The Deception of Perception

What’s Real?

Each passing day offers accumulating evidence that what we think we know is actually perception, not fact. I’ve been observing this for some time now, as have most of us, if we are brave enough to admit it. Preferring to hold onto “reality” as we grew up believing it to be is understandable; security tends to be found in the familiar, even when the familiar is insane. And we’re all quite familiar with the insanity by now, aren’t we!

My current position is: what’s real is fluidity. Reality is fluid, not fixed. All the convoluted structures within yet more structures that civilization has created to showcase and perpetuate its aggrandized self image are now melting back down into their original state: quantum fluidity.

Humanity has entered an imaginal realm, and will have to learn how to negotiate this “unimaginable” reality, the existence of which can no longer be denied. The imaginal realm can be illustrated by a caterpillar — a humble, wormlike insect who lives to consume — then seals itself inside a womb of its own creation, wherein its DNA triggers the total liquification of its entire body. Then, somehow via activated “imaginal cells with an impetus for elegant expressionthat liquified goo is re-engineered into an entirely new and different creature, with six long legs and two large, beautiful wings! The wondrous metamorphic journey of the caterpillar is “impossible,”  and yet… it is true.  Its mysterious environment inside the cocoon — where it liquifies and reforms into something else — is the imaginal realm.


Do caterpillars know their destiny in advance?  In their caterpillar dreams and imaginations do they fantasize about flying one day, flitting among fabulous, aromatic flowers with large, shimmering wings, knowingly bringing joy to everyone who lays eyes upon them?  Who’s to say. I’m just inspired by this creature’s defacto transformation to suggest that we humans would do well to imagine ourselves as capable of much more freedom and beauty than we’ve previously believed… because we are capable, and it’s time to stop living small.

So: reality is fluid and flowing, not fixed and heavy. We look at all the “material” around us and mistakenly accept it as what “really” matters. But in the imaginal realm, what we need to understand is the fluid energy behind all the constructs (or obstructions). Another word for this fluidity might be consciousness. It is a conscious universe, and we are cameras for that consciousness: what we focus on is what develops and ultimately projected onto the screen of life. We’ve allowed energy flow to become frozen “on record,” and we’ve analyzed its “frozenness,” studying it from every angle, perpetuating a condition of stagnancy or deadness rather than creation, movement… life. I’m connecting dots between our lauded intellects and this stagnancy. I’m suggesting that to learn to swim in the fluidity of the imaginal realm  — Kairos; the unfolding, moving, opportune NOW — we have to engage MORE IMAGINATION, and give less devout credence to rutted perceptions (old images stored in our cameras) of the past.

All the “fixed formation” (or information) we’ve leaned on for centuries is getting washed away by this new energy upon us.  This energy is the energy of transformation; the photons I’ve talked about before. We are being transformed by its presence. This is more than a shift in “ideas.” All the “forms” and structures have served as training wheels for our latent, slowly-emerging creational abilities. The state of digital technology today seems to me to be providing the final puzzle pieces between our past reliance on “things” and our emerging capacity to be fully multi-sensory beings, able to be “everywhere, all the time.” I liken this change upon us as so encompassing, we will be evolving wings AND gills to live in it!  I use the terms wings and gills metaphorically, but I’m serious about the imaginal realm and our imperative to MORPH, to claim our “wings” as our total beingness (soul, higher self, infinite spirit, etc) is finally finding its place… right here on earth.

Homo sapiens is in its final pedestrian stages; homo luminous is taking flight. The intellect will take a position in service to heartful imagination, actively engaging energetic flow in service to the collective good, unimpeded by restrictive rules and fixed games that only a select few could ever win.

Our addiction to historic forms has been released into dynamic, multidimensional, quantum fluidity. The playing field is lush and even, and all can play!  If we’re not seeing it yet, it’s only because we’re still perceiving through habitual lenses of limitation.

Practice, practice !


This post was inspired by a rather sudden wave of serious illness in people around me. I *know* that in this quantum universe, spontaneous remission is DOABLE. It’s primarily our consciousness that holds it back. So my processing ended up in the blurt above. If we really believed, without wavering, in the ability to change “reality” in a moment by  just *SEEING* differently (ie, Matrix Energetics), we would finally begin living up to our true abilities.

Love all~


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