This note pertains to the Kundalini: Not a Game post from the other day. For some reason, WordPress will NOT let me edit that post!  I posted it in draft form, and reaaalllly would like to make some changes. Have tried and tried. Alas, no can do.  

So I’m here to just say a word about grounding and kundalini. Grounding would be an excellent practice to do diligently for one whose energies are blasting. There are many miscellaneous ways to assuage roaring kundalini a bit... a really tuned-in, experienced healer can help with some vibrational remedies and advice (like filling your pockets with magnetite, experimenting with various flower essences and oils, and bathing with salts).

I just wanted to pop in and mention the grounding part, which can be as simple as sinking your feet about a foot into the earth (with your mind I mean), and visualizing them as powerful magnets, attracted to the earth’s center. Also, stomping on the ground vigorously! Even wearing red.  There are many ways you can encourage connection with the earth, which is helpful when all engines are gunning for lift-off.


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