, as the rear wall came down while the contents of the building were still inside.  All the siding was also stripped off the rest of the structure, to make way for new siding to (eventually) go up in the most extensive reconstruction a house could go through, without being completely razed to the ground first.  So for months the house stood like this, depressingly stripped to its barest, burnt bones.

That fire, and the way my sweet mother died, and the agonizingly slow process of all that happened in the wake of the fire, with estate legalities and insurance matters and siblings arguing about all of it was a multi-layered trauma that took years to get through, and then more years to get PAST.

Now: imagine the above scenario happening to your body, soul, and life.

Imagine a fire igniting in you over which you have no control. You were ‘asleep’ when it started and now find you are powerless to stop or avoid it.  The home of all that is familiar to you — the body you wear, the memories you hold, the love you knew, the relationships you had, and the very ways you related and interrelated with life in general — all gets burned away.  Someday, a garden may grow where the structure that was your life once stood.  But it may well be years–even decades!–before the debris and weeds are cleared, and sprouts of the New can reach for the sun.


I’m not saying it WILL. Every kundalini experience depends on the exact composition of elements (in the trans-lifetime history of the soul involved) being purged by the energy. If someone’s been saintly and selfless for his last 20 lifetimes, for instance, then perhaps a kundalini awakening will simply be a final bestowal of grace, with no blockages (karmic issues) to be detonated resolved along the way. There are some people for whom kundalini brings no problems, only ‘love, bliss, and clarity.’ The only one I ever met with this outcome had practiced yoga and lived snug in an ashram for 25 years. Which, incidentally, does NOT inherently mean she’d “naturally” have a beautiful experience. Because someone lives at the feet of a guru does not automatically mean they are enlightened or purified souls. It’s just as common for such a person to never have their own experience, because they are only looking to their guru, as opposed to forging their own personal connection with divinity.  But I digress…


If you are on a reverent spiritual path,

if your soul yearns for its creator, if you feel in your essence that you are in this life to — once and for all — finish your earthly karma and ascend to the next plane of existence, then please, please, proceed with responsibility, reverence, and caution.

By this I mean, take care of your body with clean and vibrant food.  Meditate on the Divine (which is not the same as visualizing what you want, a la The Secret) and open the door of your heart in devotion to the God In All, while closing it to lower or darker distractions. Love rampantly! Monitor your thoughts and re-route them when they are not the thoughts of a thoroughly compassionate being, as God is — as we ARE representatives of the Divine here on earth.

By taking a spiritually disciplined approach to your life, you are inherently beginning a “cleanse” of the lower self in gradual preparation to Meet the Divine.

I’m not saying I followed the above advice consistently, particularly after that fire, and all the loss and pain it brought. I have my share of ‘shews.  I have been utterly preoccupied with God and the spiritual most of my life, as well. My lifelong wealth of mystical experiences led me to study related materials to better understand what it was all about.  I didn’t emerge fresh out of some nightclub, spin around, and buy a ticket for the kundalini express.  I ALSO did not have an easy time of it!  I’m still integrating it to this day, in fact.

Adolescents obsessed with violent video games and horror flicks are not planting seeds for the new Eden. I’m just using this age and mindset as an example, no offense intended ~ we’ve all been teenagers! My point is, it’s been said, and it’s true, that the magnificent and infinite power/energies of God HAVE to be stepped down through the various realms before they reach us in highly diluted form here on earth. Otherwise we’d incinerate in their presence. I’m suggesting it’s prudent to intentionally “step yourself up” vibrationally to begin to resonate and integrate with the higher energies coming in.  Kundalini IS a divine energy that can incinerate overwhelm clueless people who seek its activity in their lives, with no proper preparation.

Even with YEARS of yoga and meditation behind them, some won’t experience awakened kundalini — it’s simply not in their souls’ timing to do so yet.  For others, kundalini revs up without warning and they have a fluttery flurry of “energies” in their bodies (which is actually prana moving in the lesser channels rather than full-out kundalini in the central channel), and then hop online to “sell kundalini” to the masses, which is SO IRRESPONSIBLE, it is beyond reprehension.  Someone says “I had an Awakening, it was GREAT!  For $250 I can help you have the same!” and people go like moths to the flame and perhaps lose all health and sanity because they got succored in to finding hell when they wanted a cheap pass into heaven. There is NO SUCH THING.

As I said in the beginning, kundalini is becoming more available, because vibrationally the entire planet is lifting. HOWEVER, kundalini is not a game or a thrill to be pursued.  It’s not like, “Oh, we had fun with The Secret; now let’s play with kundalini, cuz Beth’s cousin did it and now she can read the akashic records.”

The Divine Fire is as serious as it gets. I know. I have “signed up” for an intense journey in this life; it’s all been about the inner planes and all the ‘old demons’ that have been sucking energy from them, over lifetimes.  I’ve had two kundalini activations: one circa 1990, the other around the year 2000.  This second one (the Big One) went on for years, and like this story of the house, my body, psyche and soul have gone through some seriously trying and miserable periods. Granted, elements of insight and enlightenment were interspersed as well.  But after the energies leveled out… I was left with no idea re: how to relate to the ashes of my “past (former) life.”  I have been in a long, slow (can’t be pushed or rushed; impossible!) ‘new construction’ process for years.  I may outwardly resemble the woman who was “taken” by kundalini years ago. But inside, in my creational center, I’ve had to begin from scratch, with no magnetic core left (my former ego) to ‘pull in’ the usual life components (ranging from work to social and recreational interests) that would be conducive for continuity.  This has been my “stuck in neutral” experience that I alluded to in a post a few months ago but didn’t get into then.  As you can now see, it’s a major topic to take on.

Whew. This is quite a rant, but I’m posting it nonetheless. May it serve some of the many who find this blog by googling “how can I awaken my kundalini?”  Be very careful what you ask for.

Sending love,


Rumi, Deepak & Demi

Time for another dance with Rumi. His words refer to his personal search and passionate, intimate connection with the divine presence within, which experiences ecstatic interplay with the divine presence without (ie, in others). 

The Divine in me recognizes, and revels in, the Divine in you … Whitehawk


A lover knows only humility,
He has no choice.
He steals into your alley at night,
He has no choice.
He longs to kiss every lock of your hair,
Don’t fret…
He has no choice.
In his frenzied love for you, he longs to break the chains of his imprisonment,
He has no choice.

A lover asked his beloved,
Do you love yourself more than you love me?

Beloved replied,
I have died to myself and I live for you.
I’ve disappeared from myself and my attributes,
I am present only for you
I’ve forgotten all my learnings,
But from knowing you I’ve become a scholar.
I’ve lost all my strength,
But from your power I am able.

I love myself… I love you.
I love you… I love myself.

I am your lover, come to my side,
I will open the gate to your love.
Come settle with me,
Let us be neighbors to the stars.

You have been hiding so long,
Endlessly drifting in the sea of my love.
Even so, you have always been connected to me.
Concealed, revealed,
In the unknown, in the un-manifest.
I am life itself.
You have been a prisoner of a little pond,
I am the ocean and its turbulent flood.
Come merge with me,
Leave this world of ignorance.
Be with me…
I will open the gate to your love.

I desire you more than food or drink
My body, my senses, my mind,
Hunger for your taste
I can sense your presence in my heart
Although you belong to all the world
I wait with silent passion for one gesture,
One glance from you…