Energetic Adjustment

As I’ve shared here before, I’ve recently moved from a major metropolis to an extremely rural location. Over the holidays I’ve received numerous inquiries along the lines of, have I been homesick?

I have not been homesick, actually. I am making a new home and feeling I’ve made a fantastic move for this period in my life. So – homesick? No.

But I have been sick sick. Since I’ve relocated I have been struck with an array of “medical emergencies,” none of which received medical attention. One of these was the accident I posted about in Spontaneous Healing. That was certainly an affirming experience, but what I’m referring to now are seemingly random and strange illnesses. I’ve been hit with all kinds of them since living here, and I’ve only been here two months.

What’s the deal? I’m generally thrilled with this new life. Breathing clean country air, drinking pure (I think) underground spring water (no chemical processing AT ALL, takes like heaven!!), and doing a fair amount of walking and “other exertions” (like shoveling snow!). Generally I feel that I’m detoxing from years of big city life, palpably and joyfully. The soot is clearing from the chimney :)

Meanwhile, tho, my “bodies” (physical and energetic) are getting slammed left and right. This is actually remarkably like all the weird physical problems (some quite severe and frightening) that can come up when active kundalini is in the vessel. Actually a fair metaphor for active K could be a can of pop shaken vigorously, and that effervescence under pressure needs to move up and clear out! Maybe my kundalini has been awakened a bit by the higher energies of this region I’m in now, and bumping into new layers of physical karma to “move.”

Beneath this whole lush valley I now call home lies a bedrock of quartz crystal; it’s this energy that attracted Robert Monroe to build his institute here in the first place. And my new community is consciously “awake,” in contrast to the harsh prevailing dog-eat-dog vibe in Chicago. Crystal is an energetic amplifier; I may well be getting energetically accelerated by living upon the very land here.

Is the “sparkling spring water” I’m drinking stirring up “sediment”?? Hopefully this water isn’t carrying something my body isn’t taking kindly to — a turf war between local elementals and hard-core, city elementals??!

[Afterthought — and why didn’t this occur to me sooner?? — the underground springs coexist with the crystal bedrock, so it stands to reason that the water would be energized BY the crystal! Which then transmits that ‘juice’ to we lucky ducks who drink it :-D]

I’m just ruminating here. After having been through years of kundalini, with all its gifts and challenges, I seem to be in a new round of something. Perhaps it’s a combination of my new environs and the accelerating energies on the planet in general that are ringing through my form. The new energies are likely broadcasting through the local crystal earth at high and strong frequencies, and through me by proximity.

I do sense this health commotion is an energetically-sourced situation. It will clear in due course. Otherwise … I may just have to see the upcoming Light Show from a skybox on the other side. Not that I’m anticipating this scenario! I’ll adapt, as I always have.


If by any odd chance you do not subscribe to the idea of energies/vibrations affecting your body, consider how vibrations such as these (tones in this case) affect your cells – and by extension – all they comprise (you!):

5 comments on “Energetic Adjustment

  1. wow- sitting in bed at 7:00 feeling all that has occurred since i moved also from the city to a vortex in rural wisconsin- so grateful for your words- although i haven’t had the physical- all the emotional, spiritual purging has made me wonder if i have ever done any work??? after an interesting week of up and out, i am actually finding it funny at present- feels like remembering and getting ready for something…..


    • Glad to find you in good humor Lynn :). Would you be open to sharing where your ‘Wisc vortex’ is? If you’d be more inclined to share this privately (if at all), feel free to pm me.


  2. of course- the little town of viroqua, wisconsin- southwest part of the state. great organic, local food- people with clear eyes- lots of young people-seems to be people interested in sustainable living and alternative modes of taking care of the body.


  3. Hi, I’m new here, not sure if this is the same Whitehawk from the Kundalini Rising book, but if it is, just wanted to say I’ve gone through the same experience with the glyphs of (in my case blue) light and am quite puzzled as to their meaning.


    • Welcome meriad76. Yes this is Whitehawk from Kundalini Rising.

      Symbols and glyphs seem to coming in for many, many people currently. I personally intuit they are glimmers of your galactic (ie, greatly expanded) levels of consciousness/soul breaking through.

      What they are transmitting … is for you to pursue, if you choose. If you feel an important communication is “in the wings” for you via the glyphs, consider asking (repeatedly, like daily in your quiet time) to be given more insight into their meaning & significance to you personally. Perhaps assure the ‘keepers’ of this language that you will handle any bestowals responsibly.

      My ‘grok’ is that these are glimpses of ‘ancient as well as futuristic’ languages that we’ve forgotten about here on Earth. There are infinite planes parallel to ours, rife with complex beings & information of a thousand cultures, species, realms, etc… If you continue on this trail of discovery and crack the code that’s tickling your edges, perhaps you’ll come back and share! :)

      ox Whitehawk


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