Spontaneous Healing!

It All Happened Exactly as Follows

Something quite amazing happened recently that I’d like to share with you. It involves a serious accident that took place in the kitchen…

Making breakfast on my (gas) stove the other day, I reached to grab the plastic spatula that was on the stovetop, hidden from view by a large pan sitting on a flaming burner. The spatula was to the right of the front right burner, obscured from view by the large pan on that burner. I just reached around the side of the pan and grabbed the (unseen) spatula by its handle. SEARING PAIN instantly overtook my hand.

Looking down, I was shocked to see that the plastic spatula handle had caught fire from the burner, and my hand was gripping the engulfed-in-flames plastic. I dropped the flaming spatula, but my hand was still in flaming agony — because my hand was in flames! The burning, melted plastic had transferred to the palm of my hand, creating a perfect petrol-fueled torch out of my hand. I ran cold tap water over the flames, but in the space of those few seconds major damage was done: the whole palm of my right (dominant) hand was very badly burned and I FELT every molecule of it.

This was a dramatic situation. I ran around slathering vitamin E oil on the deeply-blistering skin, and wrapped, over time, various kinds of ice packs on my hand… needing to keep either ice cubes OR the one blue ice/hot pack I keep in the freezer pressing against the burns at all times. The pain was intense and the burns were deep — covering the palm and all of my fingers. The skin was charred white (researching burns online I learned that burned flesh either “chars” white or black, depending on what chemicals might have come in contact with it during the accident), and under the white was blazing red with huge, deep blisters. I could do NOTHING with that hand; I was in quite a fix. And – alone at home.

I had a curious belief: that this was mine to fix, to heal. I was determined not to go to a hospital, and didn’t even want to call a neighbor, even though I have wonderful neighbors who would certainly help me in a heartbeat. Somehow I had the knowing that this was mine to heal, almost as tho I had created an assignment or initiation for myself! Odd (even to me!), but this was my mindset.

This accident happened at nine in the morning. I spent the entire day icing the burns and FEELING the burns as intensely as if the skin were on fire still… as soon as the cold packs warmed to a certain point the flesh was On Fire again. So I was on a constant rotation of changing cold packs every 15 minutes or so.

Hours went by with this routine, and my refusal to involve anyone else held firm. I simply did not want someone else’s belief that I needed medical attention interfere with my intention to heal. I just wanted to give myself the time and space to work with this admittedly dire situation on my own. I was determined! I find it interesting that even while seeing my hand on fire, and feeling every iota of the intense pain of that experience — during and after the accident — I kept a rather detached calm; no panic, no tears, no running to someone else for help (or sympathy). I had the sheer determination to figure out a resolution to these serious and extensive burn wounds.

And I had FAITH that I would.

As the hours passed, I changed my football-sized ice wraps over and over and over… and tried various forms of self-healing. I tried “energies,” I tried “light,” I tried to apply quantum physics by “seeing the situation differently” and thereby attempting to spontaneously alter the “wave forms” comprising the situation. I tried turning back time in the field of my hand! Really, I would just ponder possibilities and think, “Maybe THIS will work,” and then try it.

By the time evening fell, I admit I was getting concerned that there would be no sleep at all for me that night, considering the pain and absolute necessity to change the ice packs 4 times an hour. Pain killers (otc) didn’t touch the acute pain of the deep burns. I couldn’t relax… gah. Moreoever I started pondering the coming days and weeks of dealing with this injury, and the inevitable major skin loss and the fact that I couldn’t TYPE or hold the steering wheel, or even wash my face or change clothes with the severely burned hand. I was looking at a long time of recuperation, healing, and limited functionality. Quite a mess to be in!

Suddenly something unexpected happened. My eyes fell upon a book on my shelf, and I instantly KNEW that the ritual described in that book was going to HEAL my hand. I mean, an angelic chorus may as well have sounded when I ‘registered’ the presence of that book; that’s how clear I felt about the success coming my way via this process.

This was an extraordinary turn of events for numerous reasons —

  • I JUST moved and left most of my books behind, hundreds of miles away, for starters. For this book, that I hadn’t opened in years, to even BE HERE was actually surprising to discover.
  • Moreover, most of the books I do have here are still packed in boxes; this one was up on the shelf with, of all things, cookbooks. And lastly,
  • I had TRIED the technique discussed in the book years ago with no luck; why would I just spontaneously know without a doubt that NOW it was THE ANSWER??

Anyway — this KNOWING just seeped into me, and that’s when things got interesting.

What Happened Next was a “Miracle”

I opened the book straight to the part with the process outlined in steps, as a refresher. I was to lie down on my back with no crossed limbs, and no pets on me, so the “beings” that came in to work with me could scan me unimpeded. It was much like preparing for a catscan. The author said to set aside an hour for the procedure.

So the timing was —  7:00PM: I spotted the book on the shelf. By 7:30 I was on my back in the dark initiating the process. I laid still while the various entities I invited from higher planes (or “less dense realms”) could come in and “have their way” with me!  I also had the ubiquitous ice pack covering the burns in my upturned hand. How I was going to make it thru an hour without changing the pack I couldn’t imagine.

I laid still in the dark after invoking the assistance as directed. Exactly 30 minutes passed when suddenly I was overcome with the deepest sense of peace and calm and well-being imaginable. I felt “calm” in my HAND, which all day had been in a state of violent pain. (If cells could scream in agony, MINE WERE!)

Also, while lying there, I had the unusual feeling of what I can only describe as little “inflation sensations” under the skin, as tho little pea-sized, sub-dermal cushions were filling up under the burned flesh!  When I felt this beautiful calm sensation wash over me, I just started repeating thankyouthankyouthankyou over and over because I knew I had received a healing… tho I had not SEEN the results yet; I was still lying in total darkness.

Finally I turned on the light and looked at my hand.

What I saw was, frankly, mind-boggling. My terribly seared, raw, blistered  hand now appeared as though 2 or 3 MONTHS of healing time had passed in the space of a few minutes. My white-charred, badly blistered, blood-red wounds were suddenly faint scars! I realized that the “inflation sensations” were in actuality the spontaneous regeneration of new flesh plumping out during the healing!


I’ve done a lot of reflecting on this experience, as you might imagine. I reflected on the prevalence of fire in my family, for instance. Readers may recall my sharing the story of my family home burning, and the death of my mother from that fire. Years earlier my father was in a terrible explosion that caused 3rd degree burns over much of his body. Even my brother had a fire in his home, that my father picked up on, on what he called his “inner screen,” from hundreds of miles away. I wonder if my having this experience with fire actually helped heal a kind of family karma with the fire elemental? Not sure, just pondering possibilities. Would be nice if it were so, and also in line with ‘lineage pathcutting’ that I explain in the book, Kundalini Rising.

GraceRESOURCE: If you’re interested in the process I used (if you haven’t figured it out already, as many readers may be familiar with this) — it’s called the MAP Calibration Process, developed by Machaelle Small Wright, the founder of Perelandra and a true walker between worlds. (MAP=Medical Assistance Process) She has extensive experience working with elementals and the Great White Brotherhood (more recently referred to as the Galactic Brotherhood, if I’m not mistaken; a network of ascended masters such as St. Germaine and many others helping us on earth).

Just now I googled “MAP Coning” (MSW’s terminology for this) and a slew of hits came up; the book probably isn’t even necessary to learn the process. Many are attesting to its value, I see! And now I am among them.

Also I feel moved to say… as I went through that day, feeling sure I could heal my situation somehow, I considered numerous ways to do so, and each time thinking, “Maybe this?” “Maybe that?” and bumped around trying things. Whether the coning worked (as it did, magnificently) because I KNEW it would is an interesting question. Was the key in my BELIEF?  If I had truly believed in another technique, would it have BEEN another technique that did the trick?  The point may or may not be about this method, but about my consciousness.

On the other hand, I find it REALLY interesting that I “knew” the MAP would work on this acute problem when I had no previous success with it, while not feeling that certainty about other methods that had served me in the past!

And lastly, a paraphrase from the intro of A Course in Miracles: There is no order of difficulty in situations needing a miracle. Miracles happen regardless of difficulty, severity, complexity etc. From what I experienced, my evolving ideas about time were bolstered. Time is fluid, not absolute! Somehow, the structure of my wounded hand experienced an acceleration of “time” to a point where the burns were 90% healed! I suspect ALL “miracles” are “merely” a successful, intentional manipulation of the timestream. An awareness of this possibility helps.

Always plenty to wonder about in this life, isn’t there!
And to express gratitude for, as well.

Love all (and KEEP THE FAITH),


3 comments on “Spontaneous Healing!

  1. Whitehawk, I am grateful that all turned out well for you ! I have also attempted to experiment /manipulate time as well and to my surprise and usually unknowingly have succeeded, only to eventually recall the intended outcome came about by my letting go of any expected results. In your case I feel it was your belief in the ‘certainty and knowing’ in whatever technique /process you used, only to be bolstered by the acim principle you mentioned.
    Again, I am grateful on the outcome. Please continue to monitor your hand.


  2. A belated thank you for your sentiments re: the outcome of this experience! Virtually any trace of those burns is gone, save the slightest discoloration, which seems to change… and is currently pink!

    I hope you fared well through the holidays and will enjoy a vibrant, juicy, healed & happy 2010.

    oxo W


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