Human Metamorphosis

One of the most oft-used images for human awakening/ transformation is the butterfly’s metamorphosis. It begins life as a lowly, crawling, worm-like creature that devours everything in its path. Then, when its cosmic timer sets off its impetus to transform, it builds a cocoon around itself, literally “melts down” into a liquid substance (known as its imaginal period, as its very existence is re-imagined into a being of great beauty and flight)… to finally emerge as the wondrous new being it was destined to be from the beginning. I consider this very scenario to be our human story and destiny as well. Our timer is sounding!

All this to introduce the largest crop glyph to appear on this planet thus far (this beauty is huge!) — appearing last month in Holland — an interesting switch from England. Fantastic:


~ Homo luminous at last ~

(Praise to Kundalini in the key role as prime activator :)

Of possible interest: The Deception of Perception


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