Winged Convergence

Had a rather amazing experience recently. At home one afternoon… I became aware of a LOT of bird-chirping going on outside. Looking out the window I beheld something truly spectacular in progress: hundreds, if not thousands, of birds had suddenly converged in my immediate environment! Birds of all varieties there were, as opposed to, say, a flock of one type coming down for a rest or a meal.

It was as if every bird of every specie from within a 10-mile radius had suddenly been impulsed to land on my house, yard, and trees, all at once. Bluebirds, bluejays, cardinals, robins, woodpeckers, little gray birds, little brown birds, gray & yellow birds, charcoal & white birds all mingling and singing. My immediate landscape was alive with colorfully feathered forms zooming in, flitting among the trees, and hopping around the grass. And singing! It was about as magical a scene as I’ve ever seen.

I watched in awe, holding my cats up to the window to share the enchantment. After gracing us with an awesome show for about 15 minutes, our guests started disseminating. The finale was provided by the robins, who carpeted the lawn so completely (perhaps two or three hundred robins in the side yard), no grass could be seen between them! Incredible! Then they too departed, and my world returned to normal.

What could have prompted this fantastic phenomenon?  No answers… but it left me feeling touched by heaven in some way.


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