Keep Forgiving

I’m sorting and packing a lot of books here (I have hundreds, and am preparing to move) … an activity which lends itself to opening these wonderful books and scanning them for gems. So there may well be a flurry of book-quoting posts while I do this. This one is from Your Immortal Reality, by Renard.  I relate to some of this advice; maybe you will as well. Also brings to mind the huna ho’oponopono method, always worth revisiting as well!

When your forgiveness lessons are complete, then not one trace of guilt will remain in your unconscious mind. At that point, you will break the cycle of birth and death, and never dream of going into a body again. That is the end of reincarnation. Forgive whatever comes up in front of your face. That’s the work of salvation, and it’s the most important thing that anyone can ever do for themselves.

Have fun with your ministry. And don’t worry about fitting in with the other teachers or mainstream spiritual types who think they’re so progressive when they’re actually very conservative. What did “J” tell you? — Be a passerby. People will ask you where you fit in to a spiritual community. Tell them the truth. Given what you’re teaching, you don’t fit in. You’re not saying the same thing as the others, so don’t even try to fit in; just be yourself.


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