Ramp-up toward Man-Made “Higher Dimension”

The physical world is merging more and more with the higher-range bandwidth of (what we currently perceive as) the nonphysical planes all the time.

Why do I say “as we currently perceive” higher planes as “non-physical”?  Because when you are in higher dimensional realms adjacent to this one, they do have relatable physicality to them. People typically counter the “absurd” idea of ascension into higher dimensions as wacko because they assume it means the sudden absence of all that we now hang our conceptual hats on. There is still form in higher, neighboring realms; it is just far less DENSE.  It’s a matter of density. When you are watching channel 7 on TV, channel 9 also exists ~ it’s just a bit further up the dial from your current attunement.

Visionary architects and other creative collaborators are romancing the “less dense” in a grand manifestation… all in timely alignment with the galactic trend. Check it out (not sure how long BBC leaves stories up for public consumption, but as of this writing it’s here):

Digital cloud plan for city skies

mediaskycloudA giant “digital cloud” that would “float” above London’s skyline has been outlined by an international team of architects, artists and engineers.

The construction would include 120m- (400ft-) tall mesh towers and a series of interconnected plastic bubbles that can be used to display images and data. (Click article title above to jump to story.)


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