The Power of Life & the 2nd Chakra

Back when my kundalini was in its early stages of stirring — before I was even consciously aware that it had been the cause of various unusual experiences I was having — guidance told me that a tremendous amount of grief was jamming my second chakra, and now (meaning, at that time) it was involved in a deep “kundalini cleanse.”

A string of drastic — traumatic — events had taken a definite toll on my ability to manage my personal power. I slid between seeming to have none whatsoever, to having erratic bouts of distorted power that sprang out sideways in non-helpful ways, to feeling too powerful for comfort… which then ricocheted back to having none at all. All of this added up to my doubting myself a lot, which of course compounded my sense of disempowerment!

Flipping through The Path of Empowerment just now (by Barbara Marciniak, highly recommended), I came upon a section I’d highlighted a few years ago… about this powerhouse chakra. Perhaps portions of this excerpt will speak to you as well.

“Everyone encounters the raw power of sexual energy, yet very few understand the deep psychic and spiritual exchanges that occur when you engage in sexual intimacy. Sexual expression brings forth the lessons and experiences of passion and pleasure; it is also the connect to your ancestors and the center for building family. Your second chakra serves as the opening through which the frequencies of your identity and those of your partner merge to become creatively interwoven. Essentially, through sexual intimacy you can take on the other person’s energetic field, and if deceit is involved, or no love is present, the hangover from sex can be psychically, emotionally, mentally, and physically debilitating. Yet, with love and respect, you can soar with blissful emotions into the mysteries of the cosmos.

Everyone faces the challenge of learning how to honor sexual energy. If you are in a state of continuous fear with issues concerning your survival and your sexuality, then you will be stuck cycling in the lessons of the lower two chakras. Because the second chakra exudes the power of life, it is where discarnate entities most often attach themselves to the physical body. These non-physical energies will then feed off the energy that you are afraid to own, which, in turn, will never be fully free to travel up the spine and connect the lower chakras to all the other centers. In order to fully open your second chakra, you must honor your ability to bring life into the world and accept responsibility for your sexual activities. Your sexual identity empowers you in physical reality to build bridges of love and spiritual awareness between physical and non-physical reality.”

The part about discarnates is valid and important. I’ve had occasions of night attacks by nonphysical beings; not an experience I’d wish on anyone. And now with the membranes between dimensions thinning as they are, and depending on where we are individually in our journeys, such encounters can become more common. 3D is not the only place where the stuff is hitting the fan! A step or two up the ramp, in lower 4D — the astral — a whole lotta shakin is going on too, agitating entities and possibly driving them to seek more “juice.” Not to frighten anyone, but just to remind to practice psychic and emotional hygiene regularly — especially at the start of every new day, and — just as important, if not more so — at night before sleeping, when the body is vulnerable.

Speaking of sleep… the dreamtime calls.  A little prayer and shielding first, of course ;)

Love all, W


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