Countless Forms

So Sweet…

This was just too precious to let pass without passing along!  It is lifted in full from Dorothy Walters’ blog — one of my fellow contributors in our anthology, Kundalini Rising (which is doing well btw and now has a few reviews posted at Amazon – 10 stars – yea). Dorothy’s blog is Kundalini Splendor; she has been writing and blogging about kundalini for a very long time!  Still riding the bliss wave after all these years since her awakening :), never losing sight of the Divine.

What captured my heart was the photo she had up there, omg, this is just too much, a newborn fawn, delivered by c-section when its mother was killed by a car (I googled the backstory) :-(   ~

And Dorothy included the following excerpt with the photo:

My Countless Forms

I manifest for thee
those hundred thousand thousand shapes
that clothe
my Mystery;

I show thee all my semblances,
infinite, rich, divine,
my changeful hues,
my countless forms.

from the Bhagavad Gita

Picture is from  — back in Oct ’08. More on this little fellow (“Rupert”) there as well. You can see in the pic little bumps where he’d eventually grow his rack, isn’t it amazing?  Assuming Rupert is on the roam today, he’s probably sporting those antlers right now, and dazzling all the does with his majesty.


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