Night Vibes Redux

It happened again last night, but the sensations were different.

Some here know what I’m talking about vis-a-vis those mysterious Night Vibes. It’s a phenom that started occurring, oh, maybe two years ago, on and off. Numerous conversations about it have come up in various online communities. Interestingly, I just looked back at my first post about this, and it was dated April 18, 2008. Almost exactly a year ago. I wonder if some kind of planetary alignment at this time of year is amplifying a particular type of energy transmission that we feel in our bodies, like lightning rods?

Last night this energy, which came on strong the moment I got into bed, had a different quality than my previous experiences with it. It felt less “buzzy” and more rumbly. So instead of feeling like every cell in my body was vibrating in a refined (but distinct) “hum,” this time the sensation was more… hm, how to describe it?

bubble teaTry this: know those “bubble teas”? These are smoothies or sweet teas that are “accessorized” with plump tapioca balls, added for fun. Something like soft, translucent marbles that you eat.

What I felt last night was as though every cell was a big “bubble ball” being rattled by some… energy, or force. Put this pink drink on top of a train engine, and imagine what those tapioca balls would do inside the glass, and you have a fairly good idea what I mean!

I know. This one’s a stretch! “Is Whitehawk outta her gourd??” It sounds too wild, doesn’t it! It was weird, and not in a fun way.

Which is exactly why I’m moved to “bring it out” here — something strange is happening. This is the kind of thing we ‘sensitives’ fear talking about, because it just sounds goofy as all get.

In previous experiences with this vibration, it was “interesting.”  And I talked about my experiences and thoughts about it here in the “sacred, safe space” of  this blog.  Last night, though, it was amped up about 200%… very rumbly, almost coarse, and distracting:  I was awake most of the night. What the heck was happening! If not a natural phenomenon, then some mega, man-made microwave transmission passing through?



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