All-One vs A-lone: Fibers of Light

Quantum Sex

Ingo Swann’s book, Psychic Sexuality, provides a window into this man’s highly developed ability to perceive complex energy-body dynamics in (and between) people.

Evidently we have thousands of delicate light filaments emanating from our pores and hair follicles, continually feeling into the atmosphere around us.  When they ‘pick up’ on similarly-resonating fibers nearby, they actually start stretching and reaching for the “kindred others,” and when they make contact, begin twining and braiding with them in a delicate dance of connecting light!

What Swann can see with his ‘bare eyes’ is to my understanding what quantum physicists have termed quantum entanglement. It also resembles what metaphysics refers to as “cording,” though I’ve always thought of cording as a more substantial energetic manifestation, i.e., thick, robust ropes between people who are strongly connected (for better or worse), via their primary chakras.

stream_of_lightHow — or at what intensity — these connections are made, they are happening nonetheless. On the quantum level, this is Life seeking out resonance and connection. Perhaps, on the subtle planes,  it is the energy of life’s evolutionary impulse for oneness expressing.

Having viscerally experienced “oneness” for several weeks following an extensive period of active kundalini, and sensing quite clearly how, whenever someone or something entered my mind, a profound awareness of connection with them arose, I realized that we are actually, in the end, in the Field, all parts of the same ONE. In our narrow bandwidth of ordinary perception, we think we are ALONE.

The current upswell of lightbody activation is building bridges toward the unified human chakra within us, and also sending energetic filaments into the world around us, demonstrating our impetus for wholeness; within, without, and beyond. It’s our divine impulse (and ultimately, imperative) expressing.


5 comments on “All-One vs A-lone: Fibers of Light

  1. I experience these filaments. How wonderful it is to read a description of them.
    I was recently sitting with a man I dated for 1-1/2 months and we were having a lovely deep conversation. I began to feel a sweet resonance fill my living room. I described to him the beautiful symphony of sine waves that were weaving themselves together in the space. I felt that my soul and his soul or our personal energy vibrations were interweaving and getting to know one another. I was so happy to meet him in this way. When he left that night, I realized it was a turning point. We would either move to a deeper level or part. He stayed away for a week and then broke it off.


  2. What a beautiful description you offer! Reminds me of an experience I had with a man. It was actually quite overwhelming to me–I experienced it as a total “soul merge” (my interpretation) that frankly knocked me off center for a very long time… in a long, bliss/agony dance with that man that ultimately ended after far too much agony. I was warned not to tell him what I experienced, as it would likely make him “buck and run.” I felt what I experienced was significant and beautiful, whereas he seemed to think it was a form of feminine mystical manipulation being laid on him. Ouch. Perhaps your friend had a similar response. The depth and degree of perception many of us are sensing now with the incoming energies facilitating higher/deeper awareness is not always easy to work with. We have been blind for millennia…

    Thank you for sharing; perhaps next time this happens the man will not go into fear and buck ;) oxo ~W


  3. I had a similar experience a few years back while in College.

    I went over to use one of the computers in the lab and sat next to this girl. Not before long I started feeling these filaments you talk about… Strangely that’s exactly how I described them when I blogged about it a few years ago – it’s the best description. It’s definately a deep resonance that’s going on there.

    Unfortunately I didn’t act on it, even though she gave me a deliberate nudge underneath the table as if to say, “Talk to me dammit!” I haven’t missed as many opportunities since that one, I can tell you… I think I learned my lesson!

    This may sound new-agey and a bit airy-fairy but it was as thogh there was a rainbow of loight connecting us from the top of our arms. It was like our chakras were attuning with each other.

    Thanks for posting :-).


  4. Hi Ryan,

    Your experience sounds NOW-agey and beautiful, and may we all enjoy more such resonances in the future! It’s quite beautiful, wouldn’t you say? Good to have “energetic input” like this, when you can perceive the subtle realms — except maybe when the other party freaks out about it. :-/
    BTW, nice to have a male check in on the matter! And good to hear from you again.



  5. Hey,

    Yeah that’s exactly it – it’s good to actually have someone else conenct to you on that level! Rather than just channeling it all by yourself! I guess it takes practice to do these things though, perhaps that’s really why they didn’t work out for us. But it’s also a good excuse to remain aware and sharp :-)

    I wouldn’t say it felt any different for me that it did for you both – what you described was exactly how it felt for me. I guess that means it was more about consciousness as opposed to any male/female duality.

    I have to say I still regret not acting on it to this day… This was before I really started meditating and practicing tai chi and yoga, so I guess I wasn’t prepared for it! Alas, you have to move on.



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