The Spontaneous Precision of Instinct

Revisiting an especially beautiful book — The Third Millennium: Living in the Posthistoric World, by Ken Carey.  A few quotes from one page follow; connect the dots with your instinct!

To live spontaneously, instinctually.

To simply be.

To say the right words without thinking them out ahead of time.

To experience the purity of a mind uncluttered by troublesome and misplaced responsibility.

To know exactly the right gesture, the right behavior, the creative response for each and every situation.

Such are the birthrights of each and every human being.

In the historical condition, instinctual input is ignored. The cultures that dominate human values mistrust it so deeply, children are taught from their earliest years to fear their instincts.

Human design has emerged from the highest currents of supreme intelligence. It is worthy of your trust.

To funnel your expression of life through the narrowness of another’s anticipated response is the beginning of death. You do so at the cost of your vitality.

There is another way.

Its essence is trust.

Below the level of conscious awareness, feel the informational input of your surroundings flowfortune freely in and out of your soul. Feel it enter deep within you to be processed easily, automatically, in accordance with life’s design. Masterfully, impeccably, it brings into your momentary awareness what is most important to your soul.

As you allow your life to be guided by the currents of indigenous wisdom flowing instinctually from within, you receive this gift, you find yourself immersed in the animating emanations of the universe. Upon the frequencies of eternal love you rediscover your purpose. You remember your reason for this lifetime’s incarnation, for taking on human form. You discover that you have access to an ocean of living information.

Your access code is a child’s trust.


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