Fierce Courtesy

Still working on sorting things out in preparation for a cross-country move. Frankly quite taxing.

Packing books, came across RUMI ~ The Glance ~ Songs of Soul-Meeting, translated by Coleman Barks.

When kundalini was coursing through me to a stellar degree, Rumi consumed my spirit. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, his poetry intoxicates me! One common “character” in his poetry is known as “the Friend.” To me, the Friend is the Godness that connects all; it is the sacred Field through which we encounter and relate ~ each other, our Selves, and the eternally-present Divine, never separate from the mix.

With this intro, then, is:

Fierce Courtesy

The connection to the Friend
is secret and very fragile.

The image of that friendship
is in how
you love, the grace

and delicacy, the subtle talking
together, in full prostration,

outside of time. When you’re
there, remember the fierce

courtesy of the one with you.

By Whitehawk Posted in Rumi

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