Balancing Act(ivities)

The last few days have held a pronounced energy around the theme of left/right brain dominance, and energetic balance. It just keeps coming up! The hemi-sync audio technology developed at the famed Monroe Institute (and similar subsequent efforts by other parties); the ever-intriguing spinning woman optical illusion video (DO check this out, a source of enduring intrigue: which way is she spinning???);  the Dance of Shiva (below, demo’d by Havi Brooks; love this!), which is a dancing yogic practice that balances the body’s energies and the brain’s activity with its coordinated cross-lateral moves, and a Trance Dance version of Shiva Nata (Shiva Dance) with Shiva Rae — bottom screen. Balancing practice/practices for balancing (also releasing)… all helpful “chaos alkalizers.”

~~~~ ENJOY ~~~~


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