My New God

Alright, I know I gave this post a rather “big” title. But I had a big response to laying eyes upon this magnificently ethereal creature, the likes of which I’ve never seen before.  I swooned in devotion to the consciousness that dreamed it into flesh and blood existence. I imagine this brilliant ‘essence’ to be a blend of Source Creator (the Great God of our galaxy), and a more “local” creative divinity with a fantastic sense of the beautiful as expressed in this feline:

feline perfection

Unfortunate how small this photo is! It’s much larger in my iphoto file; go figure. Also I can tell this is a very large cat, probably 25-30 pounds. Hopefully you can appreciate him (for some reason I think “male”) regardless of the thumbnail size.  He appears to be sailing in an etheric Flow, incredibly long hair billowing forth from his form (even the ear tufts!). His paws are hanging; he is perched on the edge of something, and the complete airborne-ness of this pose just adds to his extraordinarily unearthly quality. Is he a messenger?  To me he is.

And the shape and proportions of his features — well, any appreciator of the cat can discern this one’s particular perfection. I swear he’s a master soul fragment, a bodhisatva, who’s set this incredible form among us purely to inspire feline adorers like myself. Mission accomplished! Deeply exquisite.

“What a piece of work is Cat!”

Great gratitude for such a stunning image to gaze upon at the dawn of my day!  :)))

What (or whom) might open your heart
to inspiration & appreciation today?

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