Becoming Kaironauts

The other day a friend said something to me that I found quite astute. She said, “You really ARE living outside linear time these days! Things don’t seem to have anything to do with linearity anymore to you — they come in thematic waves or batches all at once, with periods of silence in between.”

Her insight impressed me, because I AM all about “kairos” currently. Kairos refers to the unfolding “now,” in spontaneous response to the immediate flow of energies. It is all about synchronicity and flow, not clocks or calendars or “shoulds” or “have to’s.” It’s a very different way to experience, and does take some getting used to.

Periods of “nothing” are periods of our working (often un- or sub- consciously) in the alchemical void. The void is like the oven, awaiting the ingredients of the next cake we’re preparing to bake. What are the ingredients we fancy? The flavor, the aroma, the texture, the icing that “tops everything”?

Kairos also calls for a new level or quality of responsibility to take precedence in a life. Ability to respond. This way of being doesn’t care about habits or routines, so there’s no … track to get back on. There’s no street-level (by which I mean physical) navigational system to alert you to the next turn. Negotiating the now in its purest form is a new skill for us to nurture… and ultimately master.

It’s truly about being a kaironaut!

I just made that word up but I LIKE it, and got such a buzz by its emergence just now, I’ll be audacious enough here in this kairotik now to predict that it will be a word I’ll be using and we’ll all be hearing with more frequency (double entendre intended) in the days to come.

When resonant energies come (or are called) into enough power and focus, an event transpires. In the age we have upon us now, our “resonant energies” (or resident thoughts and feelings) are pulling manifestation molecules through the transdimensional plasma into 3D actuality at the speed of light.

Important to keep the third eye on the prize, young Skywalker.

oxo ~W


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