Orbs Among Us

What ARE orbs?

They are prolific; they turn up en masse at events of a mystical/spiritual nature in particular. My current grok re: orbs is, they are nonphysical beings of some sort, whose purpose is to gather information as silent witnesses… perhaps to return to their “source” to upload their findings, eventually.

Anyone for whom orbs have been in their ORBit can tell you they range from little, “blank”-looking balls to much larger, rich mandalas of white light.  In my hypothesis, these more complex orbs have been gathering information (via passive observation) for some time. Perhaps they are nearing their time of “upload” to the great galactic database, after which they may or may not return for another tour of duty. Whether they are a form of “souls,” or divinities, or impersonal, plasmic recording devices, or ??? … remains unknown thus far, as far as I know!  Comments welcome.

At any rate, in case you haven’t seen this pic elsewhere, here’s a good example of orbs — surrounding David Wilcock (divinecosmos.com) and don Miguel Ruiz (miguelruiz.com) at a conference last week in CA. And this is a cropped photo; if you were to see more of the room, you’d see many more orbs filling it!

David Wilcock and don Miguel Ruiz


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