Having Courage for the Inexplicable

I’m watching an interview here, which I may post on the blog once I’ve seen it all.  I’m also going on a little adventure at the end of the week, with happy anticipation.  Maybe more to say about that afterwards!

Meanwhile, a point of connection I can make between these two things — as well as with my own personal world here — is this idea of perceptual awareness expanding beyond the norm, to channels above our typical bandwidth for reception.  So many are able to access these levels now… for which I’m very grateful.  It’s crucial for humanity to expand its consciousness beyond these little boxes to which we have relegated it! As Einstein articulated so well:

Problems can’t be solved from the same level of consciousness
that created them.

My challenge with this whole matter–which has been a theme my whole life–is, it’s such a Big Thing (this matter of an expanded sense of what we’ve really GOT here in this world), bundling it up in digestible little word packets is kind of like trying to nail jello to a wall. And then there’s the matter of having the courage to own what I experience. As is mentioned in my favorite Rumi poem: “I tell only one-thousandth of what I see, because there’s so much doubt everywhere.”  The seer’s plight.

Actually, turning this idea of perception inside-out so to speak, what’s “inexplicable” (and unacceptable) are the boxes we westerners have already created (or have allowed to be created, while we passively drift along), and are now seeing fall so fast, we’d do well to explore, seriously, alternate plans asap. We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto.

For now I’ll just share this Rilke quote:

We must take on our existence as broadly as we possibly can; everything, even the unheard of, must be possible in it.  This, underneath all, is the only courage that is demanded of us: to have courage for the most strange, the most inexplicable.

~ Rainer Maria Rilke

(Row, row, row your boat… )


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